Cum On My Feet

I’ve had a few boyfriends that loved giving me their load of cum on my feet, I’m not really into foot jobs or anything, but if it makes them happy, I’m more than happy to oblige them. Last night I was sitting with him on the sofa and my feet wandered to his lap and he began to rub and caress them and I was soon wiggling my feet on his crotch and he was getting hard and he soon unzipped his pants and took his cock out and was rubbing it against my feet and I was caressing my toes over his hard cock.

I could feel the precum dripping all over my feet and he cupped his hands over my feet and slid his dick between the soles of my feet and was fucking them, groaning in delight at the feel of my baby soft soles on them and I started to flex my feet around them even harder, gripping them more firmly and was really helping getting him closer to climax. I know he just adored the feeling of my feet on his cock and balls.

He asked me to rub my big toe on the head of his cock and smear the precum around, and he loved it, I soon had my feet wrapped around his shaft again and was moving them back and forth and all of a sudden he groaned and I had a warm load of sticky cum all over my feet and toes and he grabbed some Kleenex to wipe it off of me. He loves to treat me to lovely pairs of shoes and loves to paint my toenails for me, I can satisfy him with my feet once in a while, for sure.

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My Sexy Contractor

Recently I had some renovations done on my home, and this one contractor was recommended to me by a few different friends of mine and they all seemed to giggle a bit when they talked about him. I’d seen the work this guy had done on their places and it was very nice, so I knew his workmanship was good, I just wasn’t sure why all the giggles when they spoke about him. I gave him a call and soon learned why. He looked like a model, not a tradesman. He was drop dead gorgeous, and I wanted him as soon as I saw him.

I could not stop staring at this man, and he knew it. I was beginning to think all of his clients were females that watched him every minute he was at their house as sheer eye candy, and I’d have been right. I think he knew that most women wanted to fuck him, since he wasted no time putting the moves on me and I was certainly receptive to them and let him do whatever he saw fit to do to me, and I was happy about it.

His cock was huge, and I felt like absolutely worshiping it, since I knew how much pleasure it would bring me. He had a tendency to stay after his crew had left, this was no doubt when he put the moves on the lady clients that wanted him, so he was not only getting the job, but getting hot sex every night after work as well. I loved sucking on his cock and then he bent me over my bed and took me from behind and I climaxed so hard from that hard, young cock inside of me. This went on every day of the renos. I think the way he fucked women ensured they’d keep hiring him for more work and giving him lots of recommendations. He had a good thing going for sure!

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Excitement Under The Dinner Table

Recently I went to my boyfriend’s family’s home for dinner. I’d met them a few times and they were nice people, but damned if I wasn’t feeling horny as fuck the entire day and I was just wanting to be naughty like I hadn’t been in ages. The dinner table at his parents home is a lively place, lots of people and activity, tons of foods. When I was eating my dinner, my hand decided to wander into his lap and tease his cock a bit through his pants, no one could see under the table cloth what was going on.

He flinched a bit as he felt me touch him and I smiled. His mom was chatting on about this and that and everyone was talking and eating, not really paying any attention to what I was beginning to do under the table, and what I was doing was unzipping my boyfriends pants and slip my hand in and caress his cock as everyone carried on with their dinner. He was having a hard time not showing emotion on his face, and I continued my playing with his cock with one hand as I continued to eat dinner with the other.

He was trying to eat, but he was obviously distracted, and it amused me no end. He was as hard as a rock as I teased him and his dad was asking him how it was going at work. He could barely get out a sentence in response. I continued my jerking of his cock and I knew he was going to cum and no one had any idea what was happening, I couldn’t be making jerking arm motions as I worked on him, but I did my best to arouse him and all of a sudden I felt him go off in my hand. I tucked him back away and wiped my hand on my napkin. Dessert was soon served, and it was a most memorable and fun dinner to be sure.

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Be Rough With Me

Gentle and romantic sex is wonderful, but sometimes rough sex can really rev up your engines as well. Especially when it’s a quickie. Some couples even go so far as to do rape roleplays and really get into it, pretending to be strangers and the man stalking the woman on the way home and then really rough sex in a semi public place, like a parking lot, or an alley, people get into all kinds of different scenarios. For some, spanking would be enough to satisfy their urges, maybe a bit of choking, or breast squeezing, nipple pinching.

Different people have different desires, so you’d better hope that your desires meet up with your partners, otherwise one of you will always be in a state of want and deprivation. Some women would have no part of any sort of rough sex, in which cases their partners might seek such interactions from escorts, since they know there’s not a hope in hell of wifey giving it to them. Some even like to be rough with themselves during solo acts of masturbation, like auto erotic asphyxiation, something that can be deadly if it goes incorrectly.

Rough sex can heighten things from the every day, hearts and flowers are lovely, but sometimes you just want a nice, hard fuck, and it’s ok if you both have a few scratches and bite marks when all is said and done. They can be your little badges of love. Scratch up your guys back a bit and see if he doesn’t like his little marks. Discussing things is always for the best, what one might consider rough, another might consider downright abusive. You don’t want to alienate your partner.

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My Sexy Uncle

I went to visit my aunt recently and she’d gotten married since the last time I saw her and I’d not met her husband, who was really good looking and several years younger than she was. I’m embarrassed to admit as soon as I met this guy I wanted to fuck him, and fuck him I did a few hours later. I wasn’t that close to my aunt, but needed to be in the city she lived in and she offered to put me up so I didn’t have to pay for a hotel, which was nice of her, and I repaid her by laying her husband.

She is a nurse who works the night shift, so I was alone with her husband every night when she’d go to work, and it didn’t take long for him to make his way to my bed and oh was he fantastic in bed! Wonderful at licking pussy, he teased my clit with abandon like no one ever had before. He liked to drive me crazy with that tongue before he’d let me have that cock and then he would pump away until I was clawing at his back with ecstasy.

She really never suspected a thing, but I didn’t get a lot of sleep the week I stayed there, we were too busy fucking and going down on each other. I was half asleep at the conference I was in town for, but the fantastic sex was well worth it. She has invited me back over the Christmas holidays coming up, and I’m for sure looking forward to them. Hopefully she will still be working the night shift then so I can get my paws on him again.

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