What’s Cookin’?

My boyfriend is a very adventurous lover. He loves to have sex in unusual places. I have always just preferred the bed, call me boring. The kitchen is the latest place he likes to take me in by surprise. I was cooking something last week that I really couldn’t leave unattended, so I had to stand there and watch for the time it was cooking. He asked if I’d like a quickie while I waited. I thought he was joking, but he assured me he was not. He came towards me with a glint in his eye and a bulge in his pants.

Why not, I thought. So he pulled up my skirt, pulled down my panties, and did we go at it for around four minutes until I came and then he did seconds after. I always seem to trigger his orgasm with mine, which is great, he always waits for me, like a gentleman. My hands were on the counter, balancing myself. He was pounding away at me from behind. The other day I was putting dishes away and he came up to me from behind and started to fondle my breasts and kiss my neck, and one thing led to another and we were soon going at it on the kitchen table.

There’s quite a large window in that kitchen, so I do worry a neighbor might happen to glance in at an inopportune moment and see something I’d rather they didn’t while they are out walking their dog or collecting their mail. No one has seemed to wander on by yet, but you never know, people do have a tendency to look where they shouldn’t when they shouldn’t! Maybe next week we will reenact that food scene from Nine and a Half Weeks, and go at it on the floor, ya never know!

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Seems Like Old Times

Many of us do things when we are young we’d be mortified if they got out when we are older. I sold myself to older men during my college years for money. They had it, I wanted it, and I was willing to do what they asked rather than work some minimum wage job where I had to stand on my feet wearing some uniform. I worked a few hours a night at most and was financially rewarded handsomely for it. I made those men feel wanted and desired, something their wives had not done in decades in many cases.

The place I worked was very exclusive and private, only members. Ones had to be referred in, they did not take just anyone as a client. I would walk down the stairs in lingerie and heels and stocking, and would be chosen by some moneyed man for a few hours company. My pussy was well used during those years, as was my mouth. I graduated from medical school debt free and with a healthy bank account. I do not regret my choices at all.

Last week however I was treating an older lady and her husband came in and I recognized him immediately, he’d been one of my best clients. After I said goodbye to his wife, he remained behind and said he was happy to see me and would I possibly for old times sake meet him at a hotel that very night for a large sum of cash? The amount he offered was immense. I agreed. So I fucked him and sucked him just like the good old days. It felt fun, but also a bit dangerous to return to these old behaviors, but it was harmless enough. I gave the old codger the fuck of his life. He said he’d not had sex since the last time we fucked over five years before. I am healing in different ways to different people it seems.

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I Gave Him My Ass For Valentine’s Day

My lover desperately wanted my ass, and I always turned him down, it just didn’t appeal to me. I knew he really wanted it, so I decided as my Valentine’s Day present to him, I would let him have it. I read all the articles online and bought the right kind of lube and when I told him he could finally have my ass, he looked overjoyed. The night came and he promised he’d start out gentle, and he did. We used lots of lube and he managed to get it in and give it a go. It was better than I thought it would be, surprisingly.

I told him he could go a bit faster and a bit more aggressive, boy, that got him into high gear! I just laid back on him and he wrapped his arm around me and he really let me have it. I eventually reached down and played with my clit as he fucked my ass hard and I made myself cum that way. He said when I orgasmed he loved the way it felt around his cock, even though his cock was in my ass and not in my pussy, he said it was a different kind of sensation and he really dug it.

I am not sure how often I will let him have my ass, I do not think that often, but I may again, it just depends. I might let him get into rimming me and we can see how it goes from there. I was never that into ass play or anything, but he’s said he’d love to not only fuck my ass, but worship it, worshiping always sounds nice to me, so we shall see how it goes. He went down on me afterwards, and I always love a good pussy licking, especially on Valentine’s Day.

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He Asked His Mom For The Baby Oil

The moms of most teenage sons will usually not be shocked to learn their boys are masturbating. Most boys do try and keep it a secret though. I cannot count the number of times men have shared on the phone some traumatic incident of their youth where they were caught or walked in on and the embarrassment that ensued. Some moms however are cool and just walk out and ignore what they saw, never mentioning it to the boy.

One caller said his mom was cool and he was so bold as to ask her for the bottle of baby oil to use as lube when he was going to masturbate. Now why he didn’t know where it was kept to just go get it and he had to ask, I cannot imagine. Or why he didn’t just go and buy his own bottle, it is very cheap, so even a youngster would be able to find a couple of bucks for a bottle. I think just the excitement of asking, and her knowing what he was going to be doing with the oil was what excited him. He said he’d never go and ask her for it if his father was at home, since he knew that wouldn’t go over well.

So he’d take the oil and go in his room and drizzle it all over his young, hard cock and stroke away, all the while knowing she knew what he was doing and he’d even think about her while he did it. Guys are funny, the things they do and think about and the effect decades later of asking for a bottle of baby oil to masturbate with and be telling some lady on the phone and paying to do so decades after the fact. Rub your well moisturized cocks now, lol.

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Are You Ready For Valentine’s Day?

Valentine’s Day is coming up, are you ready for the romance? Are you ready for the sex? Unless you have a partner it will likely be your dominant hand that is getting all the action, and even married men have partners that won’t give them any sex, so for the few out there that do have a partner that gives them some sex once in a blue moon, make the most of it. The most romantic day of the year may seem commercialized and downright trite, but it’s still a popular day for romance regardless.

Do you ever go out of your way to woo your lady anymore, do anything romantic like bring them flowers, gifts, take them out for a wonderful dinner and out on some fun event? Maybe they might be a bit more giving in the bedroom if they felt appreciated. Make the evening about her, lavish her with a foot massage, a lavish shopping spree if your bank account can afford it, be good at oral sex for her benefit. If she likes the job you’re doing, you might be gifted back in kind. Would you like your cock sucked on before plunging it into a warm, wet, waiting pussy of your lady? I’m sure you would.

You have a couple of weeks to plan and prepare, especially if you are not the romantic type and such a surprise would indeed take them off guard. Pampering and romance are welcome any day of the year, but a woman does love to have this kind of treatment on Valentine’s Day. Think of something special to do you both will remember and cherish. If you don’t have much money, a homemade dinner and some hot sex doesn’t really cost anything, just be creative and make them feel special. It will be good for your both.

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