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Giving My First Blow Job

I remember giving my first blow job to my first boyfriend so well. We’d been seeing one another for months and after several hand jobs he finally asked me for more. I was in high school and nervous. One night … Continue reading

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Gloryhole Goodness

When most men call and say they want to talk about a gloryhole, I assume it’s they who want to do the sucking. That’s usually how a gloryhole call goes. One caller the other night though said he had fantasies … Continue reading

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Church Confessional Glory Hole

This caller was telling me how his first blow job was to his priest in the church confessional in his teens. He’d been confessing about his grave sin of masturbating and obviously it greatly turned the priest on and he … Continue reading

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His Aunt Sucked Him Off

A caller last night was recounting something that had happened to him decades ago. Often experiences leave a lasting impression even if they happened a very long time ago. He’d been a high school student and was staying at his … Continue reading

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Take it Deep

Most guys love a long, slow, deep blow job, I’m sure you do as well, right? Last night I gave my boyfriend that has a nine inch cock one and boy, did he fuck my throat deep. I’ve learned how … Continue reading

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