The Interviewers

One type of phone sex call that always amuses me is the “interview” type, and there’s no shortage of them. You ask a guy if he’s horny and he says not really, he just wants to talk. Fine, no problem, those calls can be a literal oasis in the desert of yet another five minute blow job description. Then they start grilling you like you’re being interrogated. It’s not just friendly conversation, it’s everything about this job. How long have you been doing it, how did you get into it, do you ever get turned on by calls, do people know what you do. What kinds of calls do you enjoy? There’s NO end to the questions.

Some basic curiosity is fine, but sometimes you literally feel like they are interrogating you and that they have a clipboard they are jotting down notes with. Some say you sound like you hate your job or hate men, and I counter you try this job and see how much you love men after hearing about their deepest, darkest perversions and we’ll see what sort of high regard you hold them in. One such caller I talked to today and he claimed he was a doctor and when he asked what my most common call was, I said small penis humiliation and then he started asking about sizes. He didn’t seem to believe me when I told him about the acorn sized cocks I regularly was sent pictures of.

Maybe he’s an eye doctor for all I know, but apparently he hasn’t been exposed to the plethora of micro penises I’ve been so “lucky” to have been sent pictures of. He then said at the end of the call it had all been quite interesting and educational and he enjoyed hearing about my point of view. You just have to shake your head, it’s like they are looking at animals at the zoo and pondering what it’s like to be the animal.

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Granny was a Tart

This one caller that is really into very much older women was telling me how he came across some old letters in his grandmother’s attic after she died and he was the one clearing out the house. He realized after reading several of these that his grandmother had been a lady of the evening on and off for many years. She’d been widowed fairly young and only ever had fairly low paying secretarial jobs, yet she lived a decent lifestyle and he came to the conclusion it’s because she was selling herself on the side. Maybe even with many of the clients she’d met at the large firm she worked for.

He said she was a beautiful woman when she was younger and he was sure she likely had gotten a lot of attention from men, wealthy men that could afford to be generous with her should she grant them sexual favors. He was honestly kind of turned on by the things he found out in these letters. He said he wouldn’t tell his mom about them, since it would upset her, but he concluded some of these letters were from men she’d slept with for money that she kept in touch with.

He said when he’d visited her as a child there were frequent phone calls and hushed conversations, no doubt arranging dates for after he’d gone to bed and was asleep for the night. You never can really know what’s going on in the private lives of others, even ones in your own family. So many things can be kept secret right under your nose, it’s no wonder people get suspicious, in many cases, it’s indeed warranted. Photos he saw of her with men he’d never met, now he knows how granny kept up a decent life on a low paying job. Her side hustle paid most of the bills and apparently she was still making dates until a year before her death according to the correspondence he found. You just never know what secrets ones are keeping.

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Conversations with Others

Over the holidays several callers called and for long calls, with no sex talk in mind. Some were alone for the holidays and not traveling, others had no family at all. One lost his wife right before Christmas, there’s many reasons ones call a phone sex line, though most assume it is strictly for phone sex. Christmas Eve and New Year’s Eve I spent talking to a caller who has no one. He told me how his Christmas feast was a HungryMan dinner alone.

There’s more people out there like this than one might think. Even though they could maybe call some former inlaws or neighbors they are not close to and join them, they don’t want to impose on ones they really are not close to, so they go it alone. It really can be a lonely time of the year for many people. Most call phone sex lines because they are horny, but some are calling because there is no one else, they are nearly on the verge of crying. One caller who’s in IT, a job so many callers have it seems, was talking to me about my computer problems and how if he was here he could fix them. I told him all about the dinner I was making for Christmas and he said he could fix the computer in exchange for the meal, lol. If only.

Now that the holidays are over, perhaps some won’t focus so much on their loneliness. Routine can be comforting. Back to work, back to the grind. So many share things they’d be embarrassed to tell another person face to face. It can give them comfort to tell a stranger these things. By the same token some operators can also share things since it’s anonymous. Not all will share personal things of course, but sometimes the operators enjoy the company of some callers as well. Callers aren’t the only lonely ones out there by any means.

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New Year’s Eve Slut

New Year’s Eve this year was fabulous! I can’t wait for things to get even better than they are. I was invited to a good sized party at a friend’s house and there were some I knew there and some I didn’t. I was excited to meet some new people. I did meet a very sexy man and needless to say, things got a bit naughty after we rang in the new year. Everyone was drinking and pretty out of it and I ended up fucking this man in the pile of coats on the bed in the spare room.

Things got extra naughty when one man came in to get his coat and saw us there fucking. He just stayed and watched us. I didn’t really care. I’d pretty much polished off a full bottle of champagne myself, so was feeling no pain. I was riding this guy on the bed, my tits were bouncing and I felt someone behind me. I could see him out of the corner of my eye and didn’t even say a word. I just kept rocking back and forth on the guy underneath me. I am embarrassed to say I didn’t even get his name, lol. I’m such a slut!

He was rubbing my nipples and I was grinding on him, my pussy making squishy noises on his cock from being so wet. I felt hands on me from behind, the guy watching us decided to join in, and I didn’t stop him. He gently pushed me forward and I soon felt his hard cock pop into my ass. I was being double penetrated and I didn’t even know the names of these guys. It felt naughty and taboo, but also really great, and I just let it happen. I could feel two cocks moving inside of me and one by one they went off and I came as well, squeezing them really tight within me. I went home with two loads of cum in me and had a shower and then passed out on the bed. It all seemed like a dream the next morning.

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Underneath the Christmas Tree

My boyfriend had been away on business and was due back the afternoon of Christmas Eve. He’d given me his flight info so I knew when he was going to be home. I’d even checked the airport to make sure the flight landed on time, which it had, so I assumed he’d be home pretty close to an hour from then. I got into some new Christmas lingerie I’d bought and decided to be a bit silly and lay underneath the Christmas tree so he’d see me right when he walked in, like some kind of present for him. Little did I know he was stopping at a store to buy me something.

The condo was warm, it was surprisingly comfortable underneath the tree and I fell asleep. I was wakened up by some laughter and saw him standing there, an hour later than expected and I said I was to be his best present. He helped me up and we went into the bedroom and he peeled the new lingerie off of me and laid me on the bed and he kissed me from head to toe and back again. He lingered on my pussy of course, teasing me until I came in his mouth. I’d told him I’d refrain from masturbating while he was away so I’d be very horny for him when he returned.

It was good I had, I was super horny and just loved feeling his mouth on me and then his cock in me. He said it was a sweet and memorable gift to come home and find me sleeping in such sexy lingerie under the tree for him. We cuddled the whole night and watched old Christmas movies on t.v. and it was a very wonderful, romantic evening. I love the simpler things, I don’t need to be taken out to do elaborate things, a nice night at home is the best night there is for me.

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