Slumber Party Sex Lessons

When I was in high school, this one friend of mine was pretty wild. She and another girl and I were best pals and would often have slumber parties at one another’s houses. When we’d have them at her house, they were extra fun, since her parents were usually out and she had a brother that always wanted to join us and turn things a bit naughty. We were always willing to play. I think she and her brother did things we didn’t know about, lol. She told us what a big dick he had and she called him in one night to show us. We were a bit shocked she’d be telling us about her brother’s dick, but who were we to say no, don’t show us?

He came in fully erect, proud of his manhood. We asked if we could touch it and of course he said yes. He really taught my friend and I how to give a hand job. He’d tell us how fast, how slow, how hard, how softly to grip, we felt like experts by the time he let us stop. If our parents had any idea what went on at the sleep over’s when they were at Melissa’s house, but of course they never found out.

We then had the hand job basics down pat when we got our own boyfriends and they loved how we did it. He loved that we’d all be willing to try. We even tried blow jobs as well and I must say, every boyfriend I’ve ever had has complimented me on my technique. If only they knew it was from the slumber party sex lessons we used to get at our friend’s house! I learned a lot going over to her house, I bet she and her brother were fucking, but she never let on.

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Getting Friendly in The Woods

Recently I went camping with my boyfriend and of course we love to have sex outdoors, but it was a rather busy camp ground, so in the tent had to do. I got to thinking after the fact though, that we left the lantern on, so our silhouettes would have left little to the imagination to ones that happened to be standing nearby or walking past. Can you imagine the silhouette of me riding him, my breasts bouncing freely? I bet some guys were jerking off in the dark to that in their various hidden spots!

I made sure not to moan or groan much, I didn’t want to bring attention to our sounds, but the lights were blazing! You could hear the crickets and the owls and someone faintly playing a guitar a ways away with some singing friends around a camp fire we’d seen, and here we were, fucking and not having a care in the world. The next morning we did get a few odd looks at breakfast. A few knowing smiles as well, so I’m assuming some saw our little unintended romantic display. I simply forgot to turn off the lights. We never have sex in the dark at home, and it just didn’t occur to me to turn them off.

Later in the day we went skinny dipping in a secluded spot and no one seemed to be around then at least, we swam in the nude and then laid down some beach towels and fucked again. We didn’t hear anyone, so were free in our actions. I sucked his cock and he licked my cunt, it was romantic there, sixty nining there on the riverbank. He then got me on all fours and really fucked me hard from behind. This time no audience. It really is fun to have sex in the great outdoors. If you do though, maybe check to make sure there’s no audience, and or turn out the lights!

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Drain ‘Dem Nigger Balls

One of my most popular calls I get is racial humiliation. Ones not familiar with this topic might find it hard to grasp. Others may know of it but think it’s horrible. Well, then don’t talk about it if it bugs you, don’t kink shame anyone else. They are not into hurting anyone, they just like to be humiliated themselves and made fun of. Most racial humiliation phone sex callers are black (niggers, spooks, jigaboos, jungle bunnies, porch monkey), but you get the occasional Mexican (beaner boys, wet backs), Indians (curry munchers, dot heads, towel heads), Middle Easterners (sand niggers), Asians (chinks) and self hating Jews (kikes).

If you’re some virtue signally left wing nutter, these calls might be enough to send you off into orbit, hating yourself even more for coming from such a hatful race as the evil (yet superior) white man. For sensible folk, one can have a lot of fun on these calls, and the callers love it. The more creative and hurtful you are, the more they love it. Talk about whipping that uppity nigger until they bleed with lash marks, talk about tossing that kike in the oven like they deserve, it’s all in good, clean fun, lol!

Many not in the phone sex world would just never understand such a fetish, but it’s just one of many out there that some enjoy. You likely have some odd fetish that might disgust or horrify some people, so who are you to judge them for wanting to hear themselves called names they are paying good money to be called. It’s not for everyone, but hey, let them have their fun. Some black callers have even said they find white women to sleep with and the women call them names and even spit on them as they have sex. You really have no idea what turns people on, and in most cases, you really don’t want to know!

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Sloppy Seconds

My guy asked me if I’d fuck anyone in front of him ever. I wasn’t to sure about it, but after thinking it over for a few days decided I was indeed ok with it. There was a guy I used to have as a fuck buddy I’d missed playing with and I called him and he was ready to go at a moments notice. My boyfriend said the idea of fucking me right after when I was overflowing with cum really turned him on. Those sloppy seconds drove him wild. I said I was fine with it, so we set it up.

My old fuck buddy and I took right to it again, going at it like we’d never stopped. Funny how you can pick right back up with some like you never stopped at all. We had not however ever been watched. It added a level of intensity to things, almost a performance like atmosphere. I was exhausted after he left, in the best possible way. I loved getting back into bed with him, he was fantastic. Now it was time for round two with the boyfriend. He was also good in bed, he did not have a small penis or anything like some that are into the whole cuckold thing, so it was a fun experience, just a pretty tiring one.

He climbed on top of me and slid his dick into my cum filled pussy and I could feel and hear it squish out. That sloppy, squish sound, and boy, did he love it. He said the feeling of another man’s cum all over his dick that had been shot into me was like nothing he’d ever experienced. He’d fucked me again after cumming in me, but he said this was different and he loved it. He said he shot way more than he normally does. I think my old fuck buddy might just be coming around a bit more frequently!

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Sword Fighting

Some guys that have had same sex experiences going way back to childhood and teens will relate when they masturbated with friends or touched the other friends cock or even rubbed their cocks together. Sword fighting it’s called in the gay porn scene. Does that arouse you, to watch two naked men rubbing their dripping wet tips together as they are both hard, horny and aroused? Maybe you’ve had experiences like that you’ve never shared with anyone and you’d love to talk about them. You know you cannot share this with your wife or girlfriend, she just wouldn’t understand and that would likely be the end of your relationship if you ever revealed you’d done such things with another guy, even if you were very young when it happened.

Maybe this isn’t so far in the past for you, and you have a buddy you jerk off with even today. Sometimes if guys are without girlfriends, they will watch porn together and jerk off together, even if they aren’t touching one another, there’s a certain camaraderie that goes with masturbating in the same room together with your friend. They enjoy sharing the experience, even if there’s no touching involved. The ones that like to touch or rub their cocks together though, that is much more of an intimate experience.

Some may even have been part of a circle jerk in their youth where several boys masturbated together. They likely didn’t all rub their dicks together, but it’s another sort of shared masturbation experience that can lead to more intimate one on one experiences after the group has dispersed. A few may stay behind and experiment further. Many men may enjoy rubbing their cock with another man throughout their lives, and not leave this childhood experimentation time in the past. If you’ve had these sorts of experiences and have no one to share them with, and get aroused when you think about them, maybe calling one of our sex ladies to share them with as you masturbate may give you a more fulfilling masturbatory experience.

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