I’m Fucking My Rubber Pussy Because I Can’t Get Real Girls

One of my more colorful callers loves to announce he;s fucking his rubber pussy because he can’t get real girls. He literally says that. He’s shy, says he’s not attractive, that women only view him as a friend and not as a potential romantic interest. Yet he won’t even think of going to an escort. He feels even they would turn him down. So his sole sexual experience is masturbation. He hasn’t;t really used his hand in many years, only the rubber pussy and he claims he’s also had a blow up doll a few times. Oh lord what a loser he seems like.

He says he loves knowing that I know he’s masturbating. That he’s got his dick inside of his rubber pussy right as we are talking and I know he’s doing it. He wonders what the other women he likes in real life would think if they too knew he was fucking his rubber pussy. He was telling me how one lasts him around two years, then it’s time to get a new one, he will have worn it out by then. His silicone girlfriend. I tell him he should save up and get one of those fancy, expensive love dolls that run around ten thousand dollars that’s life sized you can customize the looks of when you order it since that is the closest he will ever come to getting a real woman to fuck him.

He seems a lost cause really, resigned to phone sex and his rubber pussy toy. Real women are just unreachable to him and he’s not allowing himself the opportunity to visit an escort for some reason. There’s lots of sad cases like him that call. Phone sex does serve a purpose, it really does. He can’t exactly go around announcing his rubber pussy time to his coworkers or the women in his condo the way he can to a phone sex girl, so if we make him feel better, then we are serving a very human purpose in making another person feel good. Even if only for the duration of the call.

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Christmas Masturbation

This Christmas I’m going home to visit family. Last year when I did there was a few cousins staying there as well and one of them caught me masturbating. He opened my door by mistake rather than the guest room right next door and he saw me totally naked rubbing my pussy as I was watching porn on my computer. I was wearing headphones so as not to alert anyone as to what I was watching, but I’d not locked my door. I think he’d been watching me for a minute or more when I noticed him standing there.

I was so shocked, I gasped when I saw him standing there, and with an obvious bulge in his boxers. He begged me not to stop. He said I looked beautiful doing that and not to stop. I was a bit shocked, but I resumed masturbating. He’d closed the door and he pulled out his cock and he started to rub it right along with me and he looked over at the porn as well and back to my hand on my cunt. I had to admit, I was getting as turned on as he was.

He had a big dick, I’d not seen it before, and watching him stroke that cock as I rubbed my shaved pussy did indeed turn me on. It was thick and long and hard and dripping, and I really wanted to touch it and suck it, but didn’t think I should. We just continued to masturbate and watch one another. I tried to be quiet when I came since I didn’t want to alert anyone else in the house what was going on. I came and then he did as well, then he went back to the guest room. I’ve thought about this incident many times over the last year. I think maybe this Christmas things might go a step further. I’m hoping anyway.

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His Girlfriend and His Dog

This man called up and wanted to talk all about his wild weekend he had with his girlfriend and his dog. More specifically his watching her with the dog. He had a large dog, I think it was a lab great Dane mix, so pretty big, with a big cock to go with it. He said he’d seen her looking at the dog’s big dick and he asked her if she was curious to touch it or have it inside of her. She was hesitant at first, but he wanted to see her get off with the dog, so he encouraged it.

She reached down and began to play with the dog’s cock and it was soon hard and out of its sheath. He told her to get on her back and spread her legs and let the dog sniff her, which she did. He got some spreadable cheese and melted it in the microwave and drizzled some on her pussy and let the dog lick it off. He kept dripping it on her pussy and the dog licked and licked until she came from its rough tongue on her stiff clit. The dog hadn’t cum yet though and he wanted to watch them fuck.

She got on all fours and he helped guide the dog’s cock into her from behind and soon the dog had its paws wrapped around her waist and was fucking her. She couldn’t believe the size of that doggie dick in her pussy. He was so turned on watching her get fucked, he crawled underneath her and began to lick her clit as he watched the dogs cock go into her up close. He was stroking his own cock as he watched this and licked her to another orgasm with the dog fucking her. It cried out when she came and her pussy clenched around his cock. He said it was the hottest thing he’d ever seen and he’s looking forward to even more encounters in the future between his dog and his girlfriend.

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He Loves Their Hairy Arms

Just when you think you’ve heard it all, you hear about yet another fetish. A man called that is very aroused when he seems women with hairy forearms. He’s not into any other body hair, not leg hair, pubic hair, underarm hair, but hairy forearms. I asked where he felt this fetish took root and he said when he was a kid the lady that cut his hair had hairy forearms and it became an attraction at that point forward. He said he likes to imagine running his precum dripping cock all over the hairy forearms and leaving them all gooey with his drippings.

He hadn’t been lucky enough to actually find a woman to be in a sexual relationship with that actually had hairy arms though. There’s a fetish for everything, no matter how odd or bizarre. He realized that most women would remove the hair and not many would keep it, so it wasn’t as easy to find such a hairy lady as he’d hoped. He fantasized about running his fingers along their arms to find that sexy fuzz and how it would tickle him. Maybe he could literally make their hair stand on end with excitement.

In all the calls I’d ever done in ten years, I’d never once heard a man mention hairy forearms. Underarms yes, pubic hair of course, but this was truly a first. So it doesn’t matter how long you’ve been taking calls, there’s always something new to learn and hear about and find out what someone’s kink is you never heard before. Not watching porn myself, I was not aware of the amount of hairy arm porn that is readily available, it didn’t take much looking to find a ton of options for ones into that fetish. Hopefully he will find the Sasquatch woman of his dreams soon and cover her arms in his goo.

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Sloppy Seconds

I did something kind of naughty the other week and I think my boyfriend knows, but he didn’t say anything. I’ve been seeing this other man, and I shower as soon as I’ve seen him in case my boyfriend comes over. Well I had less time than I thought, and I was about to get in the shower when my boyfriend came over and I had a pussy full of cum from the other guy I’ve been seeing in secret. My boyfriend told me not to shower, that he likes me a little ripe as he puts it and to get on the bed.

I felt a bit weird with the cum of one man inside of me and my boyfriend really coming onto me and knowing he was going to fuck me. Well he didn’t start by fucking me, he went down on me. With the other guys cum in my pussy. I glanced down and saw this odd look on his face as he opened me with his tongue, and he dipped his tongue inside and I thought there’s no way he doesn’t know I’m overflowing with cum. He went to town on that pussy anyway and made me cum and licked out every drop. He didn’t ask me any questions or say anything.

I felt so guilty after he ate me out and licked up the cum of another man and then fucked me, sloppy seconds. He said a few days later I should not shower before he comes over, that he really enjoyed that night when I hadn’t yet. OMG, he had to have known and was encouraging me to come back to him filled up with the cum of another man. I did, and he still didn’t say anything, but I knew that he knew, but it was just unsaid.

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