My Sexy Tutor

When I was in school, I needed some help with a tutor for my most difficult class. The guy I found was smart, but pretty nerdy and a gook. After a few lessons though, I found myself attracted to him and I wanted to get to know him better. I started to come on to him, and I think I made him uncomfortable since he was kind of naturally shy. He said I’d really improved, so he didn’t see the need for too many more lessons. I did not want the tutoring to end though, since I’d not be able to see him again when it did.

I told him I wanted to get to know him better and go out with him, I figured if I made a fool of myself, I wouldn’t need to see him again so what did I have to lose in saying that? Nothing really. He looked so shocked and even blushed a little. It was charming to see a guy react that way, most are aggressive, and he was anything but. I knew I’d have to make the first move, so I put my hand on his thigh and started to rub it up and down and I took his hand and placed it on my breast.

He was almost timid, yet I got him hard. I stood up and removed my clothes, I had a feeling seeing me naked would get him going, and I was right. Once I took the lead, he did follow and we were soon fucking on my desk. He had a nice cook and I loved feeling it in me. I cum really easily, so he loved when I came on his cock and that prompted him to blow his load. We played for a while, then he said he had another tutoring appointment. I told him to come back next week, but he’s so shy, I wasn’t sure he’d come. He did though, and we saw each other for most of the next year. Fun times I had with that boy!

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I Fucked an Old Man

I was really short of money when I was younger. I’d gotten fired from my job, owed a lot on my credit cards, was months behind on rent. I didn’t see a way out. My parents were poor, I had no one to turn to. I then got an idea. I had a friend for years, and although I was poor, her parents were not, her dad was wealthy. He was a widower and I thought of going to him for money, without telling my friend a thing about it of course. I’d seen him look at me, and she’d never noticed the lust in his eyes I had.

I told him my predicament and he got this sly grin on his face. I was turned off totally by him, but I knew he had money and was in a position to help me if he so chose. I swallowed my pride and went to him. He seemed pleased at my having turned to him, and he proposed we meet a couple of times a week and he’d give me cash to help me dig myself out of this hole. He even had a condo he let me stay in that was normally reserved for his top clients that came into town, but he said I could stay there until things in my life stabilized. I was grateful, yet repulsed knowing what I had to offer in return for his helping me out.

He came over and fucked me twice a week. Luckily I aroused him so much he came pretty quickly and I wanted him to, so it would be over faster. He would huff and puff and shoot his load into my pussy as I’d egg him on to cum in my young cunt. It didn’t take a lot of encouraging for him to do his nasty business in me and he’d be sated for another few days and then it would begin anew. This went on for six months, but my friend never found out about it and I got out of my hole with his help.

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He Fucked My Shoes

This guy I’ve been flirting with at work, I’ve noticed several times he’s looked at my shoes. I have a real thing for shoes, I’ve lost track of how many I even own, but it’s a lot of pairs. He’s noticed as well. One night we were working late together on a project and everyone else had gone home and I saw him again glancing at my feet and shoes and I finally asked him about it. He apologized, but then confessed he’s got a real thing about women’s feet, a full on foot fetish. He asked me if I’d ever given a boyfriend a foot job before, and I said no.

He complimented me on my new shoes. He said he always notices what I’m wearing on my feet. What all the female staffers are wearing on their feet. I could notice the growing bulge in his pants as he practically salivated over looking at my new sexy red shoes. He asked me if there was any way I’d let him touch his cock to my shoes. He promised he’d clean them afterwards. I was a bit hesitant, they were suede, I was afraid they’d be ruined. He said if he ruined them he’d buy me a new pair. They had been treated for water and satins, so I said sure. He whipped out his cock so fast, his hand was a blur.

He told me exactly how to place my feet. He even arranged them a bit, then he came close to me and slipped his hardened cock between my ankles so his dick was rubbing against the back of them. He literally closed his eyes in delight as he fucked the shoes. I didn’t really do much but just sit still while he went to work. It was odd. I did like him, but after this display, I wasn’t really sure if I wanted to pursue someone with such a pronounced fetish. I’ll need to think about it. He pulled his cock out and came in a Kleenex so as not to sully the shoes. Before I knew what was happening, he removed my shoes and was inspecting them and wiping them. The stain protector had done its job just fine. No harm done. It was an odd night, to be sure.

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Yes, it’s Small, Get Over It

So many callers suffer from having a small penis. It’s not just a daily conversation, it’s a several times daily conversation it’s so common. Some try and put off sex with a new lady as long as possible. This is not the way to go, when the lady finally sees what you have to offer, she could likely feel she’s been misled and wasted her time and even become angry. Many with a tiny penis are also premature ejaculators and just cannot control themselves, many confessing they blow upon entry. Not very good for the lady, an utter disappointment for them.

The lack of confidence they go through is sad, and nothing they can really do about it. Mother Nature can be a cruel mistress indeed. I’ve often thought of times before, a hundred or even less years ago, when there was no television, no porn, no internet. Most women were virgins when they married and they may well have never have gotten a glimpse of a brother or a father. Then on their wedding night they see a penis for the first time and it’s a two inch one. They surely must think they all are that way, so do not know any different. How did they manage? They would never have known a different one.

Today it’s obviously quite a different story. Women would have seen pics and porn of many before their first real one, and the way most women are now, they’ve seen plenty of real ones for comparisons. Men had it a lot better before everything was out there for women to see all the differences, and there were a lot more “real men” in those days than now, with the soy boys and sissies at every turn whining about this or that. Do the best you can with what you’ve got, and try not to whine about it. No woman likes a whiner. We detest them.

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Giving My First Blow Job

I remember giving my first blow job to my first boyfriend so well. We’d been seeing one another for months and after several hand jobs he finally asked me for more. I was in high school and nervous. One night my parents were out late and I knew I had several hours alone and I called my boyfriend over. We watched a movie in the VCR, and fooled around a bit after it was over and I told him I was finally ready to suck his cock. The look on his face, it was like a child on Christmas morning.

He leaned back on the couch and I knelt before him, taking his cock out. He was hard as a teenaged boy gets, like a steel rod. I stroked it and teased it with my hand before finally moving my mouth down onto it and licking it. I was grateful he didn’t taste weird, I think he’d showered right before coming over. I kissed the tip of his cock and looked him right in the eye as I opened my mouth and took as much down my throat as I could. His fingers grabbed my hair and he really was trying to fuck my mouth. I had to push him back a bit to control his enthusiasm.

I cupped his balls and rubbed them a bit as I sucked him. He was so excited, I’m sure you can imagine it didn’t take him long to
squirt his cum down my throat. I started to choke on it and he started to laugh. I grabbed a nearby Kleenex and wiped my mouth off and drank half my glass of Pepsi to get rid of the cum taste in my mouth. He thanked me and it soon became part of our regular make out routine and I got better at it with some direction. Ah, the sweet memories of youth.

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