Guys on Cam

Some callers enjoy being watched on cam, many girls watch thousands of guys jerk off. They love having an audience, especially guys that may not have a lady in their lives to watch them, so girls they call for phone sex are the only ones that will be watching them. There was one last week I watched and he had a fairly good sized cock, not some tiny small penis humiliation caller, so it was a thing of wonder to watch him handle this beast, and I was wondering how a lady would be able to comfortably accommodate that thing, but he’d had girlfriends, so obviously some were able to.

Some are very much into using anal toys on themselves, and they like to show this off as well. One had a huge toy, it was over fifteen inches, and it had a suction cup base and it was stuck to a wall and I was stunned when he backed himself up onto that toy and took it all. One would not have thought it possible, and yet I actually witnessed it. Such things you see can sadly not be unseen. Some even will pull their ass cheeks apart to give you a view of their asshole, now what woman wouldn’t want to see that view?

Some phone sex girls will be happy to view you masturbate, others will have no part of such activities even for money. So if you’d like a girl to watch you, just ask when you first call and they will say yes or no, so there won’t be any concerns about it. Some guys will go onto porn sites where you can set up a watching room and numbers of people can view your cam, but at least with a phone sex girl watching you, we are women, most watching in the porn site watching rooms will be other guys, but some do not care who’s watching, as long as someone is. One caller even had me watch him take a shower once, that was odd, but people have their likes and desires. You can surly find the right girl for you.

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Masturbating My Son

Last week I happened to wander into my teenaged son’s room without knocking. I didn’t even think he was home. I was going to put his laundry away and oops, he was standing there jerking his cock. I dropped the laundry basket I had in my hands, and he stood there frozen like a deer caught in the headlights. He looked so embarrassed, it was cute. I told him it was perfectly alright and there was nothing to be embarrassed about at all. That he was in his own room with the door closed and all boys did that. He was as red as a beet.

I went over to him and told him he had a large and lovely cock and any girl would be lucky to get to touch it or fuck it or suck it. He was speechless, standing there with his mouth hanging open and I stunned the poor boy even more when I reached forward and grasped his cock and began to pump it for him. He’d deflated considerably since I walked in, and yet in mere seconds he was hard as a steel rod in my hand as I stroked my own son and was masturbating him.

He didn’t seem to know what to do, to flee or give in, it obviously felt so good, he chose to give in, so I stroked him harder and faster and his breathing was getting deeper the faster I went and the closer my own son was getting to orgasm. He reached out for my breast and fondled it, my own nipples were by now quite erect and making points through my blouse since I too was aroused touching him this way, it wasn’t much longer after he touched me that he squirted his load of young seed in my hand. I wished him a goodnight, closed the door and left.

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Pantyhose Masturbation

I’ve always enjoyed wearing pantyhose, and as I got older into my teens and was masturbating like a fiend anyways, I discovered the joys of pantyhose masturbation. Many find they enjoy being touched over fabric, like their panties, it’s a fun and exciting way to masturbate, but over pantyhose is similar, yet a bit of a different sensation. Lots of guys like to fuck you with your hose on as well. I can well recall the day when I was at school and I crossed my legs and noticed the crotch seam of the pantyhose rubbed against my clit.

I was soon wriggling back and forth as discretely as I could so the seam was rubbing against my clit. I had done that when I was wearing tight blue jeans as well, but the seam of a pair of pantyhose was a much more subtle sensation, but still equally erotic. I don’t think anyone noticed me as I was doing that, and a while later I told my boyfriend about me doing that and he wanted to see if I could in fact give myself a hands free orgasm simply from wriggling back and forth on the pantyhose seam.

I wasn’t able to quite go over that edge of orgasm, but I’d gotten myself all wet, and he wanted to lick me through the pantyhose crotch and he did, and he sucked on my clit with the thin film of nylon over it and it was a different sensation than direct skin to skin. I was able to cum, but did still prefer the skin to skin contact, but for once in a while, it was a fun different way to play that we enjoy. Pantyhose are very arousing to some men, the silky feeling against their cock can really drive some men over the edge.

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The Housesitter

Recently I hired a housesitter since I was going to be out of town for several days and I was concerned about leaving the house alone. She was a good looking young lady a friend of mine had recommended. She looked after her pets, and stayed there while she was away, so I figured that was good enough for me. I happened to be finished my business out of town a day early and returned. The housesitter was there, I saw her car parked in the driveway. I walked in and heard something upstairs.

I went up and she was masturbating in the middle of my bed. I stood there and just watched her for a few moments and then she saw me and looked so shocked and embarrassed. I’d actually been quite turned on watching her and had felt myself growing wet. I told her it was ok and did she mind if I joined her? I walked in and took my clothes off and laid down beside her and started to rub my pussy as she resumed rubbing hers.

It didn’t take long for her to reach over and begin to do the rubbing for me, and I was rubbing her as well. She sucked on my nipples and was driving me wild and we were both so wet and so turned on, it was really hot and we were both teetering on the brink of orgasm. She asked if another woman had ever gone down on me before and I replied no. She then started to kiss her way down my tummy and licked me until I was just quivering and then exploded and came on her face in a gush. I’d never had such an intense orgasm as this was. I soon returned the favor and we both came several more times from touching and licking one another before she left.

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Let Me Lick Your Pussy

I was short on cash last month and after that being the case three months in a row my landlord told me I was soon going to be sent an eviction notice. I begged and pleased, but he said he was sick of me being last with the rent and this was the final time. I asked if there was anything I could do to change his mind about kicking me out, since I literally had nowhere else to go, and he got an evil grin on his face and said there was one thing I could do, and only one. I knew whatever it was I really had no option but to do it.

He explained he was always attracted to me, and if I regularly let him lick my pussy, say once a week, he would lower my rent by say a hundred dollars a month. That much of a reduction would mean a huge difference to me, and he knew it. I’m sure that’s why he chose that figure. I agreed to it. He said we could start right now, so he came into my apartment and told me to sit down and hike up my skirt and pull down my panties. I had no choice so I did it.

I sat there and thought I’d just have t tolerate it until he was tired of it, but surprisingly he was good at it, and it kind of grossed me out since I was not attracted to him in any way, but the longer he did it, I cannot say I was not enjoying it, and he knew it, so he continued on until I came. I was kind of disgusted with myself for having an orgasm with this wretched man, but a deals a deal, and as I said he knew what he was doing. So I guess tolerating this old goat slithering his tongue all over my pussy was the price I’d have to pay, and if I came, well, then not much I could do about that.

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