Pleading and Begging

My boyfriend loves to tease me and make me beg for it. It arouses him no end to hear me beg to get his cock all the way into me. He loves to just put the tip in and make me go wild, knowing it’s almost there, but not all of it. I buck up against him and make it go in a bit more, then he will smile and laugh a bit and back up, pulling some of it out of me. He likes me worked up to quite the sexual frenzy before finally giving me what he wants. What I want is that glorious dick buried inside of me, all the way up to the balls.

I love to hold him so close, my breath on his neck, me clawing at his back and shoulders as he pins me down and really drills it into me. That I cannot get enough of. He’s even made me cum just by rubbing the tip of his cock on my clit, which yes it feels good, but I want it in me, not on me. He even fit the eye of his dick over my clit, so my clit was inside of it for a few seconds. I laughed, it kind of tickled to do that. He just loves to play and tease as much as possible.

I never tire of how much I love his cock inside. No one has ever made me wetter than he has and he knows it. The way he drives me insane with his hands and his cock. I love to cum everyday from him doing something to me, but he sure loves to make me plead and beg for it. I am submissive, so I do enjoy having to work for it and his approval. I love to please him.

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Choke Me, Baby

My boyfriend asked me how I’d feel about a bit of light choking during sex and I said I’d be fine with it, so we tried it. I really liked it. Some callers over the years have called with neckties or rope, or other things around their neck for the auto erotic asphyxiation fetish and I’ve always been concerned about them. Many countless men have died doing this to themselves. Many say countless more are unreported since their families might find them dead this way and then rearrange the body so it’s not obvious how they died accidentally. It seems a regular suicide in the police report is more palatable to them than the actual truth that their loved ones died accidentally while masturbating. That wouldn’t be the best way to be remembered for sure, so ones often cover this up upon finding a dead loved one.

When doing this with a partner, hopefully they will know when to stop so there’s no danger of passing out. I gave my lover permission to do this and it was very pleasurable, I liked it a lot and want to do it again. I love to be submissive to my partner and this felt extremely submissive to me and I liked the feeling of surrender, that I was totally at his mercy and he did what he wanted to me.

There’s nothing like the feeling of giving someone else total control over your orgasm, your breathing, the bonding you can share with someone while engaging in this kind of sex play is intense. You don’t trust just anyone to this degree, and it really brought us closer. My partner enjoyed having the power over me as well. I asked if he’d like to try it as well, but it wasn’t really his thing, but he enjoyed doing it to me and I loved having it done. I like it so much, it’s hard to tell him to stop. Do you have any experiences with erotic asphyxiation? Call us and let us know all about them.

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Accidental Anal

One might wonder how they could have “accidental anal sex” but it can and does happen. The lights are out, alcohol may have been consumed, people are moving too fast, hey, it happens. A caller was telling me this happened to him and his girlfriend and how mad she was when he plunged it into her and she yelped. He realized what had happened and at first he laughed a bit and asked her if he could still finish, she said no, get it out immediately. Of course in his fantasy, things go a bit differently and she lets him finish and she becomes addicted to anal sex.

Real life however doesn’t always go as it does in our masturbatory fantasies. So it might start as an accidental slippage into the wrong hole, but now it’s awakened her inner anal slut and he wants to go to town on that ass and really give her a good pounding. He said his dick was never so hard as when he realized it was buried up to his nuts in her tight, fat ass. How he wanted to finish in there. She had him put it in her pussy instead and he finished in there.

Now all he can think about is anal. He’s been watching anal porn when he masturbates, he even bought an anal sex simulator Fleshlight toy that has one of those tighter sleeves to feel like an ass rather than a pussy. He’s been beating off with it daily imagining it’s her ass. Some women are never gonna give in in this area, so the guy either makes do with fantasy, or else he finds a slut that will let him fuck her up the ass for real on the side. Not many will go to that trouble though.

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Dirty Talking Neighbor

Recently I got some baby monitors, though not for babies, but for security. I spend most of my time upstairs and cannot hear if anyone is at the doors downstairs, so I put one down by the door and leave it on. Then if anyone knocks or tries the door, I will hear it on the receiver monitor I keep near me upstairs. What I hadn’t counted on was it picking up the signal at times from the neighbors baby monitor. They had a baby recently, so I assume they have one. I think the husband is cheating on his wife since I overheard him having a very sexy conversation with someone that was broadcast over my monitor when I knew his wife was out.

I’m not sure if he was on the phone and having phone sex, or if there was a visitor with him there in person, but it was plenty hot. I was sitting in my chair working away when I heard a man’s voice, and it startled me. He then was saying things like, “fuck me baby, fuck me hard, suck that dick.” it was unexpected and hot and I was totally getting into it as he was telling his lover what to do to him. I started to finger my now wet cunt as I listened to him and closed my eyes and imagined him doing those things to me.

I’d not thought of him as a very sexy sort before hearing this, but soon saw him in a different light as I heard him tell her to open her mouth and take his big load, and get on her hands and knees to get fucked like the little slut that she is. I could hear him grunting as he either stroked his dick to her on the phone, or as he really pounded her cunt and gave it to her for real. In his own bed while his wife was out. Oh well, she just had that kid, she’s likely too tired to fuck her man and give him the attention he needs, so he’s getting it elsewhere. I rubbed my clit and soon came listening to him.

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Watching His Wife Take BBC

This caller was telling me about his wife fucking black guys on the side since his own penis is so small, this is quite a common tale we phone sex gals hear. I asked him how small he was, and he wasn’t even three inches. No wonder she’s looking elsewhere. He has watched her get fucked several times and he likes it a lot. He rubs his little useless dick with his thumb and forefinger and shoots out his two or three drops of watery cum and sees her get satisfaction like he could never possibly give her.

He told me how this black guy his wife met at work has been coming around a few nights a week after dinner and really giving her a fun time. He said he gets hard just watching the bulge in his pants knowing what’s to come. He sits in a chair in the corner and watches her take out his black dick and get down on her knees and worship it in her hand before beginning to suck on it, taking as much down her throat as she can. She looks him right in the eye as he fucks her mouth, and then looks over at tiny dicked hubby stroking his little cocktail weenie sized dicklette as she’s taking it like a whore.

He said when she got on the bed on all fours and raised her ass up to take that big, black cock from behind, he nearly lost it right there. The sight of her being penetrated by that eleven inch cock drove him wild. He was salivating at the sight of her taking thrust after thrust of that huge dick inside. She moaned and came loudly, then the black guy shot his load, then his few drops came out of his tiny dick as he watched them get off together. Telling me about it is nearly as hot for him as watching, him describing it to another person.

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