Please Spank Me, Sir!


“Please spank me, Sir…I need your firm hand upon my buttocks and showing me who’s boss, you know how it really turns me on the way you use your firm hand on me.” “Bend over, Miss!” I bend over his knee and feel several sharp, quick swats on my exposed ass. He’s not being gentle, I can feel that much. It may hurt to sit for a few days even. When Master came home and caught me masturbating, I knew there would be trouble. I am never to orgasm without him being the one giving them to me, but I was so horny, I just couldn’t wait for him to get home!.

He gasped when he was standing in the doorway watching me as I fingered my shaved pussy. Fingers inside my cunt all the way up tot he knuckles. Master hadn’t allowed me to cum in over a week, he said I needed the denial to appreciate it more the next time he made me cum and I thought I could hold out but I couldn’t. I thought I had the time to do it before he got home, but evidently I was wrong and was caught red handed doing the deed of pleasuring myself. It wasn’t my intention to disappoint Master, I was only thinking of my own release and how badly I wanted it.

Well now that he’d caught me, I knew a spanking would be required and one I wouldn’t soon forget for being such a bad and disobeying slut. I knew he didn’t want me to do this, yet I’d done it anyway. I felt his hand strike me many times and I was sore, but he said if I wanted to cum that badly, he’d best give me the release I’d sought so much I risked the punishment for it. He pushed me on the bed and fucked me so hard and it wasn’t long before I exploded on his cock and came over and over and over again. Maybe getting spanked wasn’t so bad after all….

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