Gloryhole Goodness

When most men call and say they want to talk about a gloryhole, I assume it’s they who want to do the sucking. That’s usually how a gloryhole call goes. One caller the other night though said he had fantasies about taking his wife to one and watching her suck off several men as he watched. She would have no idea who the cocks belonged to, she’d just suck any old cock that came through the wall at her.

I can recall many years ago before I started in this business not knowing what a gloryhole was. There was actually a post about them on Yahoo Answers, lol. But it didn’t describe them, so I messaged some girl that had posted and she replied back and informed me. She told me when she was in college one was set up in the one dorm room, some converted door and a hole was made in it and she’d suck off random guys that came by during parties or whenever this door thing was set up for “special occasions.” I was amazed, I’d never heard of anything like this. It seemed so seedy and gross. Little did I know months later after coming to this work gloryhole talk would be spoken of several times a week!

It’s an odd thing to me, but hey, if everyone involved wants to be doing it, do whatever you want so long as others are not being hurt by it. It’s worrisome when married guys talk about going to these places and then going home to their wives and the wives are not knowing about this and getting exposed to Lord knows what diseases because of it. If a couple, tell them, let them decide, but most men won’t consider it, since they are selfish cowards who want it both ways. If you’re both pervy as hell and want to do it, by all means, go ahead and suck off random strangers through a wall if that’s what makes you happy!

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