Brothers & Sisters

One regular caller has fantasized about his sister for decades, he’s in his thirties and she’s in her forties. He’s had the hots for her for longer than he can remember. He said he’s taken a dildo from her room and used it on himself and she’s apparently done the same from him. I guess the family that shares sex toys together stays together. He was calling from his backyard, outdoor masturbation is even more common in the summertime. He said if his sister doesn’t come by and see him stroking his cock, he at least hopes the neighbor next door will take a gander at him.

He said the older neighbor lady really turns him on. She’s a larger woman and in her sixties. It’s always amazing to me that women you would think are either well past their prime, in their sixties or even older, or larger women, still have plenty of fans as to who wants to fuck them. Not all men are fantasizing about one hundred and ten pound twenty two year olds, which gives some hope for the rest of us for sure! He said the neighbor lady’s big, fat ass turns him on, he imagines bending her over and taking her from behind and watching her ass jiggle.

He’s been with older and plus sized ladies before and they are his favorites. They seem cuddly and perhaps even motherly to a great many men and that comfort can lead to desire and feeling wanted and loved. So many want that familiar feeling and just being accepted. Not all guys are seeking the woman that looks like the unattainable Playboy type of model. That’s not reality, for many, they want the chubby woman down the street that they see all the time that they are comfortable with and can imagine maybe really getting to fuck.

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Sex Under the Stars

When it was the fourth of July recently, my boyfriend and I went to see a fireworks display and got kind of naughty. I was feeling a bit sexy, but there was a crowd around. You certainly don’t want to be arrested for indecent exposure or having sex in public, especially with families around. It was dark though. We went to a more secluded area of the park the display was at and I’d brought blankets for us to lay on and cover ourselves with if it got chilly. I pulled the second blanket over us, covering us and no one could really see what we were doing.

I was on the bottom and he rolled over on top of me and I had not worn any panties in anticipation of this, though he’d had no idea what I was planning. It was at least fifty feet until the next group of people and being covered and in the dark, I knew we could get away with it if we weren’t too obvious. People were looking up at the sky, not downwards at people wrapped up in a blanket. He was a bit nervous about it, but agreed to do it.

I felt him slip into me and he began to gently move back and forth, he wanted no obvious thrusting movements to catch anyone’s attention. I bucked up against him and could feel his cock against my clit. I moved my hips in such a way that my clit was rubbing against his cock so good, I knew I’d be able to cum in a few minutes. We kissed and could hear the fireworks going off overhead. I felt my orgasm well up within me and I bit my lip to keep from crying out. As soon as I came, it triggered him to blow his load inside of me and he shot it. No one was looking our way. He soon rolled off of me and we lay on our backs, enjoying the rest of the show looking towards the sky. Then we got up after the show and went home, no one had been the wiser. I sure always did love a good fireworks show!

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Look at Me

Guys that are exhibitionists are nothing new. Every single day guys will call and either tell a story about how they were caught, or they are actively masturbating in some place like their car hoping to get caught. Some of the stories are funny. One that said he went through a drive thru naked, I’d have tossed hot coffee in his crotch if he pulled that on me, oops! Flashing has never been easier. Guys with cams, on their phones, regularly take dick pics and bandy them about with abandon to strange women all over the net. Yet they likely wouldn’t think of whipping it out at the mall or in a bar.

Get an account on Chaturbate or Xhamster and open a room and jerk off and let people watch, and some honestly do! They want to show off the goods and their masturbation techniques. Dick pics aplenty await all phone sex girls at all times, they think we’re running low. One caller set a pic of his small, grey, old, pubic hair covered dick and told me how much he’d love it if I masturbated while looking at it. Oh my, they do think highly of themselves! I mean, what woman would not be turned on so much by that? She’d just have to rub her pussy while looking at it!

If you’re an exhibitionist with some amusing stories, that is one thing, some are genuinely funny to hear about. They are creative in how they like to show off their junk. Are you stroking away, just dying to have a lady you’re on a call with watch you on Skype or Discord? Many will, so all hope is not lost. Some ladies have watched literally thousands of guys jerk off. Just the idea that we are watching is arousing to them and gives them a much better orgasm. Message your operator of choice and ask if she’d be willing to watch you, you just might get the answer you want.

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Banging On His Desk

Recently I surprised my husband at work on his lunch break. He wasn’t expecting me, but I wanted to do something memorable for him. I knew he had a light day at work and wouldn’t be terribly busy, so I knew it was a good day to surprise him. I arrived, he looked surprised. I locked the door behind me and told him I was there to make him cum. He got this half aroused, half frightened look on his face. I told him I’d told his secretary to not disturb us while I was in there.

I walked over to him and unzipped his pants as I knelt down on the floor in front of him. I took his dick out and began to stroke it up and down and then lick the tip of it. He was already hard at my touching him. He placed his hand on the back of my head, really ramming his cock down my waiting throat. He pulled me up and got me on top of the desk and I pulled my skirt up, revealing to him I had no panties on. Just stockings and a garter belt. He was so aroused as he slid his hard cock into me.

We were quiet, since we didn’t want anyone outside of the door to hear what was going on inside the office. I felt him thrusting into me so deeply, I could feel him hit my cervix with the long thrusts he was making in me. I wrapped my legs around him and bucked up to meet his movements, making my pussy cum as my clit glided against his hard cock. He then shot his load into me and we uncoupled. Luckily he has a small ensuite bathroom in his office, so we got cleaned up in there one at a time, and when I left, I looked just as I had when I entered. No one seemed the wiser, except the secretary that is. She winked at me on the way out with a knowing smile on her face. I do need to stop by more often to these mid day meetings!

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Gloryhole Goodness

When most men call and say they want to talk about a gloryhole, I assume it’s they who want to do the sucking. That’s usually how a gloryhole call goes. One caller the other night though said he had fantasies about taking his wife to one and watching her suck off several men as he watched. She would have no idea who the cocks belonged to, she’d just suck any old cock that came through the wall at her.

I can recall many years ago before I started in this business not knowing what a gloryhole was. There was actually a post about them on Yahoo Answers, lol. But it didn’t describe them, so I messaged some girl that had posted and she replied back and informed me. She told me when she was in college one was set up in the one dorm room, some converted door and a hole was made in it and she’d suck off random guys that came by during parties or whenever this door thing was set up for “special occasions.” I was amazed, I’d never heard of anything like this. It seemed so seedy and gross. Little did I know months later after coming to this work gloryhole talk would be spoken of several times a week!

It’s an odd thing to me, but hey, if everyone involved wants to be doing it, do whatever you want so long as others are not being hurt by it. It’s worrisome when married guys talk about going to these places and then going home to their wives and the wives are not knowing about this and getting exposed to Lord knows what diseases because of it. If a couple, tell them, let them decide, but most men won’t consider it, since they are selfish cowards who want it both ways. If you’re both pervy as hell and want to do it, by all means, go ahead and suck off random strangers through a wall if that’s what makes you happy!

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