Frolic in The Snow

I love winter and snow and so does my boyfriend. Luckily we live where we get a lot of it. We had quite a snowfall a few days ago and yesterday we built a naughty snowman, some of the neighbors glared at us, and we built a snow fort. He got this plastic snow brick maker thing and built us an igloo of sorts. There was room for us both inside and we spent hours making it. It is really nice. He’s made them over the years before, so he knew what he was doing. When we crawled inside, it was surprisingly cozy. We brought in some blankets and well, we got naughty in the backyard igloo.

I was surprised it wasn’t colder, but it was a fun place to get naughty. No one could see us and we laid on the blankets and didn’t get totally naked, but the critical parts were exposed and able to be gotten to easily. It wasn’t high enough inside for me to ride him, so he got on top of me and I wrapped my legs around him and he fucked me that way, which I love anyway. You could see your breath, but it was not uncomfortable by any means.

I wondered if the neighbors had any idea what we were up to in there. I don’t really care if they did, we weren’t hurting anyone and everything was hidden inside. The snow is actually a great insulator of noise, so we didn’t really even need to be quiet. The sounds were muffled greatly by the thickness of the snow. His cock slid in and out of me and I loved seeing his breaths in the cool air, it was so visible how he was breathing harder and faster as we were fucking, I was as well. The sight of it just made our physical excitement more obvious. We came and dressed and crawled out. I smiled broadly to the neighbor and waved at them through the window. They had a sour look on their face and I laughed and went back in the house. Hopefully it will remain cold enough to last the rest of the week so we can go for it again.

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Male Virgin Callers

Something many would not even think about is callers that are male virgins, but they do exist, and they call more often than you’d think. In a way, it makes sense, since if they were having active sex lives, they wouldn’t need to be calling phone sex operators to masturbate to, would they. No. Some male callers are painfully shy virgins in their twenties, but I’ve talked to male virgins even in their sixties. At that age, they really have given up and just accepted it’s not going to happen for them. Some have been physically disabled and not able to attract women, or are unable to attain an erection because of their physical limitations.

Society is all about sex this, sex that, everywhere all the time. Scantily clad women, lustful men, it’s everywhere, and for the ones not getting it, it can feel very isolating and masturbation is their one and only sexual release. So obviously phone sex is a good way to spice up the old masturbation routine and have some interaction with another person. So many that are awkward virgins have said it’s not hard at all to talk to someone on the phone, but in person, it’s just too painful for them to even try. They will be tongue tied and blushing and afraid they are making fools of themselves.

If you’re a male that is still dealing with unwanted virginity, phone sex can be a good start to talking to women and being more familiar with them and learning about their likes and wants sexually. It’s not the same as an in person encounter of course, but it’s a good start. Many are too shy to even take advice about seeing an escort to get their first time over with if it’s an obstacle, it’s just not an option in their minds, but they are just too shy to get anything going in real life with a woman, so it’s a cycle of fear they cannot seem to break.

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Interracial Group Sex

I was recently invited to a very naughty evening. It was a group sex party and all the men were black and all the women were white. The ladies all were interested in sampling big, black cock, and there’s of course no shortage of black men that want white pussy. We all were pretty drunk and horny as the night got underway, there were around a dozen of us there, and I sure got to sample several big black cocks while I was there. I’ve never been stretched out like that by any white man I’ve ever been with before.

There was a king sized bed and three couples at a time were using it while the other three couples watched and masturbated or had sex against the wall. It was wild and it was hot. That nigger dick got my pussy dripping like nothing else ever has. I don’t know after this wild night if I could go back to a white man, their dicks are just so small in comparison. The black men traded we women and every man fucked every woman. Those blacks can sure fuck all night long. The place reeked of sex and echoed with dozens of orgasms. The moans and groans of delight were hot as hell. We were all feeding off one another’s sounds.

The cum was flowing as much as the liquor was, and no one left unsatisfied. I was fucked, I sucked dick, I had my tits and ass and face sprayed with the cum of multiple men. I was treated like an absolute whore and I loved it. I think I will be going to the next sex party that is being set up a few weeks from now. My pussy is already wet thinking about it. That BBC is just what I’ve needed. I only wish I’d tried it sooner.

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Let Me Stuff Your Bird

With Thanksgiving right around the corner, some are ordering their birds from their local butcher shop ahead of time to make sure the get what they want. I really like the man that works at the butcher shop I use, he’s friendly and not bad looking, it’s a family business and he’s been taking over more and more for his father, who’s getting older. I put my order in, I’m entertaining a large group, so I need a large bird.

I made some rather inappropriate remark about fisting the bird, in this job saying stuff like that just rolls off your tongue, even when it shouldn’t! He laughed so hard and said it was nice to hear something funny, there wasn’t a lot of funny things going on at a butcher shop. We flirted a bit and chatted and he asked me out for a drink and I accepted. He stopped by my place after work and we walked to the pub around the corner and got to know one another better. One drink led to the next and we soon made our way back to my place. I know it might not have been the best thing, but I just didn’t want to stop him and we had sex.

He had a very nice big cock and he knew how to use it. He loved to go down on pussy and was very skilled at it. I got so wet with him licking me, his face looked like a glazed donut, smeared with all of my juices. He got me on all fours and pounded my pussy from behind and he stretched me open with every thrust of that cock into me. I reached underneath and teased my clit as he fucked me and the sensation was divine. I soon came on his cock and that triggered his own orgasm and he filled me with his seed. We went a few rounds that night, and had several orgasms. I look forward to him stuffing my bird again soon.

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I Slept With My Boyfriend’s Son

I’ve always loved older men and usually only dated men a lot older than myself. They treated me well and it was a win win all round I’ve found. Recently though there’s been an issue. The man I’ve been dating is thirty years older than myself. His son is my age and as soon as I met him I was attracted to him. The first time we were alone he flirted with me and I flirted back. I was to house sit for my boyfriend when he was away on business but I had not known his son was going to stop by, no one had mentioned a thing to me and he shows up with an overnight bag.

I said I’d just go home wince he was there and he wouldn’t hear of it. He made us a nice dinner and the wine flowed. One thing quickly led to another and soon we were fucking in my boyfriend’s king sized bed. I felt so guilty, but he was handsome and such a good lover. He said he’d never say a word about it. I sucked his cock and realized he’d gotten his size from his dad. He was so much like a younger version of his father, it was so taboo yet appealing.

He loved to fuck vigorously, his dad just didn’t have that in him anymore, so it was a peek into the past of what he must’ve been like decades ago. We pleasured one another the entire weekend, sucking, licking, fucking, I loved every minute of it and was sad to see it end. I even had fleeting awful thoughts about if my boyfriend died of a heart attack or something, I could then be with his son. I’m a very bad girl, but it was very hot from start to finish.

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