Let Me Lick Your Pussy

I was short on cash last month and after that being the case three months in a row my landlord told me I was soon going to be sent an eviction notice. I begged and pleased, but he said he was sick of me being last with the rent and this was the final time. I asked if there was anything I could do to change his mind about kicking me out, since I literally had nowhere else to go, and he got an evil grin on his face and said there was one thing I could do, and only one. I knew whatever it was I really had no option but to do it.

He explained he was always attracted to me, and if I regularly let him lick my pussy, say once a week, he would lower my rent by say a hundred dollars a month. That much of a reduction would mean a huge difference to me, and he knew it. I’m sure that’s why he chose that figure. I agreed to it. He said we could start right now, so he came into my apartment and told me to sit down and hike up my skirt and pull down my panties. I had no choice so I did it.

I sat there and thought I’d just have t tolerate it until he was tired of it, but surprisingly he was good at it, and it kind of grossed me out since I was not attracted to him in any way, but the longer he did it, I cannot say I was not enjoying it, and he knew it, so he continued on until I came. I was kind of disgusted with myself for having an orgasm with this wretched man, but a deals a deal, and as I said he knew what he was doing. So I guess tolerating this old goat slithering his tongue all over my pussy was the price I’d have to pay, and if I came, well, then not much I could do about that.

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Secret From My Sister

I love my sister, I really do, but her latest boyfriend is just really hot, and when I had the chance recently to fuck him, let’s just say I didn’t pass it up. I’d been having car troubles a lot lately and of course was low on money as usual, well her boyfriend is a mechanic and she asked him as a favor to fix my car on the weekend, so he came over and it didn’t take as long as he thought it would and when he came to tell me what was wrong with it and I invited him in for a cold drink after he’d been outside for the last couple of hours working on it for free, well I decided to thank him in an entirely different way than money.

I could tell he was attracted to me as well, and he came in and sat down and had a drink and I wasted no time letting my intentions be known, and I slipped my hand over to his thigh and it soon wandered to his crotch and I could tell he was rock hard. I then unzipped him and freed that might cock from it’s jeans and was soon on the floor in front of him with that beast in my mouth, “thanking him.”

He liked how I sucked his cock, he said I was much better than my sister, and I was soon straddling him on the couch and riding him, and then I was flipped over and he was on top and I was squeezing his nice bubble but cheeks in my hands as he fucked me nice and hard. We both came and he left soon afterwards, he didn’t want to raise suspicions with my sister by being gone too long. I would definitely take him for another test drive given the chance again.

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Can We Chat?

This one poor man that has been calling a lot lately sometimes does not call to masturbate, but rather just to talk. He’s lonely, has a lot of medical issues, which I get to hear about in graphic detail, he even promises to *gulp* send pictures of his wounds, which Lord knows why he’d think I’d want to see them. Some are so lonely they literally pay for an audience just to hear them, since there’s literally no one else to talk to.

Now because of his medical issues, I’ve heard how many times he cannot get to the bathroom in time, and the many meds he’s on cause diarrhea, so he’s shit all over the carpets multiple times on the way to the bathroom. Well, he felt the need to call to tell me he’s had the carpets cleaned and now he can walk in his bare feet on them again. I’d stake my life when people ask about my job as a phone sex operator, they would not think people would be paying me to tell me about getting their shit stained carpets cleaned, that’s not why one usually calls a phone sex operator, but we do hear lots of odd and non sexual things as well.

There’s been several men over the years that had either issues with shyness, or social awkwardness, or they just were not popular, where they didn’t really have any friends to talk to, or they weren’t close with their families, all kinds of things like that, where they will pay just to have a conversation, since there’s no one else to talk to about the ordinary things in their lives you’d talk about to a friend. Though I’d think most would be embarrassed to talk about shit stained carpets to anyone, let alone to a stranger they’d be paying to talk to about it. It takes all kinds, and people certainly do call to talk about non sexual things at times.

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Fucking The Teen Next Door

I’m friendly with my neighbors, and recently they went away for the weekend and they asked me to check in on their teenaged son while they were away for three nights. He was too old for a babysitter, but they didn’t quite trust him not to have some wild party, so I said I’d go over a couple of times a day. I decided to go over before I went to bed the first night, they’d given me a key to let myself in at unannounced times of the day so he wouldn’t know when to expect me. He wasn’t downstairs, so I crept up the stairs and went to his door, which was half open and I saw him masturbating his cock as he watched porn on the computer.

I decided not to interrupt him, but I stood there watching him, listening to him moan as he stroked his young cock and to be honest it was turning me on. I crept away and went back home and masturbated thinking of that young cock and knowing I wanted to touch it and suck it and fuck it. The next night I did the same thing and he was back at his bedtime routine of masturbating again. This time though I went to his door and opened it and he saw me standing there and he stopped. I told him to keep doing it.

I walked over to the bed and took my clothes off and got on the bed and straddled him, and slid down on his young shaft. I don’t think this is what his parents had in mind when they asked me to check in on their son. I loved feeling his young dick inside of me, and he seemed to know what he was doing. He grabbed me by the hips and started to rock me back and forth on his cock and I was soon cumming on that young cock and I told him I wanted his young cum inside of me and I got it. We spent most of the weekend in bed together, and it was hot as fuck.

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X Rated Pool Party

I was invited to a pool party recently, and I thought it was just going to be a regular one, I had no idea until I was already there that it was a group sex party that happened to be also at a pool. There were people fucking in the pool, on the chaise lounges, and on beach towels at the edge of the pool, one couple was even fucking on the diving board. I didn’t know what to think. My friend that brought me here had not told me about any of this, but when I looked over to find them, they just smiled and waved from across the pool.

I sat down to have the drink I’d been offered and a good looking guy approached me and his swim trunks left little to the imagination. He was blunt and came right out and asked me if I was horny. I hadn’t been, but seeing all these people fucking around me was certainly making me feel like the odd man out. He didn’t wait for a reply, he sat down beside me and asked if I’d mind if he jerked off, and with that, he pulled his cock out and began to stroke it.

It was a nice cock and I soon found myself reaching over to take over stroking it. I pumped it and stroked it and he was very hard and he asked if he could fuck me. I wanted to, so I said yes. I took off my bikini bottoms and got on all fours on the chaise lounge and he soon had his large dick inside of me buried all the way up to the balls. He grabbed my tits and pulled me hard back onto his cock and I soon came as I rubbed my clit and he pounded my pussy. I then had his cum dripping down my leg. We both jumped in the pool afterwards to cool off and watch as the others around us acted like horny animals. I left a while after, but they were all still going at it when I left.

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