How Many Orgasms Can We Have?

One thing many couples like to see is just how many orgasms they can have, or at least how many the woman can have. It becomes like a little contest to see if you can best yourself. Not all women are multiple gals, but some are. Some guys can also go for round after round. Some callers definitely like to go for a couple of orgasms with a short bit of chit chat in between while they rest. It’s impressive really for men that they can at all, but some are made for the endurance of it.

They love to keep stroking away, some even keep hard the entire time and do not go soft in between. Are you a multiple cummer? Can you go round after round? Our sexy ladies can absolutely keep you entertained and drain you as quickly as you fill up if you need a few orgasms to fully drain your balls. We can talk about you draining those balls down our throats for the first orgasm, then filling up our pussies for the next one, or next few ones. You are a very horny boy, aren’t you. You know one orgasm is simply not going to be enough to keep you satisfied.

What is your record for how many times you have cum? Our ladies will surely be interested to hear about your marathons, whether they took place alone, or with a partner. We have some records of our own we are happy to discuss with you about how many times we have cum in the past. Some guys are quite impressed with ladies that can keep going and going like the Energizer bunny. We bet that dick of yours needs some attention right about now, so why don’t you give us a call? We’re waiting.

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