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I’m So Fucking Fat!

It’s very rare that I get anyone into feeder fetish, I’ve only ever had a few in all the years I’ve been doing calls. The ones I have gotten though have been men that wanted to fatten up women and … Continue reading

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Chocolate Body Painting

The pleasure of chocolate and whipped cream is obvious, sex aside. Mix the two together and you have sheer, if messy, heaven…Chocolate body paints have been around for a few decades now. I recall the first time I heard of … Continue reading

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Fruit Fuckers

Most of us have seen American Pie and the antics of the young man and his exploits with the apple pie. Well, it’s not just a silly thing in a movie, there are indeed ones out there making their masturbation … Continue reading

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For many aphrodisiacs are a real sexual pleasure. Oysters, mandrake root, Spanish fly. All sorts of things and for all sorts of reasons. Look at the oyster here. There isn’t much to say, it clearly looks like a woman’s vagina. … Continue reading

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Fun With Food

Sitophilia is a food fetish. Ones that love to either be covered in messy foods, or love to see others covered in them, or ones that actually love to fuck food itself.  There are plenty of guys fucking everything from … Continue reading

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