X Rated Pool Party

I was invited to a pool party recently, and I thought it was just going to be a regular one, I had no idea until I was already there that it was a group sex party that happened to be also at a pool. There were people fucking in the pool, on the chaise lounges, and on beach towels at the edge of the pool, one couple was even fucking on the diving board. I didn’t know what to think. My friend that brought me here had not told me about any of this, but when I looked over to find them, they just smiled and waved from across the pool.

I sat down to have the drink I’d been offered and a good looking guy approached me and his swim trunks left little to the imagination. He was blunt and came right out and asked me if I was horny. I hadn’t been, but seeing all these people fucking around me was certainly making me feel like the odd man out. He didn’t wait for a reply, he sat down beside me and asked if I’d mind if he jerked off, and with that, he pulled his cock out and began to stroke it.

It was a nice cock and I soon found myself reaching over to take over stroking it. I pumped it and stroked it and he was very hard and he asked if he could fuck me. I wanted to, so I said yes. I took off my bikini bottoms and got on all fours on the chaise lounge and he soon had his large dick inside of me buried all the way up to the balls. He grabbed my tits and pulled me hard back onto his cock and I soon came as I rubbed my clit and he pounded my pussy. I then had his cum dripping down my leg. We both jumped in the pool afterwards to cool off and watch as the others around us acted like horny animals. I left a while after, but they were all still going at it when I left.

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Masturbating at the Beach

I recently went to the beach for the first time this season and I must say, it was kind of naughty. It was a nude beach for adults only and a lot of people were fucking right out in the open on their beach blankets and I got horny just watching them, so I joined in on the fun as best I could being alone and I masturbated. I soon had a bit of an audience myself that was watching me pleasure myself and I cannot say I minded. I was enjoying the feel of the sun on my skin and the breeze blowing over me, hearing the sounds of pleasure all around me from the fucking people, and I just slipped a finger down to my clit and started to rub. I was already wet.

There were some guys nearby that then started to rub their cocks, which I already had noticed were hard and standing at attention. I looked over, I was wearing my sunglasses, so they couldn’t see me directly staring at them, and I was enjoying the view of them caressing their cocks up and down. They were glistening in the sunlight, the wetness of the head of their cocks, the precum dripping down the shaft.

I then did something even more naughty and after dipping my fingertips in my juices, I raised my hand to my mouth and tasted myself and sucked on my fingers before plunging them back into myself. It didn’t take a lot longer until I came all over my hand. I then got up and ran to the water and went in to cool off and rise off and it was very sexy for me and the ones that had watched me. I could see the loads spurting out of their cocks as I’d walked by them on my way to the water, so I’d given them pleasure from watching me.

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My Horny Uncle

I’ve always known my uncle had a thing for me, just from the way he’s always looked at me. Recently I went to stay with him and my aunt for a few days when my parents went out of town for a wedding and they didn’t trust me enough to let me stay home alone. They assumed I’d have some wild party or have my boyfriend stay over, so they just arranged for me to stay with family for a couple of nights. Little did they know my uncle would be lusting after me the entire time.

My aunt was out the second night I was there visiting some friends, so it was just my uncle and me and he started to get really friendly and I got the drift or what he was aiming for and I said I wouldn’t fuck him, but I would go so far as to give him a hand job. He wasn’t pleased about not getting my teenaged pussy, but he was glad I agreed to something at least.

He sat in his chair and I went over to him and straddled his leg. I reached into his pants and took out his already hard cock and it was just throbbing in my hand. I stroked it up and down and ground my pussy into his leg I was sitting on. I was humping his leg and he loved it. His dick was so hard, and dripping with precum. I worked that dick and he was so turned on. I didn’t make myself cum by humping his leg, but it wasn’t long until I had a handful of my horny uncle’s jizz in my hand from masturbating him. He asked me if I’d do it again before I left and we found some private time to play once more when my aunt briefly left the house. If only my parents had any idea what a little slut I was.

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My Best Friend Went Down On Me

I’d always been curious about playing with another girl, but until recently I did not ever get the chance. This new friend of mine was bisexual, and I knew she really liked me a lot, I could pick up on certain clues as to her being interested in me, so one night she was over visiting and we’d had a lot to drink and she flat out asked if I’d let her go down on me, she promised it would be the absolute best oral sex experience I’d ever had. I was curious, so I said sure, I’d be willing to give it a try.

I took my panties off, but left my stocking on, and she got in front of the love seat and put her head back and told me to straddle her, she wanted me to ride her tongue and I was more than willing to do so. As she parted my cunt lips with her tongue, I could already tell that I was wet, and she soon sucked and nursed on my clit and was having me buck back and forth over her mouth with my wet pussy, rubbing myself against her. I was incredibly turned on and amazed how it was different than having a man go down on me.

There was a tenderness, a gentleness about it, it was really sexy and hot and I was dripping my juices all over her face faster than she was able to lick them up, her face was soon like a glazed donut from all of my seeping wetness. She wasn’t complaining though, and her tongue was sheer magic. I loved how she eat me out and she made me cum a few times. I wasn’t quite ready to reciprocate, but it was a fantastic experience and I’d love to indulge in it again and maybe do the same for her next time.

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Kiss My Ass

One thing I love to have done and one thing my boyfriend loves to do to me, is licking and kissing my ass. His experience with it was limited when we met, since most of the girls he’d been with had no interest in it and would not allow him to do it, but he’d always wanted to, so when he finally met me, he was glad I enjoyed a little special attention South of the border shall we say. I’d always loved it, many of my previous boyfriends had enjoyed licking my ass the times they went down on me, so I was used to it.

He’s always sought a girl that would let him, but no luck. He’s watched rimming porn many times and always thought it was something he wanted to do, and it turns out he’s very good at it. I also have some anal beads and he loves to pop them inside of me, lick my cunt and pull them out slowly, one by one, we have all kinds of backdoor fun. I asked if he’d ever fucked a woman up the ass and the answer was no to that as well, I had no issue with it, so told him he could fuck mine anytime he wanted.

Lots of patience and lube will make that go smoothly, and he loved the tightness of it as well, so a few times a month when we’re both in the mood, we definitely engage in some hot anal sex. A nice tongue lashing before, and then popping the head of his dick inside of my tight, puckered asshole, then slide it all the way in and glide it in and out until we both cum. I usually finger my clit as I’m getting fucked and have a very intense orgasm that way, and then my cumming of course triggers him to shoot his load.

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