Cock Sucker Confession

A caller was telling me about his night with another man a few nights ago, and he had all kinds of things he was confessing. He’d been convinced his girlfriend was cheating on him, he was a tiny dicked submissive, so it’s not really any shocker. He’d left the computer cam on and set it on the desk facing the bed and she hadn’t noticed, so when he came back in hours later, he watched what had been recorded and sure enough, she’d fucked a coworker and he said he watched it over and over and oddly the sense of humiliation turned him on.

He then said as time went on after many viewings, he started to wish that he was the one getting fucked by the coworker. He’d been fucked by another guy years before and had never told anyone about it, and this recent encounter had set off the same sex desires once more. He actually showed the guy he was with the video of his ex girlfriend and the coworker, she apparently dumped him for good a couple of weeks later. The guy watching the video told him to buy some lingerie like his ex girlfriends and the next time they were together, he was to wear it and pretend to be her.

Quite the story, so he wore the lingerie the next time he was going to fuck this guy he met online, and he said he felt so feminine and submissive and willing to please. Of course he’s the one that gets fucked and does the sucking, he doesn’t do those things to them. He’s looking forward to his next meeting very much. He’d even gotten a large dildo to use on himself to stretch himself out with before his first encounter with this new man, since it had been years since the first encounter.

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Ladies for Ladies

One ironic thing about the phone sex world is guys will somehow think they are so good on the phone that women will pay them. They won’t, it’s very rare. Some men do not grasp this. Women however will pay to call other ladies once in a while. Now lady callers are not regulars, they will usually call a few times a year at the most, but they do call and they absolutely love masturbating while another woman talks to them about doing lesbian things to her. So many are bi curious but have just not had the courage to go out and actually do things about it.

The draw to someone of the same sex is a common one, much more common that ones like to think it is. They love the idea of another woman feasting on their pussy and seeing how it would feel in comparison to a man doing it, there’s something about playing with someone of the same sex, since you have the same equipment, you would just instinctively know what feels good much more so than a member of the opposite sex.

You can hear the passion in their voice as they are masturbating on the other end, the excitement of talking at least to another woman, even if they never actually do anything about it in real life, this is still pretty hot, masturbating for another woman and having them hear you cum. They get so wet, they sometimes use a vibe rather than their fingers and like you to talk about them licking you, or you licking them and just feeling that tongue caressing their clit and drinking up their juices. It can be a very nice call, but there’s no doubt about it, lady callers are a lot more work than male ones are!

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Big, Black Cocks For White Sluts

Most of the black callers that call all seem to prefer white women, even the black men don’t want the poor black women, they want the white ones for the most part. They say there’s no shortage of white sluts out there that have got it bad for their nigger dick. They love to fill up that tight, white pussy with their massive cocks and make them get stretched out like they’ve never been stretched out before. Some of course are the bull in their cuckold relationship, and fuck these white women in front of their tiny dicked husbands that watch them fill their wives with cocks two, three times the size of their own.

Many of them love to be called racially humiliating names as they are fucking these women, some even like to be spat on surprisingly. It’s an odd dynamic for sure, but as long as the people involved all enjoy it, that’s up to them. There’s no doubt that statistically black men have on average larger penises than white men, and many women crave the larger cock that is just easier to get on a black man.

To some black men, having a white woman as their lover is a status symbol, they carry more value than a black woman and are apparently from what black guys say, much more sexually adventurous than the average black woman. Many black men have said black women are quite conservative sexually in comparison to white women. So lots of white women want to experience what the black man has to offer them in comparison to their white guys they’ve been with. Many times it’s the old saying, once you go black, you never go back. Just look at the Kardashian’s, they all seem to prefer the brothas, that’s for sure! Though lord knows those ho’s are nothing to aspire to!

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Manhandle Me

This new guy I’ve been seeing likes things a bit more rough than I’m used to and I honestly love it. I’ve had marks left on my body from some of our sessions. He spanked me and there was a slight handprint, he grabbed my throat and there were finger marks on my neck. It’s totally consensual, he’s never laid a finger on me when I didn’t want him to, but I’m finding this a turn on since it’s so different than the kind of sex I usually have with guys, which is great, but its not got that primal quality like this does. It makes me feel like more of a woman.

He asked me about spanking and choking and several other things and asked if I’d like to try it or didn’t want any of that kind of thing, I was open to it, but did not think I’d take to it like I have. I like getting spanked, it makes me wet. I find it all quite exhilarating and very arousing. I had to cover some marks on my neck and I was afraid someone would think he’d gotten abusive, but that’s not it at all, I was shocked to even see marks since it didn’t feel hard enough to have marked me but it did, and I was kind of loving it.

I’ve been having more intense orgasms and love being called a slut and whore in the bedroom, nowhere else, but there, I turn into his cock worshiping slut that loves to do as I am told. He can slap my face with his hard cock and command me to suck on it until I gag and I will do so willingly and love that sense of helplessness and slight humiliation. No one’s made me feel as alive as he has in the bedroom.

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Come On Baby, Light My Fire

I recently had an HVAC guy come over when my furnace went out, I’m no go with trying to figure out what the issue is, all I knew was that I was cold and I needed someone to come see what the problem was. As it turned out, it was a simple pilot light that had gone out, a very easy fix. He was a very good looking young guy, and I didn’t want him to leave, he said I was his last call of the day and he was glad it had been a quick fix, since he got to go home an hour early. I asked him what his rush was.

I think when I asked him that he got the idea I didn’t want him to leave and I asked him if he’d like to stick around for a beer and he accepted. We talked for a while and I asked him if he’d ever had some fun with one of the ladies he’d been called by to fix their furnace or air conditioning. He smiled and said only once, he hadn’t been that lucky again. I said today might be your lucky day, so he smiled and I went over to him and twirled around and asked him if he saw anything he liked.

I bent over and wasn’t wearing any panties. I felt him run his hand up the back of my leg and graze my cunt lips. I was already wet. I knelt down on the floor on front of him and unzipped his pants and took out his cock and started to stroke it and suck it and deep throat it as much as I could. He had a lovely cock and I enjoyed sucking it, but I was soon helped up to his lap to straddle him and ride his dick and it filled me up nicely, and I wrapped my arms around his neck and was bucking and thrusting up against him, rubbing my clit against the base of his cock until I came explosively on it and he soon filled me with his young load. I was so glad my pilot light had gone out, I got heated up in a very unexpected way!

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