Bigger Than Big

More and more men seem to be turning to sex toys when they call. It used to be fairly rare a caller would be using a toy on themselves when they’d be talking to you, now it’s not rare at all. One type men seem to be using more and more is very large dildos. One yesterday said his goal was a sixteen inch one. He was already up to using a twelve inch one and he wanted to keep going bigger. All I could think of was I hope you accept you’ll be needing diapers in your future. I didn’t say that of course, but come on, if you stretch it out like that long term repeatedly what do you think the result is going to be? Not a pretty one, I can assure you.

So he said he had a collection of large toys, and he said he didn’t even use lube on them, which seemed beyond tortuous, but hey, its your ass, if you want a twelve inch long toy going in dry, it’s up to you. This same man said he’d been with around seventy five black men, so I’m assuming he was kind of stretched out a lot as it was. He didn’t even seem to feel that was that big of a number of men to have been with. That was just the total for blacks, the white ones on top of that number would have added to the grand total.

Prostate massagers, butt plugs, there’s a whole lot of callers doing things to their backsides as they talk to we phone sex girls and jerk off. There seems to be more interest in the mega sized toys though. It’s like they are challenging themselves to keep trying for bigger and better ones. There seems to be a lack of women willing to use strap ons on them, so they are going it alone.

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Couples Night at the Gloryhole

Men calling to say they’ve stopped by a gloryhole to suck dome random dick is not an unusual occurrence. However when they say they bring the wife with them, that makes it a bit unusual. This man called to say he regularly goes to a gloryhole and his wife knows all about it, (sure he does, lol). He then said Friday night is couples night and she comes to watch him suck the random dick and partake herself, (sure she does).

So he said this huge cock came through the wall as he was talking to me, he was apparently calling from inside the booth, (uh huh), and he said he was getting sucked off. This went on for a few minutes until he said the guy stopped sucking and he was now waiting for someone else to come in and latch onto his dick. He said when his wife come, sometimes they suck the cock together and there’s one on each side of the cock, their lips each going up and down the shaft of a stranger that’s poking through a wall. He said he didn’t think anyone was going to come along to finish him off, so he started to masturbate alone and said he’d have to finish up and get back to work. This was a lunch time call.

He said sometimes he backs his ass up to the wall and he gets fucked by them as well. He said he wife knows about all of it and approves of all of it and even likes to share at times, like when she comes along. You never know, there are indeed some very odd people that do some very odd and seemingly dangerous things, so who knows. Does the idea of sucking random cock arouse you? Have you been to one of these infamous gloryholes we phone sex girls hear so much about from callers? Would you like to share your sordid experiences you’ve had at these places? Call and share tonight.

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Fuck Me Through My Pantyhose

Some callers are really into pantyhose. They adore the way a woman looks in them. Every week a guy will ask if I wear them with my short skirts. In reality I haven’t worn a pair in nearly twenty five years. Not because I don’t like the look of them, I do, but because I wear all my dresses so long they are to my ankles and no one can see any leg at all. I do not like the bare legged look, it looks terrible. So bring on the pantyhose for these callers that are into the fabric fetish of nylon. Many will wrap pantyhose or stockings around their cock, worn ones, they stole from some lady they have a thing for.

Ripping holes through the crotch area to fuck a woman with or one caller prefers to talk about cutting a hole with scissors before the woman gets into them, really turns some on. The sight of mashed pubic hair under the nylons, or squished up pussy lips through it drives some wild. The feel of them against their own flesh is enough to make some cum on the hose, and that’s another thing many like, to see their own drops of cum spray on the pantyhose in little drops.

Some callers are quite interested in the brands you wear, the shades, they know more about the types of pantyhose out there than most women. Many women are content to get whatever is available at the dollar store, they all look the same when on really, but some men love to know all the tiny, specific details about what exactly you are wearing. It all feeds into the fetish they have about them and makes it a more exciting fantasy for them. Pantyhose and masturbation, more men are into it than you know.

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The Daughter’s Friend

Sometimes you hear things from callers that kind of make you feel sad. Just the circumstances they are in. This man called yesterday and said he needed to confess something. I asked what he’d done, and he said he hadn’t done anything, but he was having real feelings for his daughter’s eighteen year old friend he’s know practically her entire life. He said he’d never thought of her that way until very recently. Several months ago they had a school winter formal dance, and when he say the young lady all dressed and made up, he couldn’t stop thinking about her.

He’d always liked her and thought her attractive, but it wasn’t until that night when he saw her, in his eyes for the first time he saw her as a woman and not a little girl, that he became besotted with her. He knew he had to keep this to himself, since it would have many bad effects if he let his feelings knows. She would likely think him a dirty old man, or a fool, or both, it would make a rift in her relationship with his daughter, the young lady’s parents would no doubt be upset by it, there was just no way this could play out.

So now he looks at the before the dance pics he took of her and his daughter and masturbates to them, thinking how lovely it would be to make love to her, make her cum, run his hands all over her young, firm, nubile body. He will fantasize about this girl the rest of his life in all likelihood, but he will never be able to have her. Some situations are indeed very star crossed and hopeless. It’s sad to think nothing will ever come of it, but that’s just how life is sometimes.

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Double Happiness

Most guys fantasize about a threesome with twins, it seems natural to do so. One caller last week was telling me how when he was in college he dated this girl and he was crazy about her and after a few dates she revealed she was in fact an identical twin. He couldn’t stop thinking about it and wanted to have a threesome with them. He asked her if there was any chance that something like that could happen and she said yes. In fact, she revealed that since she and her sister were young they’d masturbated together many times and this revelation drove him simply wild.

She then introduced him to her twin and they hit it off well and the three of them were a threesome for well over a year. He said it was the hottest sex he’d ever had in his life and he’d never had the chance to date a twin again, and even if he had, he thought the chances of them being willing to engage in a threesome with their sister would be slim to none. At least he has his memories of the hot sexual encounters. He said they would go down on one another and he almost felt like a third wheel they were so into one another, they almost ignored him for a while, and then they gave him a dual blow job.

He said he’d never been so stimulated in his entire life. He finds porn of girls that look similar to try and relive the memories as best he can, but he said it sure is a dream to have two beautiful girls that look the same be fawning all over you. He seemed surprised when I said I too had entertained naughty thoughts about twin brothers. I guess it’s a fantasy many people of both sexes think about, but that few get to actually enjoy.

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