I’ve Got My Love To Keep Me Warm

Some parts of the Northeast are quite snowed in and I am in one of them. I always keep around a month’s worth of food and supplies in the house, so I really had no worries. My boyfriend had stayed over before the storm and we were quite surprised to look out the window to see several feet of snow had fallen overnight. I knew for me it was no emergency to be barricaded in. I work from home, set for food, I can stay in for weeks as far as I care, it doesn’t really affect me in the slightest. He also had a few days off, so we just thought we’d enjoy the time and cocoon and make love as much as we cared to. It’s been delightful.

Neighbors called to see if I wanted help being shoveled out and I said not to bother, help someone who really needs out, I do not. It’s supposed to be above freezing next week, most of it will melt, so not to worry about me. I also had lots of candles and lube and all sorts of fun and naughty things for us to entertain ourselves with. I made us a lovely dinner, made a roaring fire in the fire place, and we made our way to the warm, thick rug in front of it after dinner, naked and in the glow of the firelight. He laid me back and said my sweet pussy was the best dessert he could ever ask for, and who was I to disagree?

I laid back and spread myself open for him, allowing him to feast on my shaved pussy, opening my folds like a moist, dew covered flower. My stiff little bud erect for him to lick and to tease as I bucked up towards him. He always knows just how to lick and to suck me to orgasm, and did he ever. Then he fucked me. We did this countless times over the next few days as the neighbors shoveled themselves out and we remained blissfully surrounded and covered with snow.

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Water is Wet, So is My Cunt

My boyfriend recently bought a new house and it has a pool. Of course one of the first things he said was he couldn’t wait to fuck me in it. We’d had sex at the beach before, but privacy is always a concern. You don’t want to get arrested for public indecency or anything. We had plenty of privacy, so I of course said I was game to try. He got this silicone lube to use, since my own natural wetness or a water based lube would get rinsed away with the water. Lubrication is important, so I was lubed up before I even got in the water.

We kissed and touched before we began the full on fucking, and once we did, it was a lot of fun. I love to swim and I love the water, so we made the most of it, trying to see how long we could each hold our breath before coming up for air. He even had the rather unique idea to rent some scuba tanks and that way we could stay under water and not have to worry about coming up for air. Sex will make guys think the craziest things.

I’ve always loved to masturbate in pools and hot tubs with the air jets on the sides, and full on intercourse underwater seems a natural progression of water play, and we had a good time. I got at just the right angle with him holding me, and the weightlessness that being in water gives can be very comfortable, and he just jackhammered that cock into me and I came and so did he. I milked his cock with my pussy until every drop of his cum was within me. We stayed there in the water, with his cock inside me for a few minutes before he withdrew and we got out of the water. I think we will be putting his new pool to good use.

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Pussy To Pussy

I can recall in my teens a good friend I had and all the naughty things we got up to during sleepovers. My poor, clueless parents had no idea what was going on as they slept. We were both really horny a lot and boys hadn’t taken an interest in us yet, so we made do with each other, and we came so hard together, I swear there’s times I think I came harder with her than any man I’ve ever been with. It started by just talking about masturbation, admitting we did it. Then it moved to doing it together in the same room, then touching one another, and then grinding on one another.

I have to admit, I loved that the best, it seemed the most naughty. I’d squirt some lotion on her pussy and mine to get it all slippery, I didn’t have any access to lube then and would have been afraid to buy any or of my mom finding it, so regular lotion did the trick. We usually got wet soon enough, but some lotion always helped get things going just right. We’d start by kissing, or as we called it, “practicing” for all the boyfriends we thought we’d soon have. Then after doing that a while, we’d be getting pretty horny. We touched each other many times, but I suggested the bare grinding.

With our lotion covered pussies, one of us would get on top of the other and sort of grind until our clits would find one another and we’d get a rhythm going. It’s honestly not hard to cum that way, many girls masturbate by humping pillows or rubbing against something. When that something is another person, the level of excitement can be pretty high and you can definitely have an orgasm, with no penetration whatsoever. We did this countless times and it would usually be under five minutes until we’d each cum. I was always worried my mom would hear the bed springs creaking as we did it and come to investigate, but it never happened and we had many fun encounters.

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Sex at The Party

Like many people, I’m going to a New Year’s Eve party. I however get a little bit wild and my boyfriend and I have a tradition. We have sex at the party in a room full of people without being detected. Kind of risky, but risk heightens things. Tonight will be the fifth year in a row we are going to be doing it. I am going to be wearing a short skirt with a zipper up the back and no panties on. The party we are going to will be packed, there’s a capacity of nearly twelve hundred people, so it’s not hard to do it unnoticed if you are careful.

The room is dark other than colored lights that spin around and some disco balls and it you are either in a discrete corner, or surrounded by people crammed in pretty tight, you can get away with it. We dance close, teasing one another with our hands over the clothing to get really horny, then we will go for it. I will feel the zipper of my skirt start to go up and feel the poke of his cock go into my already slippery pussy. When you’re pretty horny already from teasing one another, it really doesn’t take very long to burst into an orgasm, a couple of minutes, several thrusts.

The room was crowded, the countdown had begun. I felt my skirt opening and myself being entered. I rocked ever so slightly, bending forward so my clit stuck out and got grazed by his cock and after only a brief moment I came and felt him go off inside of me. I opened my eyes and was stunned to see my boyfriend in front of me. I then felt a cock withdraw from my pussy and I spun around to see who it was and the crowd was so packed I had no clue who’d fucked me. My boyfriend asked me why I had such an expression on my face and I didn’t know what to say, so I kept quiet and we soon left. I told him I wasn’t in the mood anymore. He never found out.

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Phone Sex for Christmas?

Some might wonder who would be calling a phone sex line on Christmas Eve or Christmas Day, but there are men calling. Not everyone has family, some are estranged from the family they do have and are lonely, they may not celebrate at all. There’s lots of reasons why men would be calling the line at Christmas. Sex may not be among them. I’ve had several long calls on holiday nights before, there’s fewer girls on, and the few that are on are busier than they might be otherwise. There are women out there for you to talk to this holiday, if you are looking for that.

Do you find yourself more lonely than usual over the holidays? Then you are not alone. It can be a hard season for many people, and suicide rates skyrocket because of it. We are not a suicide hotline, this is true, but many just need a friendly ear to talk to and listen to their concerns. Sex may or may not end up happening on such a call, it can be nice just to have another human being to talk to during a time of being alone when that is not a choice.

Memories of Christmases past when things were happier and we had more loved ones with us can often prove a heavy cross to bear when alone during the holidays. You may be the only one left in your family if you never married and your parents are gone and you had no siblings, or the ones you had are far away and not really a part of your life anyway. So calling someone, even a stranger on the phone for just a little while, can be a welcome respite of nothing but the television to listen to. Merry Christmas, we are here for you.

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