The Joy of Conversation

Many men have very different ideas about what “phone sex” is all about. To some men, they assume it means calling up some women and having her masturbate to orgasm for his amusement. This is quite a comical assumption to many of we operators. Others seek to be made fun of and humiliated, they are not seeking to hear some strange woman orgasm, fake, real or otherwise. Some are seeking a therapy like session where they confess something they’ve either done like a same sex experience or a long standing desire to do something. A few brave souls however are seeking none of that. They are seeking general conversation.

It’s hard for the other men to imagine another man paying to converse to some woman for hours and not even have it be sexual. Those calls happen, and they can be several hours long. Especially with current distancing, many are craving a human connection of some sort, and if just talking on the phone gives them that, then it’s money well spent. They are genuinely desiring a conversation. Talking for several hours is literally a few hundred dollars, so that shows you how much they are desiring to talk to someone.

When you get a like minded person that calls, it can really be a treat, to discuss politics, entertainment, cooking, you name it, it’s been discussed. You feel grateful just to have a nice back and forth conversation with someone that is genuinely enjoyable for both parties. Of course men seeking this are very few and far between, but they are out there and many of us phone sex girls adore a conversation like this. It’s a refreshing change from a 5 minute blow job description, I assure you. If you’re lonely and seeking just a nice, pleasant chat, even though we are phone sex girls, most of us will be pleased to talk to you!

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Sex at the Window

Last weekend my boyfriend and I went on a weekend getaway to the islands and one of the things he loved to do was fuck in front of the window. Now we were on the second floor and there were curtains partially in the way, so it wasn’t exposing too much, and someone would literally have had to have been looking right up at us to see even a bit, but the fact that it was at a window was exciting. Maybe the people in the building across the way saw something, I doubt it, but you never know.

He’d grab at my ass and squeeze it, and slowly pull down my panties and tease me from behind. Grabbing my tits and then running his hard cock up and down my slit from behind. I could feel my copious amounts of wetness coating his cock as he’d slip it up and down my crack and then into my pussy and I’d place my palms on the window in front of me and he’d begin to thrust into my pussy. I’d bit my lip to keep from moaning and having anyone hear, it was hot though, seeing people pass by underneath, oblivious to what was happening just above them.

I’d feel his balls slapping against me, feel my nipples being rubbed by his thumbs as his hard cock slid in and out of me and the steel drums played in the distance and the air that smelled of flowers and suntan lotion wafted by through the partially opened window as we fucked. It was a hell of a way to start each day, but we did. He prefers to fuck in the morning and I was happy to let him. My pussy is always ready for his cock, and he loves to fuck a lot, on vacation even more, since we have all the time in the world, no time pressures to keep things brief. It was a wonderful getaway and I can’t wait for the next one.

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He Was a Short Dick Man

I’ve been seeing this guy recently and got quite a shock the first time we were going to be together. He got undressed and I was speechless, and not in a good way. It was very disappointing to be honest. He is a good looking guy, great physique, works out, great job. It just never occurred to me all those other things could not make up for one significant shortcoming. His dick. He indeed was a “short dick man.” Soft, saying two inches would be kind, hard, three would be kind. I didn’t know what to do. I didn’t want to disappoint him, but if I’d gone forth, I’d have been the one disappointed.

He could tell by the look on my face it was a disappointment. I had a feeling he’d had many let downs over the years when things got to this stage with a lady he’d bring home. A lot of last minute headaches would come on, I’m sure. He said he could tell from my expression it had been a real letdown. He then asked if I’d just watch him masturbate and we would never need to go through with this again. I was honestly kind of angry he’d not said anything and it had come to this most unpleasant surprise, so I told him no and I told him he needed to prepare a girl for such a thing.

He said he was too uncomfortable to bring it up and I could see him getting hard as he said it. I quickly got dressed and got out of there as he was sitting down on the edge of the bed and starting to stroke his useless little appendage. What a waste of my time and efforts, to find out he is so inadequate and didn’t even have the balls to own up to it and tell me to be prepared. Men are such jerks for the most part.

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The Pussy Tease

My man is a bit of a sadist. Not in a bad way, but in a teasing way. He likes to give me the equivalent of blue balls before he will allow me to cum. It can be frustrating. He likes to call himself the pussy tease, and indeed he is! He loves to have me creaming all over his cock and literally begging for him to slip it in me. I think he enjoys watching me beg for his cock, and I do enjoy being submissive to him in this way. The first time he told me “to beg for it” I thought I’d go insane with desire.

He told me to straddle him, and I assumed I’d have his cock within me in mere seconds, that’s not what happened. He had me grinding on him and having my clit rubbed with the tip of his dick until I was about to explode, then he’d stop and I’d calm down and it would start all over again. He really has fantastic control over his orgasms and can stay as hard as he wants, as long as he wants, and believe me, he fully uses this to his advantage.

I’d try and slip it in and he’d pull his cock away and smirk at my attempts and told me I “wasn’t ready yet.” He doesn’t always play like this of course, but he seems to know just when and just how to do it to drive me wild. Needless to say, it’s not in vain or just to fulfill his need for control. When I do cum, it’s explosive, and long and I can cum several times in a row. He knows this, so it’s ultimately for my own pleasure he’s doing this. Sometimes I have just cum from the rubbing of his cock head on my clit and there’s not even any penetration, and that’s fun as well.

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I Fucked Santa

I was on Santa’s naughty list this year, but naughty is a lot more fun! I went to a Christmas party and the man they’d hired to play Santa was a good looking man under all that fake beard. After the party was over, I invited him home with me and I gave him a very special Christmas gift, my pussy. He wanted to keep in the Christmas spirit and keep his suit on for a bit, which was fine. I sat on his lap and he told me he’d heard what a bad girl I was this year and how I wouldn’t be getting a regular present.

I laughed and asked if I was going to be getting a spanking, and he said yes. I turned over on his knee and he let me have it. Then I felt his fingers go down between my ass cheeks and he started to finger my pussy from behind, I have to say, it felt really good. Being naughty has its advantages. I bucked my ass up and down like a little slut and he hit my clit in just the right way with his fingers and he made me cum.

Once I was all wet and juicy, he got me on my back on the bed and he took his cock out and slipped it into me. Santa had a big cock, and he knew how to use it. I could feel it stretching my pussy open and he sucked on my hardened nipples. It felt fantastic, and I hadn’t been fucked in months, so I was quite ready for some Christmas cock. The party had quite a few couples at it, not too many singles like myself, and I’m not sure if any of the single ladies hit on Santa the way I did, but I sure was the lucky one to have gotten him home and into my bed.

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