Hot Sex in the Afternoon

The guy I’ve been seeing recently is the most sensual man I’ve ever been with. Before him, I didn’t know what real passion was. I liked sex ok, but I never wanted it daily like I do now with this man. He fills me with such orgasmic delight, I cannot get enough, it’s almost like a drug with him. The thing is, we honestly don’t have a lot in common other than our marathon lovemaking sessions, and when it gets old, I will miss it, but there’s not enough there other than sex, so I’m just enjoying it while it lasts.

Every relationship is not always meant to be a forever sort of a thing, but the sex is electric. I’ve never craved cock more than I have since I met this man. I feel honored to be able suck him, it’s just that good. No one has ever made my pussy sing like he does either. I can cum over and over and never get tired of being touched like I have with others. Some partners you just experience true sexual compatibility with, but that can be all there is. Enjoy it, it will burn itself out. If only every coupling could have such explosive sexual passion.

So many callers have nothing but their own hand as a lover, so they have not experienced that sort of passion themselves in many a year in a lot of cases. It’s kind of sad that masturbation is the only sexual outlet for so many, but it is, so we phone sex girls do what we can to make the most of that masturbation experience for you. We want to make your cock feel more alive than it has in a long time, let us rouse that passion that’s been buried within for so very long. You know it’s in there.

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How Much Pain Can You Take?

Cock and ball torture is not for the weak of heart. Personally, I find them fun calls. Talking about kneeing some guy in the nuts, or slapping his goods with a wet wooden spoon sounds fun to me. Perhaps there’s a bit of the sadist in me. Or maybe it’s because most men are deserving of some pain in their genital region because at heart, most men are pricks. Cock and ball torture phone sex is quite popular, there’s not a day goes by someone isn’t asking for some pain to be brought down on their junk.

Some guys just want a kick or a slap, others are full on get out the meat cleaver, it’s time to cut if off. You can’t help but laugh at their fantasies. Who in their right mind wants to cut off a body part, especially one that gives so much pleasure? You just roll with it and come up with stuff as outlandish as they do to make it hurt, make it bleed, make it real as possible by talking about it. The more extreme, the more fun the call can be because it’s so out there. Do some really want their dick served up in a hot dog bun? I haven’t run into that one personally, but I’d bet they are indeed out there.

It’s too bad they couldn’t donate them to the little dick guys, who’d sell their soul for an average size cock. These CBT guys have them, they just want to get rid of them! If only they could have the cut off ones added to their little ones, all would be happy. Does the idea of extreme treatment of your cock make you all warm and tingly? Is a knee to the crotch your idea of a good time? There’s lots of ladies here that would be more than happy to deliver you that pain you so desperately desire.

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The Study Partner

When I was in college I was always looking for study partners to do as best as I could with my grades. Some were really good, especially when you were taking the same classes. This one guy was not only very smart, but sexy as hell. I think he had an inkling I had the hots for him since I seemed to spend more time looking at him than the books. He asked me if I was attracted to him and I confessed I was, yes. He said he thought I was very pretty as well, and the books were soon pushed aside.

I was pushed face down on the sofa we had been studying on and I was soon stripped bare and he was fucking me from behind. I loved how his cock felt in my pussy, he really was nice and thick and it felt wonderful to get nailed like this so unexpectedly. He was a good lover and made me cum many times. I loved sucking on his cock so much. I felt almost resentful when we had others in the study group, since I always wanted it to be just him. We ended every study session we were alone with us fucking one another.

I learned a lot from him, he was patient and always eager to learn what I liked sexually and more than happy to follow through and do just what I liked. He seemed to like to study me as well as he did the books. Never have I been with anyone that did as much as I wanted them to do, very giving and happy to just pleasure me. My pussy was always wet for him and his cock and his tongue. I’ve thought of him many times over the years as I’ve masturbated.

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Shock That Cum Right Out Of Your Cock

There’s not too many guys that call using electro stimulation sex toys or machines, but once in a while one will. Sex toys, prostate massagers, pocket pussies, Fleshlights, they are all popular, but the hard core guys are not into anything like those. They want the real deal, real intensity, and for them, an electro stimulation device is as intense as it gets. I always laugh and think about hooking up a car battery to some guy into cock and ball torture, but they aren’t looking to go quite that extreme. One called the other day asking if I was familiar with the TENS units. I’d heard of them.

It stands for transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation and is mainly used for pain relief via mild electrical stimulation, but of course, you know men, they will take those sticky pads meant to provide pain relief and place them on their cock and balls. The mild electrical current delivered will make them cum, literally shocking the cum from their cock. Hands free orgasm when used correctly. The things men do when seeking the ultimate orgasm, everything from placing rope around their neck to cut off their oxygen supply to shocking themselves. Common sense often goes out the window with a horny man for sure.

So this man on the phone was shocking his cock and making noises when he’d dial it up higher seeing how much he could take before he shot his load. He’s a longer caller and loves to attach himself to this device while I tease him about all the women he desires who have zero interest in him and what a loser he is. He was shocking himself for over a half hour while I humiliated him. He finally got the shock that pushed him over the edge and he squirted his load. He likes that machine a lot. He said it helps make it easier for him to cum, since it’s gotten harder as he’s gotten older, he’s in his early sixties now.

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I Rode Him Hard

My boyfriend and I do love our sexual variety. The same position night after night can get boring. Luckily we are both in great shape, so there’s no positions either of us find discomfort in and we can make it an athletic event when we get together and fuck! I’d gotten some new sexy lingerie as a surprise for the special evening ahead and he loved it of course. He was sitting on the bed and I joined him and started to kiss him, our tongues dancing with one another, his hand on my breast toying with my ever hardening nipple. He loves to grab my fat ass and give it a squeeze while we make out. I knew I was already getting a damp spot on my new panties and I could certainly feel his hard cock beneath me.

I started to buck up against it, grinding myself against its hardness through my panties. I was getting his shorts wet too with my bumping and grinding on him. He certainly didn’t mind though. The lingerie was soon peeled off and his bare fingers were caressing my wet cunt. I loved how he touched me, smearing my sweet wetness around my swollen lips.

I got him out of his shorts and wanted that cock in me so badly. I grabbed his hard shaft and fit it into the opening of my pussy and sank right down onto it. It felt great to have it stretch me out that way. I loved it. I felt my wetness coat his cock and it was so slippery as he thrust in and out of me. He sucked on my tits as I rode him and I was about to explode on his cock and I did so as I kissed him passionately. He then shot his load of cream into me and we were one breathless, sloppy, cum coated mess. Just how we love it.

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