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Fuck Me, Darling

My boyfriend came over last night in a really horny mood and I knew I was going to be in for a night of hot sex when I saw the look in his eye, and I was right. He led … Continue reading

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Have An Orgasm, It’s Good For You!

Most people would agree the whole point of sex is pleasure, orgasm, other than for making kids of course, and it bonds us closer to our partner. The pursuit of orgasm and enhancing ones orgasm is something that takes up … Continue reading

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Orgasm Control

Something we may not think we might like until we try it is orgasm control. Many guys seem to be into this edging and tease and denial. It can practically give you blue balls, or blue pussy lips from your … Continue reading

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Masturbation Buddies

All orgasms are not created equal. Many of us know this without needing statistics to back it up. The human body produces 400% more prolactin after sex with a partner than if just masturbating alone. You are still having an … Continue reading

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Loss Of Control

Do you like giving your partner control over your sexual pleasure? It can be fun to let another control your orgasms, when and where and how many you will be having. A sex toy some enjoy for this purpose is … Continue reading

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