Horny Honeymoon

Now I realize this makes me sound like a horny, cheating whore, but I cheated on my husband on our honeymoon, and he’s never found out about it. He was wanting to go on some touristy day trip and I didn’t want to, I wanted to hang around the hotel, so he went on the jaunt and I stayed back at the resort. This young man came in with room service and well, let’s just say he got one hell of a tip, and I’m not talking money. He was a gorgeous young college student and I’m betting he gets lots of action there from the ladies.

I invited him in and he didn’t leave for the next three hours. I sucked his cock, and we fucked in many different positions. I couldn’t stop cumming from the way he touched me. I’d been having sex daily with my new husband and it’s true that the more you have the more you want, so I was horny when he showed up and I couldn’t resist.

His cock was huge and he knew what to do with it. I loved to suck on it and I knew my new husband would be so disappointed to think less than seventy two hours after promising to be faithful forever to him, that I had another man’s cock buried deep in my pussy. I’m such a slut, yet it felt so good. We had our afternoon delight and my hubby returned shortly afterwards, clueless to the whole scene. I’d showered and changed and then we went down to dinner. Poor sap, he has no idea.

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My Brother, The Panty Thief

My brother stayed with me for a few days recently and I got a bit of a shock when I woke up one morning and heard something, so I went and saw the noise was coming from the room he was staying in, and he had left the door open a crack and he was rubbing his cock on a pair of my panties, panties I’d left on the top of the hamper the night before after I got undressed. He’d obviously seen them and helped himself to them and was rubbing his hard cock all over the crotch of them.

They had been all sticky as well, I was ovulating and the crotch of them was a bit of a damp, sticky mess, perhaps that’s why he noticed them, and he was rubbing the had of his dick all over the crotch of where my pussy had been laying only hours before. When I was in my teens I’d had a few pairs go missing and I always wondered what happened to them, I had a feeling I knew now. He’d likely taken them, I wondered if he’d taken any of mom’s as well? I’ll never know.

So I stood at the crack of the door and watched him play with his cock and my panties. They were pretty pink silk ones. He lifted them to his nose and sniffed the crotch panel and then licked it, my, he was being a naughty boy. I could see the precum dripping off of his cock and he was breathing really hard. I knew he was going to cum soon, and he did, all over the crotch. He started to head for the door, so I hid around a corner. He went into the bathroom and when he came out the panties were not in his hand anymore. He closed his door and I went into the bathroom. I lifted up the lid to the hamper and there they were, he’d put them back once he’d finished using them. I then went into my room and masturbated myself.

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The Masseur

I have always loved to have my feet massaged, I even have paid to have it done. I went to this new place recently that a friend recommended to me, she said she knew I was just going to love the massages they gave there, and I could see why she said that after I arrived. This good looking guy led me into a room with a chair in it, sort of a cross between a dentists chair and a hairdressing chair, and he removed my shoes and began rubbing the oil together on his hands to warm it and then he started to work on my left foot.

I’d booked an hour, a half hour per foot. I knew I’d be melting with pleasure by the time I left. He was very good and I was soon trying hard not to emit sex noises it felt so good and then he asked me about my friend and said she’d become a good client and would I like the “extra” with the massage. I didn’t know what it entailed, so I asked. He said at the end of the foot massage there would be a clitoral massage, if I wanted one. I was a bit shocked, but if she’d raved about this place and this guy, I agreed to try it.

After forty five minutes, he washed his hands and then asked me to remove my panties. I slipped my hands up my skirt and pulled them off, he reclined the chair and applied some lube to his right hand and touched me and I flinched at first, but then he continued his caresses and became more and more powerful in his touch and I was soon biting my lip as I came on his hand and he asked if I’d like another orgasm. I nodded yes, I was creamy by now and my wet pussy was exposed, my legs pulled up to my chest as his magic hands worked on my soaked snatch. I came again, even more powerfully than before. I had not planned on this when I came in for a foot massage, but I knew I’d be coming back soon.

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Teasing The Neighbor

My young neighbor has been spying on me and I like it, since he’s a good looking guy and I enjoy teasing him. I recently went out to wash my car and knew he’d be home that Saturday afternoon, so I made sure to dress skimpy and went out with my bucket of hot, soapy water and the hose and went to work in my driveway. It wasn’t long until I saw the curtains move on his living room window. I knew he was alone, and I made sure to spray myself, so my top was sticking my breasts, like a wet tee shirt contest, you could see right through the thin top and my nipples were hard.

I bent over and grabbed the soapy sponge and started to work on the sides of the car and went all over the hood, making sure I could bend over in his direction as much as possible. I was soon covered in water, my thin and short shorts and tee shirt clinging to me in a very naughty way. I’d have bet money he was stroking his cock as he watched me. He could see the driveway of his parents as well, so he’d know if they were going to pull up and walk in on him, so he was free to do whatever he wanted in the privacy he had.

I was very naughty and cleaned the whole car in as suggestive a way as I possibly could. When I was finished and rinsed it off and then toweled it dry, I waved at him and laughed, and the curtain moved again, I went back into my house laughing at what I’d done to the poor boy, it was funny.

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Cheating Can Be Fun

Just because a guy is “taken” does not mean he’s off limits to me, it takes two to tango and if he was happy in his relationship he wouldn’t be looking elsewhere as far as I’m concerned. This one guy I’ve always thought was hot that lives in the same condo building as me, he has a girlfriend that comes by a few times a week, they don’t live together, but I’ve seen her around. Well last week we were in the elevator together and I decided to get bold and ask if he wanted to come in for a drink.

He stated he had a girlfriend, and I said I know, but I don’t care. He semi reluctantly came in and we had some wine. I went and sat next to him and ran my hand up his leg and I could see he was getting hard. I ran my hand over his cock and was not disappointed. I undid his jeans and got it out and started to rub it and asked if he’d like to come to the bedroom. He followed and I sat him on the edge of the bed and knelt down before him and started to suck on it and lick the head of it.

I then pushed him gently back onto the bed and straddled him and sank my pussy down onto his hard shaft and started to rock back and forth and rub the base of his cock against my clit at we fucked. He grabbed my ass cheeks in his hands and helped me rise up and down on his cock and it wasn’t long until I came and then he shot his load inside of me. He left not long after, but I think he will be back soon. Maybe he won’t have that girlfriend for much longer.

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