Sweet Precum

Most guys love a blow job, there’s no secret about that. They love girls to swallow every drop and look like she’s enjoying it. Many men love to lick their own precum and cum as well when they masturbate, or to lick it off of a woman’s tits they’ve shot it on, or lick that cream pie out of her filled pussy. They often will say their precum is sweet, like candy. One used to claim his was like cotton candy, lol. I’ll have to take his word for it. Do you enjoy tasting your own drippings and juices when you masturbate, or love to see a woman savor them? You perhaps do like many others.

It makes men feel you are really accepting them and loving them when you take part of their nectar into yourself like that. The sensation will be the same whether the woman spits or swallows, so it’s the psychological aspect that men love. They want their women to cherish every drop of it. Take that cock as deep as you can, lick the head of it until he’s going crazy, his breathing jagged and shallow, you just know he’s going to explode in your mouth.

Some men want to lick their own cum or precum, the desire is there, but they for some reason always chicken out and cannot do it. The desire they say leaves the second they shoot their load. It’s not poison, it’s not going to hurt you, you can always brush your teeth if it’s too horrible for you to accept. Does seeing a woman’s mouth smeared with your precum make you want to give her a big, wet, sloppy kiss and share all of that? Or is a kiss the last thing you want and you want her to be the one going to brush her teeth. It just varies from guy to guy what they want and enjoy.

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Make Me Yours

This new supervisor we have at work has been my latest obsession. I know it’s not wise to mix business with pleasure, but I cannot stop thinking about him. He’s gorgeous, intense, and has a bit of an edge to him. I knew the moment I laid eyes on him I wanted to fuck him. I knew I couldn’t be too obvious, I had to make him want me and for him to make the first move, so I did ridiculous things like not wear panties and bend over and brush up against him. He soon made the moves on me and I did not resist.

I knew he’d be working late, so I called him and told him I’d forgotten these contracts I’d had to sign, and could he bring them by on his way home? I knew he had to drive right by my house. I think he picked up on the pretense and once he got in the door he kissed me and asked if that’s what I really wanted. I couldn’t deny it. We were soon ripping one another’s clothes off and headed to my bedroom. I was down on my knees sucking his cock in less than five minutes of him arriving.

He pulled me up and pushed me back on the bed, stripping me naked and kissing me all over, licking my pussy and making me writhe on the bed for him like an animal in heat. I spread my legs for him to invite him into me and he took me up on the invitation. He plunged his dick into me and I loved it. He had a thick, throbbing cock and I took all of it into me. With a bit of effort of course, but it was worth it. I clawed at his shoulders as we fucked and I soon gushed all over his hard shaft, and I could feel him go off inside of me. I told him I wanted more, and we fucked all night long.

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Spread Me Like a Whore

My new boyfriend is a bit wild in the bedroom. I was a bit shocked when he showed me all these tools and toys he has and he asked me if I’d be open to trying them. I always figure you shouldn’t knock something until you’ve tried it, so I said sure. If I didn’t like it, I could always just say stop. He put me into this spreader bar on my ankles and pushed my legs above my ears. Good thing I’m flexible. Then he cuffed my wrists in front of that to keep my legs in place. I really could not move hardly at all.

He then lubed up my pussy and began to fuck me. I’d never been fucked in a state of immobilization like this before, and it was a bit different, but I liked it a bit. I wouldn’t want sex like this every day, but once in a while to spice things up, yes, I’d be game. I could feel his cock go in extra deep with my legs so far pushed up like that. I was getting drilled like I’d never been drilled before. He obviously loved the extra sense of control. He was a dom as it was, but when he had me in this equipment, he was really in his element.

It was kind of hot, I just had to surrender to him and it was fun to be so submissive. I was fairly submissive anyway, but had never been actually physically restrained like this before. He knew just what to do to give me maximum pleasure and I loved it. I didn’t need to be tied up or in this bar though to be his submissive, but it was fun. He did make me cum extra hard by trying these new things out. I need to learn to let go of my inhibitions more frequently.

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Sticky Panties

There’s been several callers recently with a huge fixation on panties. This is a popular topic, so it’s hardly anything new, but they seem to be coming out of the woodwork recently even more so than usual. The one had been over at his neighbors and he took a pair out of the bathroom he found. He took them home and then jerked off with them. He wasn’t sure if he was going to return them with the cum in them or just keep them. This is a very common tale I hear on the phone from guys.

Some are being even naughtier and taking them from their mom if they still live at home and have easy access to the panties their mother has worn that day. They sniff them and then wrap them around their cocks and cum onto the crotch of them. The fabric that has been against a woman’s most intimate area, often the panties are worn, perhaps even damp from the day’s discharge, that makes them even more potent and prized by the panty thief’s out there. To have that cunt juice soaked crotch rub against their own dick and get it hard and make it a bit moist as well.

Have you ever stolen anyone’s panties and rubbed them against your cock or cum in them? Maybe you’ve never told anyone about that experience and would like to share just what you did. Girls at this site even sell their panties to pervy men like you. Can you imagine actually buying a pair from the ladies you talk to and beat off on the phone with sending you their personal, intimate undergarments? It could and can happen if you want it to. Tell us about your panty adventures you’ve had or would like to have.

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Fun With My Friend

Sometimes you just get so horny you honestly would fuck just about any person that was near and willing. Last week my friend and I, who are both without boyfriends at the moment, we were both lamenting our lack of sexual partners. Then she got the idea that well, maybe it wasn’t ideal, but what if we “helped one another” out? I was a bit shocked at her suggestion, but after thinking about it for a while, decided why not? I’d played with a friend of mine a few times in high school and it had been a lot of fun when we did.

It had been years since I’d touched another girl and it was kind of fun to get reacquainted with one. She began by touching my breasts and then sucking on them, making my nipples instantly hard. I could feel my pussy growing wet as she paid attention to my breasts and it wasn’t long before her curious fingers made their way to my dripping cunt. I could feel my clit was stiff with excitement I’d not felt in many a year, and she had me very aroused in no time flat. I could feel her fingertips teasing my clit and I bucked my hips to fuck her hand.

She knew just the right spot to touch and I soon came on her hand. I was only too willing to return the favor, and I knelt down on the floor in front of her and licked her wet pussy lips and stuck my tongue into her shaved cunt, which was making my face wet from ear to ear. I loved the sweet taste of her, and I flickered my tongue over her swollen clit until she came in my mouth and she lapped up every drop. I had a feeling this was going to take our friendship to the next level.

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