My Forced Orgasm

The man I am seeing now is into BDSM and he asked if he could tie my up and tease me. I said sure, it sounded fun, but he brought out this powerful Hitachi Wand vibrator and the sensations were so powerful on my clit and pussy, it bordered on pain and I asked him to stop, I begged him to stop, but I was tied up and he decided he was going to make me cum this way, like it or not. He told me it was going to be the most powerful orgasm of my life, and I cannot say that it wasn’t, but no means no to me. He would not let up and kept saying I’d be grateful when it was all over.

He said women didn’t “push themselves enough sexually”, so obviously he was going to be the one to do the pushing. It honestly was the most powerful orgasm I’d ever had. My entire body was shaking uncontrollably. It was unlike anything I’ve ever experienced. I’ve used a vibe a few times on myself, but to me it’s like a ruined orgasm. Not nearly as good as fingers, but it will make me cum if I continue to hold it on my clit.

He made sure I was tied up well so I could not escape. He then drizzled lube all over my pussy and turned it on. The room rang with it’s powerful buzz and he held open my cunt lips to expose my clit, which made it all the more sensitive to the powerful vibe. I felt my body quaking as he held it hard against my pussy. I thought I might honestly pass out from the over stimulation, but I did not. I did finally cum and felt like I was nearly having a seizure. Cumming that hard can make you feel like you might pass out. For a few seconds I might have. I could see how hard this all made him. He had a mean streak in him. I told him he will never use that toy on me again.

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Attack Of The MILF

Being the horny older woman that I am, I always have my eyes out for handsome young men. They turn me on and get me hot. One moved in down the street a month or so ago and he and I have been having a lot of naughty fun. Being an enterprising young man, he soon came around asking neighbors if they wanted or needed any odd jobs or yard work done, so I had him do a few tasks for me. One day it was quite hot, so I asked him in for a cool drink. We got to talking and liked one another very much.

He was soon stopping by even when there were no odd jobs to be done and I made a pass at him, and he accepted and we play several times a week usually. His parents have no idea, they are out a lot and don’t question his comings and goings being an older teen. If only they knew I sucked him off and fucked him several times a week, and how well hung he is. Oh well, they don’t need to know these things. I’ve taught him a lot in bed, and his stamina keeps me young.

I look forward to nights when he comes over and we play, I get wet just thinking about it. I try not to touch myself and save my horniness for him alone. He makes me cum so many times when we are together. I love how he makes me his cougar whore. I am pleased to service him. His young cock drives me wild and I love to feel him squirt inside of me. He makes me wetter than any lover I’ve ever had. I’m so glad he moved into the neighborhood, I hope we have fun for years to come.

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How Many Orgasms Can We Have?

One thing many couples like to see is just how many orgasms they can have, or at least how many the woman can have. It becomes like a little contest to see if you can best yourself. Not all women are multiple gals, but some are. Some guys can also go for round after round. Some callers definitely like to go for a couple of orgasms with a short bit of chit chat in between while they rest. It’s impressive really for men that they can at all, but some are made for the endurance of it.

They love to keep stroking away, some even keep hard the entire time and do not go soft in between. Are you a multiple cummer? Can you go round after round? Our sexy ladies can absolutely keep you entertained and drain you as quickly as you fill up if you need a few orgasms to fully drain your balls. We can talk about you draining those balls down our throats for the first orgasm, then filling up our pussies for the next one, or next few ones. You are a very horny boy, aren’t you. You know one orgasm is simply not going to be enough to keep you satisfied.

What is your record for how many times you have cum? Our ladies will surely be interested to hear about your marathons, whether they took place alone, or with a partner. We have some records of our own we are happy to discuss with you about how many times we have cum in the past. Some guys are quite impressed with ladies that can keep going and going like the Energizer bunny. We bet that dick of yours needs some attention right about now, so why don’t you give us a call? We’re waiting.

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Masturbation On The Fly

We’ve all many times masturbated in not the wisest of locations due to lack of opportunity for an appropriate locale. Last week I really bested myself. I did it in the kitchen of my boyfriend’s mother. Why didn’t I just go to the bathroom and do it there if I really felt the urge? Well the bathroom was occupied, by her. She hadn’t been feeling well the day I visited and was in and out of the bathroom the whole time I was there and she wasn’t being fast in her visits either. I felt this sudden urge of horniness over take me and I knew if I really worked it, I could cum in under three minutes. I’ve timed myself. Now I normally do not like to rush like that, but I have timed myself to see how fast I could cum from a cold start to finish.

She was averaging ten minutes per bathroom trip. I walked into the kitchen and quickly slipped my hand down my panties and worked that clit fast. I was already wet. I don’t know what came over me. She was in that bathroom having all kinds of troubles and I was in her kitchen, standing up, stroking my clit. I came while biting my lip to keep from making noise. I was able to wash my hands when I was done and I was back sitting on the sofa when she came out of the bathroom, none the wiser.

It was quite an insane thing to do actually, and I know when I tell my boyfriend about it later he will laugh and get turned on at the same time. The thought of me playing with my pussy quickly in the kitchen will drive him wild. I wouldn’t be surprised if the next time, when he’s with me, if he wants to see if we can have sex I there while she and his father are at the dinner table. We will have to see how that plays out, but I’m up for anything.

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Fucking At Work

The company I work at has a strict no dating between the employees clause, but I’ve been seeing one of my coworkers in secret. We have even fucked in my office a few times. No one seems to suspect anything and we are careful, but we likely should not play at the office again. Last week we were the last two people to leave after working late on a project, so we didn’t see how anyone could find out about us. We finished the work and were going to go back to his place, but I was just so horny I didn’t want to wait to get there, so I locked my door and stripped right there.

He got hard as soon as I was nude and I quickly stripped him down as well. I walked up and pressed myself against him and I knew I had to have that cock inside of me quickly. He leaned back on the edge of my desk and I walked right up to that hard on. I could feel it nestled between my legs and I parted my feet to open my legs more and I just rubbed it against my clit and it felt so good.

I reached down and spread my cunt lips apart and just eased down onto that dick and bucked up against him standing up. I then grabbed his shoulders to steady myself and just worked my cunt up and down that dick. It filled me totally, and he reached down and grabbed my ass cheeks in his hands and pulled me closer to him. He reached down and grabbed one of my breasts and started to fondle it then popped the nipple in his mouth as we fucked. I could feel an orgasm welling up inside of me and I came on his cock. That of course triggered him to cum in me and we both giggled and gathered up our clothes and then made a mad dash back to his place for rounds two and three. I’m not sure how long we can keep it a secret, but we will do our darnedest.

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