We Laughed at His Wiener

My boyfriend is a nice guy, however there is one big issue between us. His dick, it’s barely larger than a peanut. I told him when we slept together for the first time that is was going to be a cuckold relationship or no relationship at all. He said he was glad to hear me say that, since every relationship he’d ever been in was a cuckold one. He said getting his tiny pecker laughed at was incredibly arousing to him, so I laughed at it as much as I could and just took advantage of his superb oral skills.

I had a few different fuck buddies I saw, one of them loved to humiliate him, so we did it a lot when he came over. My boyfriend loved to show off his little cock so they would make fun of it. You could literally watch this tiny little acorn grow to its little peanut size as you hurled the insults and laughed at him. It really was quite amusing. He even revealed to me it was his own mother who first humiliated him in this manner when he was in his teens when she saw him getting out of the shower and said she’d need a magnifying glass to see it.

At the time of course he was mortified, but he soon began to obsess over the comment and it was all he could think about. He then began seeking out other women to belittle him and as soon as one saw him naked, they began to make comments that made him aroused. So masturbation was pretty much all he ever got, since his little cock was the size of a small tube of lipstick. So I did the best I could with the fuck buddies I brought around, his little dick would get rubbed after the cutting remarks and then he’d squirt his two drops.

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The Horny Old Neighbor

When I was growing up, the neighbor was kind of a horny old man next door. He was always catcalling the women in the neighborhood that walked by. When I was in my teens, I noticed he would watch me while I was outside. He called me over one day and made a proposition to me. He asked if I would like a bit of extra spending money. I knew there had to be a catch. I asked him what he had in mind for me to do to earn it. He said if I came over he’d tell me all about it.

I did want more money of course, we all do, so I thought I’d listen to what he had to say. He told me to come over an hour later, so I did. He answered the door wearing a robe. I was beginning to get the idea of what he had in mind. He asked if I’d be willing to watch him jerk off, and if I’d masturbate in front of him. He promised there would be no touching, just watching. He said he’d pay me a lot more to masturbate than just to watch him. I said I’d think about it.

I thought about it and decided I could do it. The next time my parents were out, I went over and he was in the robe again. He opened it and had a big, hard cock on display. He sat down opposite me and stroked it for what seemed like the longest time. Then he finally came and it dribbled all over his fingers. There was some money for me on the table by the door to get on my way out. Over the next few years I watched him countless times and masturbated for him several times and he watched every stroke I made with my fingers on my pussy. He even bought me a few toys to use while he watched me. It wasn’t too bad, he kept his word and never even attempted to touch me, and I made a good sum of money. He was a horny old bastard, loved to stroke that dick for me.

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He Wanted a Spanking

Callers into spankings are quite common. Most seemed to have been caught masturbating as children and were punished by mom for it. For some however, that is not the case. One man called the other night with a scenario that had a kernel of truth in it. He’d been embarrassed by something he said others deemed inappropriate. Personally when he told me what he said I laughed and thought it was funny, but the group he was with were apparently humorless and did not agree. So in his little fantasy, he’d be punished for saying such a thing by the group leader. He’d be sent to the home of a woman who punished men that had misbehaved in some way and be spanked.

The leader would prescribe the number of whacks he was to get by the spanking lady and she had the option to add more on if during the session anything further was revealed about any other misdeeds that had been carried out. The point was to make him feel embarrassed and humiliated and ashamed for his actions. So I told him to pull down his pants and his shorts, lean over the edge of a bed on his elbows and await the blows from the spanking paddle.

Strike after strike for being a bad boy was reigned down on him. Of course he did also reveal he was hitting on ladies at work that were his subordinates that had no real power to resist him, eliciting even more spanks with the paddle. To make it all worse, he got aroused as I struck him and began to fondle his cock. He got so turned on he wanted to be penetrated with a strap on by the spanking lady, furthering his humiliation and submission. He seemed to rather enjoy how descriptive it all was and thanked me for helping him bring his little roleplay to life. Many men have very detailed roleplays and fantasies they go through when they masturbate. If you have spanking fantasies, no doubt some of our accommodating ladies here will be happy to help you.

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She Wants Him

Sometimes callers will ask your opinion if a woman they know is into them. They will describe the situation and then you weigh in on whether she’s actually into them and give advice accordingly. One last night said this woman he knows could see he was stressed after a long day at work and she offered to give him a neck massage. She then got out several bottles of aromatherapy oils and gave him a very sensual neck massage. Then he asked if I thought she was into him and if he should make a pass at her. From his description, I’d say yes, she was into him and he’d likely get lucky if he made a move on her.

You don’t just go around offering up massages and work away on them with your hands in a sensual manner unless they are appealing to you in some way. A massage is a very personal and intimate thing, even if no genitals are involved. Stroking, caressing, teasing, it’s all very sexy and such a great prelude to sex. Running your hands over someone’s body parts can often lead to other things, sexy things, so I think she was giving him a signal that she was interested in more but didn’t want to be too obvious about it.

So when he called and told me about this, I told him she was wanting to continue rubbing, his cock most likely! That this was a way to get into his mind and make him act on these feelings she’d stirred up in him. Hopefully the next time he calls he will tell me it was a success and that he’s dating her. I shall just have to wait and see, but a massage can lead to bigger and better things for certain.

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Sweet Dreams of You

Lots of us have sex dreams, and they can often alter the way we look at the person we have the dream about. If you have a sex dream about someone you aren’t really attracted to it can sometimes make you attracted to them, other times it can be so absurd, it will be something to laugh about and share with your friends. Sex dreams can be powerful things though. Men can have wet dreams and ejaculate from them alone, many times a boys first ejaculation is from a wet dream. Girls can have orgasms in dreams as well, but it’s more rare.

Have you gone to be d with someone on your mind and then wakened up with some cum in your shorts or on your sheets? You likely have, and many times. A good sex dream can be a very wonderful and satisfying thing to have. Especially when it’s about someone you desire that you can’t really have, like a celebrity that you will never even get the chance to meet. Yet in your dream you can seduce them and fuck them and be the world’s best lover to them.

Before sleep seems to be a very time for most people. Lots of couples have sex before bed, or they like to masturbate to ensure they are relaxed and will have a good nights sleep. Do you enjoy a good cock workout before you hit the hay? Late night calls are often a very busy time for phone sex girls. If you feel the urge to stroke your cock and get some sexy, suggestive talk before you go to sleep, why not try one of our lovely, sexy ladies? Tuck in calls are always a great way to feel nice and relaxed after a long, hard day at work. Call one of our ladies tonight.

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