Company While You Masturbate

Most of you men are sick and tired of being locked up and not able to go out and hunt for ladies at the bar like you normally do. Phone sex is an option for ones looking for a little togetherness in a safe way. You never stopped rubbing your cock, did you? Nope. Horniness knows no season, and having a little company on the phone while you masturbate is always a fun way to jazz up your masturbation routine. You likely have been watching lots of porn since you’re bored, but even porn can get old, especially when viewing a lot of it, you become desensitized to it after a while, but with phone sex, it’s always fresh and live.

Isn’t it fun to talk about and discuss your very personal, very intimate fantasies? You know the ones, the ones your wife or girlfriend just wouldn’t understand. Maybe you don’t even have a lady at all in your life, so talking to a lady, any lady, can be a way to get some kind of sexual communication going with a member of the opposite sex. Many times a girl online can be enough for a guy, no fuss, no muss, no doing things because she wants you to do them, you pay us for our time, and then it’s over. A lot easier in many ways than a full time lady, and not nearly as expensive!

We like knowing you’re stroking your cock for us, that our words are getting you more and more aroused. We like hearing about your sexy and sometimes unusual fantasies, knowing we are helping you when no one else is. If you haven’t called a phone sex line in a while, or ever, this is your perfect time, you are likely still in lockdown and have a lot of time on your hands, and ones with lots of time on their hands tend to get horny more often. Boredom often leads to more masturbating, so why not at least make a call and make the most out of it? We’re waiting.

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Auto Fill Embarrassment

I had a very amusing conversation with a caller today. He told me of an embarrassing incident that easily could have happened to any of us. When you are typing into a form online, usually your auto fill feature will pop up to save you time with forms. For those of us using multiple email addresses or address or phone numbers, you need to be very careful about this feature, as some of the wrong info can go into the forms. That is just what happened with this caller. I will not use the exact email address he told me, but use a made up similar one. I seriously laughed about it.

He had been interested in some home improvement products online and you had to fill out a form to get further information. So he clicked the auto fill thing and as far as he knew it was all the correct information. Several days later when he was called by the company representative, he said she was giggling a bit when she asked him if the email on file was correct. He asked her what it was and she said “cocktailweenieinmypants@…” He was speechless. His auto fill had filled in his naughty use only email that many of us have, rather than his real one.

Now if this had not nearly happened to myself countless times over the years, I’d have tended to think he was making it up, but I have many different email addresses myself, and I well know when an auto fill thing pops up, your commonly used email addresses pop up as choices. It is very, very easy for this error to occur. He meekly said yes, that was his email address and she didn’t say anything further. It was a hilarious call actually, and he enjoyed my further laughing at him as he described his surprise humiliation from the saleswoman on the phone. Check your auto fill guys, this could happen to you!

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Slowly He Undressed Me

My boyfriend’s birthday was coming up and I wanted to give him an extra romantic evening. I’d gotten some new lingerie I knew he’d like to wear. He slowly undressed me at the foot of the bed. He sat on the edge and I stood before him, like a present to be unwrapped. The black silky panties were eased off of me with little effort. The bra expertly unhooked and cast aside. My perky nipples erect at his touch. I loved the way he touched me, he knew my body so well, knew just what to do to illicit the right response from me.

I wanted to please him since it was his special day. I knelt before him and took his erect, bobbing cock in my hand and lovingly stroked it for him, then traced my tongue around the head while I looked deep in his eyes. He loved it when I did that, that eye contact when I had his cock in my mouth. I always found it almost too personal, too vulnerable, I guess that’s why he liked it so much. I tasted his first drops of precum that were forming at the tip as I sucked and kissed the head of his cock.

I spent lots of time paying attention to that cock, and he soon got me on all fours on the bed and slipped it into me from behind. I loved feeling him fill me up and begin to thrust into me. He drove me crazy with how he’d pull his cock out almost all the way and then slip it back in achingly slow until he knew I was about to burst with pleasure and he’d really hammer it home into my slick pussy. I’d cry out and cum on his hard cock several times this night. It was a most memorable birthday.

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The Birds and The Bees

My nephew came to stay with me recently, he’s a darling boy in his teens. His parents are very strict and religious and I was honestly surprised they consented to his being allowed to stay with me for a few months when they went on an extended world trip. He is so good looking, and I soon found myself having naughty, inappropriate thoughts about him even though he’s my nephew. He asked me all kinds of questions and I soon realized how sheltered he’d been. Sent to strict religious school, no internet, with his parents nearly constantly. We had many long and informative discussions on many topics. They soon took on a sexual nature. He’d been denied the most basic sexual knowledge, and it was suddenly my job to educate him.

I was only too happy to do so. I asked him if he knew how to masturbate and he wasn’t even sure what the word mean. I was incredulous how innocent he was, but I knew he wouldn’t be for long if he stayed with me. I decided to teach him the works. I knew he’d be grateful for my tutelage, and he was. I told him I’d help him masturbate and we went to his room and I brought some lube with me.

I sat beside him on his bed and he unzipped his pants. I soon drizzled some lube in his hand and told him how to stroke himself. I then took over and he was in seventh heaven as I touched him. We progressed from there. I sucked him, touched him, and finally fucked him. After a few months with me he was an experienced and knowledgeable lover. His mother would have killed me had she known, no doubt, but he swore it would remain our secret. I’ve loved teaching him the ways of physical love, and hope he will visit often.

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Pantyhose Foot Job

One thing some callers love is pantyhose, especially ones into foot fetish. Foot jobs with pantyhose covered feet are quite arousing for many that are into toes. The feel of the fabric is very exciting to ones to feel on their penis. The idea of the little drops of cum sinking into that fabric, when it looks like little creamy pearls before it sinks in, it can just be very sexually satisfying for many men into feet and stockings. Ones into pantyhose fetish seem to really be quite into it. There’s no halfway with this fetish. They love it quite intensely.

There’s something about how that fabric feels on their cock they just go wild for. Many also like a woman to be wearing them when they are fucking, by ripping or tearing a hole in them and just fucking them through that. Some callers will wear the nylons themselves and masturbate themselves, either over the pantyhose, or pull their cock out over the top of the waistband. Some have even taken stockings and wrapped them around their cocks. One caller that lives in his mother’s basement, he waits every night for her dirty underthings to be send down the laundry chute and of course he violates them unbeknownst to her. Her panties, bras, pantyhose, such a perv.

Some that are fans of pubic hair love how the pussy lips and pubic hair get all compressed looking under the nylons and it gets them rock hard to see it. It’s strange how sexy they feel a simple pair of pantyhose can be. One used to say he loved how women wearing open toed shoes would have pantyhose on he could see through the peep hole at the tip of the shoes, and it’s more and more rare today to find women that wear nylons of any description, so when they find one, they feel as though they hit the jackpot.

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