Hot Asian Lady

One thing many men desire is a hot, Asian lady. Many times they are much more petite than North American or European women and have a reputation for not only having tight pussies, but a more submissive personality, which many men find attractive, especially ones with weaker personalities that cannot handle a dominant woman and are overwhelmed by them, so they want someone more easily controlled that they can dominate.

Many Asian ladies are very finely featured and very feminine, making them sexually desirable to men of any ethnicity. There’s also rumors that many Asian ladies have less of a body odor than do women of other backgrounds, less underarm odor and less pussy odor. I guess you’d have to poll men that had been with multiples of both to confirm or deny that theory, but unless you’re into body odor, and some are, that would also be a bonus for many.

Some callers have related tales where they do prefer Asian ladies and find them a lot sexier than white women, they love the submissive nature of them and even though they are smaller than average, they seem to be able to take big cocks without any trouble. Some Asian ladies prefer black men, some women of every ethnicity prefer black men, since they do statistically have the largest cocks, and sadly, Asian men have the smallest, so you can’t blame them for dating outside their race to get a bigger cock than what the Asian men have to offer them.

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Let’s Start With A Hand Job

For most people, after a kiss, a hand job would be the first step they would take to get to know someone on a more intimate level. It can be at times a bit more difficult to perfect a hand job than a blow job, because most people cannot give themselves a blow job, but most everyone masturbates and usually in the same way, so they are very used to a certain type of touch. It can be difficult to instruct someone just how to touch us just how we’re used to, so you need to learn to communicate how best to do it.

Sometimes masturbating with the other person’s hand on top of yours is an excellent way for the to feel how you like to be touched, and obviously having them watch you masturbate will give them the right idea of how you liked to be touched. Some women like a very firm touch, others feather light and barely grazing them, so it can vary widely from person to person just what they like. Watch and learn, observe and replicate.

Some people just seem to have a natural talent for pleasing others, with their hands, mouth, cock, kissing, some seem natural born lovers and they just seem to take to it like a duck to water. Others need more direct instruction, lots of observation, and they can often feel like their partner is being like a traffic cop in bed, but unless you tell someone, they cannot read your mind, and in fact you could like things quite differently than their previous partners, so you need to learn how they like to be touched. A hand job can be an easier way for some women to reach orgasm, than intercourse, so a good hand job is welcomed by all.

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Sweet, Sexy Dream

Some of us are lucky enough to have sex dreams, others not so much, sleepy sex with someone can seem surreal the next day and be a faded but fun memory. One guy I’ve had phone sex with many times, I called him and woke him up and we played and then he went back to sleep and when he woke the next morning he wasn’t sure whether it had really happened or if it was just a dream, I laughed and assured him it had indeed happened. Other times ones will wake up and message for fun and then go back to bed afterwards and it’s a dreamy recollection at best.

Sometimes if you have a partner you are sleeping with and one of you wakes up, it can be fun to try and get the sleeping person to get it on and they semi wake up and go through the motions, but again the next day it isn’t clear if it really happened. Ones can also wake up horny and masturbate and then go back to sleep. An orgasm is certainly a wonderful way to go to sleep, mother nature’s own sleeping pill, with no side effects!

Sleepy sex is not quite like drunken sex, where you also might have a hard time recalling what went on, depending how deep of a sleep you were in, it can be a wonderful feeling, both while it’s happening and when you wake up the next day and try to remember it all and it’s all sort of a foggy haze what happened, but in a very good way.

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Wrap Your Hand Around My Throat, Baby

This latest guy I’ve been seeing asked me pretty soon after we met if I’d ever been choked erotically during sex. I was a bit concerned and was momentarily worried he wanted to hurt me or have me experience pain, but after he explained it he asked if we could try it and if I didn’t like him, I could just tap him on the shoulder and he would stop immediately and not ask again. I fully expected this was what was going to happen, but it didn’t. I got into it and liked it.

He didn’t hurt me, but it gave me a much more intense orgasm than without doing it and now every time we have sex, one of us is doing it to the other, we bother enjoy it. It’s not something you should do without discussing it first, that would be a mistake and give someone the wrong impression, but if you talk about it and agree to at least try it, I’m thinking you will, likely enjoy it and really get into it. Many times the one getting choked wants it to be done even harder than their partner is doing it to them.

Now there have been times when it’s gone to far and sadly a partner will actually die, you do not want to be in an instance like this, you really need to have safe signals set up beforehand so no one takes things too far. Rough sex can be fun and it can be safe, but you really need to pay attention to your partners cues and know when things have gone too far. It is a way to intensify your sex sessions though and it’s always fun to experiment and try new things. Being in a rut is boring, expand your sexual horizons.

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Oh Shit!

One fetish I will never understand how anyone of a sane mind can be into is scat. Not too many callers want to discuss this topic, and some girls are willing to talk about anything, but some are not as well. Several years ago a guy sent me a link to some pics of himself and asked me what I thought of them. My first thought was, why is this person covered in mud? Then I read through his profile and quickly came to the grim conclusion, it wasn’t mud…..

I was speechless, I didn’t know what to think other than be disgusted, how could anyone want any involvement with anything so totally gross and disgusting? I cannot understand for the life of me the appeal of such a fetish. One man confessed he on occasion rented a hotel room and got himself pairs of pantyhose and then shit in them, I pity the maid that had to go in after that man had been in there. Some adult baby callers have had similar stories, they are disgusted by what they do, yet they cannot stop themselves.

One was even nearly suicidal at his own self disgust and had even seen a psychiatrist, but they told him it was basically harmless, even if it was gross, he wasn’t hurting anyone. You hear from all kinds of people in a job like this, revealing their deepest, darkest fantasies and things they’ve done they’ve never shared with another human being, and some of it is pretty gross indeed.

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