Pool Party

One of my naughty callers had an idea about if his daughter had a pool party and her scantily clad friends were all there in their tiny bikinis and bathing suits and he was spying on them and masturbating as he did so. So we spun the fantasy how he’d be watching from the garage out a small window that overlooked the backyard and he’d be watching their nubile young bodies as they swam and got up out of the water, I was kind of reminded of the scene from the movie fast Times at Ridgemont High, where the brother is watching his sister’s friend as she emerges from the pool.

So this one friend of his daughter sees him spying on the young girls and she comes into the garage and sees him masturbating, but of course he doesn’t stop and she comes closer for a look and then she reaches over and begins to stroke his cock for him and is soon down on her knees sucking her friends dad’s cock like a little slut. He cannot believe his good fortune at such an event and is enjoying her young lips wrapped around his dick and going up and down.

He places his hand on the back of her head and she’s really deepthroating his cock as he has her head by the pony tail, and she’s soon going to get a mouthful of his jizz right down her throat and feels like such a naughty little whore, doing this at her friends party, but no one is the wiser. He loves to squirt his load down her throat and have her then go back to the party and no one is the wiser and he continues to ogle the girls at the party and be naughty, pervy, older man.

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Wanna Buy Our Panties?

Some callers have asked if we phone girls can also sell our panties. The answer is yes! So if any of the sexy ladies you talk to at this company drive you so wild you want to have an actual pair of our worn panties to smell and to play with, all you have to do is ask us and arrange the details. Lots of guys are very much into smelling ladies panties, I cannot even count over the years the number of guys that have called and are masturbating with stolen panties they took from their mom, sister, roommate, neighbor, you name it, they took them. Mother in law is another favorite one to pinch a pair from.

Visiting homes, they will wander into a bedroom or bathroom and find a pair on the floor or on the top of a hamper and simply pocketed them and taken them home to enjoy later. Some have even been so horny they masturbated with them right then in there, a quickie they pumped out in the bathroom and then stuffed the panties back where they found them. The numbers of stolen panties I’ve heard about is incredible.

So does smelling the pussy of the girl you talk to on the phone get your cock harder than normal? Actually rubbing the fabric of those panties on your hard cock that’s laid against her actual cunt lips? The crotch of the panties that are impregnated with her scent and her dried juices can actually be yours for the asking. Inquire today to the girls you talk to and see if they will send you their panties, not all phone girls will, and the price may vary from lady to lady, but if that is your kink, see what they can add to your masturbation session and how much more real it can make your phone calls with your favorite operator.

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Sexy Sleepovers

In my teen years, I had a very close friend, we were very close, if you catch my drift. We used to masturbate together and even touched one another on many occasions. I recall how it started, one night I was at her house for a sleepover and I thought she was already asleep and I was so horny I masturbated, but she hadn’t been asleep and the next day told me so. I was mortified, but she said not to worry, that she liked hearing me, even though I was trying hard to be quiet.

The next time we had a sleep over we decided to masturbate together, we didn’t touch one another, but watched each other and it was a lot of fun. We began to do this a lot, not a soul ever found out about it, and we began to touch each others pussies and see how that felt different from doing it on our own. I liked that even better, it felt wonderful to have someone else touch you. Neither of us had been with boys at this point, so it was our only sexual experience until that point in time.

Even after we got boyfriends we still did this once in a while and enjoyed it through our high school years. It’s funny how something so innocent aroused us so much. This was all in the days before the internet and all, it was just a more simple, innocent time and things like this were a real experience to behold. I never told any boyfriends about this, since I was sure they’d want to have me recreate it, or want all kinds of salacious details that were simply lacking, so it was our own little secret. Even now as a grown up, decades after it happened, I think back to those times when I masturbate.

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Holy Hand Job


I don’t go to church that often, but recently a few friends of mine said there was a new minister at the church I did go to a few times a years, mostly just for holidays, weddings, christening’s etc. They said he was “hot”. I’ve never seen any man of the cloth I’d call hot or anywhere near it, but they had a feeling I’d like this one, so I agreed to go and see this hot new minister. I have to say, they weren’t kidding, I don’t think I’ve seen so many women in church in a long time, and I believe it’s because of this sexy new man they were coming to see as word spread. Everyone was introducing themselves to him after the service, me included, and I was so bold as to give him my business card.

I never expected to get an email from him asking me to go for coffee, but I did, and I certainly accepted his invite. We chatted and got along well, and I was bold once more and invited him back to my place, but he was playing hard to get and wouldn’t give it up so easily. We dated for weeks before he even kissed me and then he finally came in after a date and allowed me to give him a hand job. I swear, I was more looking forward to this than he was!

He had a nice cock and I was very anxious about doing it just right for him so he’d get a lot of enjoyment out of it and want to come back for more. It went well, and I loved stroking his cock, but I knew it would be a while before he fucked me, he was not some slut out to get more notches on his bedpost and told me he’d only ever been with one woman, so I have no clue where this will lead, if anywhere, but I look forward to finding out soon.

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Make Love to Me, Baby

My boyfriend is a really romantic guy, he sure knows how to turn me on like no one else. He’s not rough or crude, he’s all romance and sensuality. Last night was my birthday and he had a special evening planned for the two of us. A lovely dinner at my favorite restaurant and then a long, slow sexy night at home in bed planned. He began by giving me a massage, which of course I love. He spent lots of time on my feet, and then worked his hands upward to my calves and thighs and them my pussy.

He kissed and he licked and he sucked until I was gripping the sheets and absolutely quivering on the brink of orgasm. He did enjoy teasing me and then making me cum over and over. After licking me, he mounted me and slid that lovely cock of his balls deep into my shaved pussy, positioning himself so he would glide against my clit with every thrust of his hard cock inside of me. I was so dewy and wet, he was covered with my juices and I loved it. I wrapped my arms around him nice and tight, as well as my legs, and pulled him as deep inside as he would go.

We fucked and came over and over until we were simply not able to cum anymore we were so exhausted. He likes to push my limits and see how many times I can cum. Five was pretty impressive for me, and he came several as well. I loved feeling him working so hard to give me pleasure. He certainly did as well. I rewarded him with a nice, wet, deep blow job, and he loved every moment of that and came in my mouth. I swallowed his load and we fell asleep in one another’s arms. It was a wonderful and romantic birthday.

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