Sex with the Trainer

One of my callers is a personal trainer and he was telling me about this client of his he’s having an affair with. She’s attractive, but married to a man thirty years older than herself. The husband is biting eighty. He’s a wealthy, well respected man, but at nearly eighty, there’s really not much going on libido wise for him and hasn’t been for quite some time. The wife is still attractive, vital, and has needs. So you can well imagine what happened. He began to fuck her not long after the workout sessions began. The old husband has no clue. I guess he thinks she’s just stopped having sex like he has.

Being a trainer, he’s in fantastic shape, it’s his job to exercise. Many callers mention they get extra horny after a workout, the extra testosterone pumping through them. So you can imagine how much trainer guy has, since he works out multiple times five days a week. I’ve seen his cock, it’s impressive, I can’t imagine any woman not wanting to fuck it. He gets sex with several of his clients, but is still horny enough that he masturbates and calls for phone sex as well.

Some of these ladies he fucks are also in great shape and quite limber, so he gets some high quality fun with them, though many are older than he is, but he likes mature women, and these ones are in good condition and have the money to look after themselves. He’s keeping some ladies happy and getting paid to keep them in shape as well, sounds like a pretty good gig for ones that can get it. He’s been doing it for a few years and has no intention to stop. The old husbands really shouldn’t mind of someone is “helping out” their wives if they are no longer able to do it.

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Two Girl Calls

Some men are quite intrigued by two girl calls. One gal is just not enough for them, they want a threesome over the phone. Not all companies offer this, but if you call around to some different ladies here, we may be able to accommodate your request. It won’t happen immediately, we need to contact other ladies that are working with this service. Some men find such arrangements much to their delight. Especially in these times of not being able to easily socialize, getting together over the phone can be a lot easier. Some places even offer three girl calls, but two girls is usually enough for even the most adventuresome phone sex caller.

It’s like having your own little sex party over the phone. You can pretend the girls are getting it on and you are the participant watching them as you stroke your cock and watch and listen to them. The fantasies you can spin are a bit more varied than when it’s just one lady on the phone. These sorts of calls aren’t for everyone, but they do have their fans. Have you ever had the desire to try a three way call as you masturbate?

Does the idea of jerking off and having two ladies listen to you and give you jerk off instructions get you harder than you thought possible? There’s only one way to find out and that’s to try it. Your mind will be blown away by the sounds of two hot women at the same time, think you’re man enough to do it? Are your balls aching right now, maybe it’s been days since your last orgasm and you know you can’t hold out much longer without reaching down and rubbing your cock and seeking that sweet release. Pick up the phone, you know you want to.

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Blue Balls Phone Sex

Tease and denial is popular with some guys. It’s hard to believe some men actually like the feeling of blue balls, but some indeed do. Many have even said they have no intention of having an orgasm when they call. One caller in particular would tell me when I knew he was getting close to cumming to actually hang up on him to prevent him from having an orgasm. Pain is a type of pleasure to some, and blue balls give them that. Some have said they will tease themselves literally for weeks before allowing themselves to cum. They will build things up to the point of orgasm and then deny themselves time after time.

Guys will try and make a woman feel guilty for getting them worked up and then not helping them have an orgasm, but the truth is they are capable of making themselves cum easily, so it’s ridiculous to lay that responsibility on anyone else. Don’t like having blue balls? Then rub one out, it’s not difficult. The ones wearing chastity devices are the hard core blue ballers you might say. They want zero chance of being able to cum, so the cock in lockdown is one way to do that.

Having others such as a Mistress or dominatrix hold the key will totally ensure there will be no unsanctioned orgasms. Frustrate themselves by watching porn, going down on women, serving, but nothing for themselves. It’s comical really the way they will get themselves in a sexual frenzy with no payoff whatsoever. Blue balls are fun to give out. Most men deserve to feel the pain of that sensation. Some genuinely love it. We phone sex gals are happy to get you riled up and let you not cum. If tease and denial and blue balls are your thing, we will be happy to help!

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His Girlfriend’s Daughter’s Panties

Panties are a common item that many men fetishize. Especially when they belong to a “forbidden person.” One man called the other night and said he’d taken a pair of panties that belong to his girlfriend’s daughter. He said he knows it’s wrong, but he just couldn’t help himself. He said they smell so sweet and he fantasizes about fucking her when he’s fucking his girlfriend and he wondered if there was a chance she might help him do some accomplice stuff so he could fuck the daughter. Um, NO. Unless she’s some kind of would be criminal, I said the chances are slim and she’d boot him out of her life for even asking. So he continues to keep it his naughty secret.

He was holding her panties and sniffing them as we spoke. He then rubbed them on his cock, thinking of her young pussy and how much he’d love to lick it and fuck it. His clueless girlfriend has no idea about how he’s wanting to fuck her daughter and have her help in the deed. So many guys have fantasies like this. You can’t tell what they make up and what is real. Another caller said he took the panties of his niece and that he came in the crotch of them and now she’s pregnant. Sorry, I don’t believe that one. She’d literally have had to put them on immediately after he did that and the wetness of cum would be very easy to spot.

I said I guess she must be wondering how she’s a virgin yet pregnant, her and the Virgin Mary! The absurd things men tell you on these calls is just not to be believed half the time. Laughing at them doesn’t even make most admit they are clearly bullshitting you, they just continue on with their absurdities as if it’s fact and expect you to buy it all at face value. Tell us your nonsense, we will be happy to collect your money as you spin your crazy tales! You know no one would listen to your ramblings for free, that’s for sure!

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Cruelty Cravers

Humiliation is popular, but some want more than your standard humiliation when they call. A recent caller that’s been calling regularly is an admitted sadist. He likes when I tell him what a creep and broken human being he is. He said nothing makes him happier than to make a woman cry. Real Prince Charming, eh? He says many women enjoy being abused, which is sadly accurate. Like the lyric in the Sweet Dreams song by The Eurythmics, “Some of them want to abuse you, Some of them want to be abused.” That’s very true, some women with low self esteem do gravitate to men like this that are cruel, abusive and rotten to the core.

He said broken ones are his favorites, but he also likes highly spirited, feisty ones that he can break. I said it sounds like you’re talking about breaking a horse, he laughed. Many damaged people that need professional help do reach out to operators on the phone sex lines, but they do not think there’s anything wrong with them. Some are also beyond redemption. Not everyone can be helped, and many have no desire to be helped or to change. As long as they find someone consenting to it, that’s fine then.

More men that call are submissive, by a huge ratio, so it’s rare to get a dominant one on the line. Let alone one that is not only dominant, but cruel and that enjoys it. Many troubled people with lots of twisted fetishes and needs that reach out to women they consider nothing more than sex objects. He said the hookers he visits are nothing but objects for men to use. He honestly sounds like a sociopath, but he’s certainly not the first that has sounded that way. Playing therapist is very much a part of this line of work.

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