Friends That Play Together

They say the more the merrier, and I for one can tell you when it comes to sex, that is sure true. I love group sex, the idea of sharing my orgasms with several other people at the same time, it turns me on and I absolutely cum harder when I have “an audience.” Does that make me a bit of an exhibitionist? You bet it does! It’s fun to know others are seeing you and judging your sexual performance, I love getting it on in a room full of other couples that are also fucking.

It gets me wet to watch my friends fuck as well, those rock hard cocks gliding in and out of those pussies, usually I’m already wet, but seeing that kind of interaction just gets me dripping, so my own partner gets me in an even hornier than usual state. Porn doesn’t do it for me at all, but watching live people fuck sure does. I had a swapping party last weekend and I invited a half a dozen couples and we were getting it on all over the large living room. You could smell the sex hanging in the air, the moans and groans of ecstasy were intoxicating.

I came several times with the men there and everyone had a great time. More people should have orgy’s, they would be a lot more relaxed! Women think they might have a partner that’s great in bed, but being able to fuck others and be able to compare them to really gives you a much greater understanding of their actual sexual skill. Fuck with your friends, you won’t regret it.

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Sex At The Festival

This past week I went to a local festival where many cultures are celebrated, and one of the venues I went to had a Chinese cultural display and they had a dragon dance number, where a couple of different people get in the dragon costume and run around on the stage, it’s very colorful and the kids love it. After the show part was over, I saw one of the dancers getting out of the dragon costume and went over to congratulate him and he was a very handsome young guy, early twenties and although born and raised here in North America, he was of Chinese descent and very attractive, likely half Chinese.

He looked like Keanu Reeves a little bit and I couldn’t stop looking at him and he asked if I’d like to grab dinner with him and how could I resist? We had dinner and I ended up going back to his place and I loved every minute of it, he was young, eager and loved older women and he had a gorgeous young cock that just wouldn’t quit. He was flexible and had plenty of stamina to fuck all night and he made me cum countless times. I sucked his cock and rode him fort he longest time. I loved how he made me beg to cum when I was right on the brink of orgasm.

He would literally stop thrusting and make me beg for him to start up again, it was so hot, I loved being his slut for the night. I don’t usually pick up random guys, but there was just something about him that made me want him from the minute I laid my eyes on him emerging from that dragon costume. Festivals can be a lot of fun, introducing you to lots of people you’d otherwise not meet.

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Hand Job At The Cinemas

I went with my boyfriend to the movies recently and the movie was kind of boring and yet I knew it was something he’d wanted to see. I decided to get a bit naughty and my hand wandered down to his lap and I started to rub his cock through his jeans and he was hard in a matter of seconds. He looked over at me and asked if I was seriously going to do this right there at the movies and I smiled in response. There wasn’t that many people sitting back in the area we were in, so I didn’t really need to worry about anyone seeing us, unless an usher happened to go by.

I got his cock out and was stroking it slowly up and down. I know he was still trying to concentrate on the movie, he’d wanted to see it for weeks and I thought it was dumb, and this was more fun, so I concentrated on his cock, rubbing my thumb over his cock head, smoothing the pre cum all around. His breathing was getting heavier and heavier as I stroked him closer to cumming. No one had seen what we were doing. I squeezed his shaft and tugged on it.

I knew I was driving him crazy. I could feel it throbbing in my hand. I didn’t want him to cum too soon, so I just stopped rubbing it for a few minutes and as I felt him becoming softer, I started up again and repeated this several times. It was fun to tease him, bring him to the brink and back again. I then knew he was getting ready to cum, so I got the empty popcorn bucket so he could cum in that. He shot his load and I laughed to myself thinking about if it was full there’d be cum covered popcorn. He zipped up and the movie was soon over, it turned out to be more exciting than I’d thought it would be, for sure.

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Waves Of Passion

This weekend I was at the beach with my boyfriend and we had some naughty times rolling around in the sand and the surf. There wasn’t too many people around and our beach blanket was far enough away from other people that unless they had binoculars they wouldn’t have been able to see what we were doing and we were discreet about it, and I reached over and slid my hand into his swim trunks and started to stroke his cock and he was as hard as a rock and I knew I wanted to feel that cock inside of me.

I rolled over and pulled the crotch of my swimsuit to one side, I wanted to be sure if anyone approached he could just roll off and we’d both still be covered and not get in any trouble. He slid his cock into my wet pussy and started to fuck me right there, the breeze blowing over us, people in the distance, I wrapped my legs around him and he was fucking me so good right there on the beach. Running my fingers through his hair and my nipples were so hard, I was enjoying every moment of it.

My clit was so stiff and getting stimulated with every thrust of his cock into me, it felt wonderful and it wasn’t long until I felt his cock go off inside of me and I came at the same moment, milking him into me. After we caught our breath, we went down and had a swim, it rinsed us off and was a very refreshing end to our lovemaking right there in the sun.

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Hot Asian Lady

One thing many men desire is a hot, Asian lady. Many times they are much more petite than North American or European women and have a reputation for not only having tight pussies, but a more submissive personality, which many men find attractive, especially ones with weaker personalities that cannot handle a dominant woman and are overwhelmed by them, so they want someone more easily controlled that they can dominate.

Many Asian ladies are very finely featured and very feminine, making them sexually desirable to men of any ethnicity. There’s also rumors that many Asian ladies have less of a body odor than do women of other backgrounds, less underarm odor and less pussy odor. I guess you’d have to poll men that had been with multiples of both to confirm or deny that theory, but unless you’re into body odor, and some are, that would also be a bonus for many.

Some callers have related tales where they do prefer Asian ladies and find them a lot sexier than white women, they love the submissive nature of them and even though they are smaller than average, they seem to be able to take big cocks without any trouble. Some Asian ladies prefer black men, some women of every ethnicity prefer black men, since they do statistically have the largest cocks, and sadly, Asian men have the smallest, so you can’t blame them for dating outside their race to get a bigger cock than what the Asian men have to offer them.

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