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He Watched His Daughter Masturbate

Callers who are voyeurs are nothing new. One got a bit of a shock last week when he came home early and found his daughter masturbating. She did not hear him come in and her door wasn’t completely closed since … Continue reading

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I Saw Her Parents Fuck

When I was in high school, I used to sleep over at my friends house a lot, and one night I woke up and heard something coming from the downstairs and I crept to the stairs to see what it … Continue reading

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Pool Party

One of my naughty callers had an idea about if his daughter had a pool party and her scantily clad friends were all there in their tiny bikinis and bathing suits and he was spying on them and masturbating as … Continue reading

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The New Neighbors

I’ve got these new neighbors, a hot, young gay couple, both of them gorgeous. I wish they weren’t gay, since I’d easily fuck both of them. They don’t look or act gay, just handsome, fit and I have heard them … Continue reading

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Show Me Whatcha Got

Men are such visual creatures, watching porn or their partner masturbate is a complete turn on to most. One of my phone partners said people look at each other, I replied I don’t need to get out the flashlights and … Continue reading

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