His Girlfriend’s Daughter’s Panties

Panties are a common item that many men fetishize. Especially when they belong to a “forbidden person.” One man called the other night and said he’d taken a pair of panties that belong to his girlfriend’s daughter. He said he knows it’s wrong, but he just couldn’t help himself. He said they smell so sweet and he fantasizes about fucking her when he’s fucking his girlfriend and he wondered if there was a chance she might help him do some accomplice stuff so he could fuck the daughter. Um, NO. Unless she’s some kind of would be criminal, I said the chances are slim and she’d boot him out of her life for even asking. So he continues to keep it his naughty secret.

He was holding her panties and sniffing them as we spoke. He then rubbed them on his cock, thinking of her young pussy and how much he’d love to lick it and fuck it. His clueless girlfriend has no idea about how he’s wanting to fuck her daughter and have her help in the deed. So many guys have fantasies like this. You can’t tell what they make up and what is real. Another caller said he took the panties of his niece and that he came in the crotch of them and now she’s pregnant. Sorry, I don’t believe that one. She’d literally have had to put them on immediately after he did that and the wetness of cum would be very easy to spot.

I said I guess she must be wondering how she’s a virgin yet pregnant, her and the Virgin Mary! The absurd things men tell you on these calls is just not to be believed half the time. Laughing at them doesn’t even make most admit they are clearly bullshitting you, they just continue on with their absurdities as if it’s fact and expect you to buy it all at face value. Tell us your nonsense, we will be happy to collect your money as you spin your crazy tales! You know no one would listen to your ramblings for free, that’s for sure!

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Cruelty Cravers

Humiliation is popular, but some want more than your standard humiliation when they call. A recent caller that’s been calling regularly is an admitted sadist. He likes when I tell him what a creep and broken human being he is. He said nothing makes him happier than to make a woman cry. Real Prince Charming, eh? He says many women enjoy being abused, which is sadly accurate. Like the lyric in the Sweet Dreams song by The Eurythmics, “Some of them want to abuse you, Some of them want to be abused.” That’s very true, some women with low self esteem do gravitate to men like this that are cruel, abusive and rotten to the core.

He said broken ones are his favorites, but he also likes highly spirited, feisty ones that he can break. I said it sounds like you’re talking about breaking a horse, he laughed. Many damaged people that need professional help do reach out to operators on the phone sex lines, but they do not think there’s anything wrong with them. Some are also beyond redemption. Not everyone can be helped, and many have no desire to be helped or to change. As long as they find someone consenting to it, that’s fine then.

More men that call are submissive, by a huge ratio, so it’s rare to get a dominant one on the line. Let alone one that is not only dominant, but cruel and that enjoys it. Many troubled people with lots of twisted fetishes and needs that reach out to women they consider nothing more than sex objects. He said the hookers he visits are nothing but objects for men to use. He honestly sounds like a sociopath, but he’s certainly not the first that has sounded that way. Playing therapist is very much a part of this line of work.

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She Needed to Keep the Job

The old boss fantasy about seducing the worker or face being fired is a popular one. Callers often will have their own spin on the scenario, as one did last night that called with this scene. He wanted it to be a case of him calling the worker into his office and telling her she was going to be let go, since she was the last one hired. She desperately needed the job and begged to be able to stay. As luck would have it, it was her anniversary and she was planning on a romantic evening with her husband. In fact, he was already waiting downstairs in the lobby for her waiting to pick her up.

The boss told her to call down and tell him to wait, she was going to be delayed a bit. So as her poor fool of a husband waited downstairs, she was left locked in the boss’s office, begging to keep her job, with all she could, with her mouth and with her pussy. Her husband was going to be served sloppy seconds for his anniversary fuck, filled up with the boss’s cum she would be. She even called down and talked to her husband when her boss was fucking her, and trying to make it sound like nothing odd was happening.

She couldn’t let her husband know she was getting pounded while she was speaking to him. His cock stretching her out and getting her pussy sloppy wet as she told her husband to sit tight, she wouldn’t be much longer. The boss, enjoying doing this, making the husband a fool, and using her vulnerable state gets to power trip as he fucks her. This is such a popular scene. Maybe you have your own spin on it, feel free to call one of our operators and tell us all about it!

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Spank Your Cock For Me

More guys than you’d think are into CBT, that’s cock and ball torture for the ones not in the know. Why would any man get pleasure out of spanking his cock, or smacking his balls, or inflicting any kind of pain whatsoever on his most delicate area? No one knows why people do the things they do, but cock and ball torture is quite a popular topic for calls to be on. Guys can get pretty violent with themselves. Hey, as long as they keep their punishment to themselves instead of others, go ahead, smack that thing until it’s as flat as a pancake for all I care.

I’m happy to count out loud as they whack their family jewels with a shoe against the hard floor they are sitting on, legs spread wide. Yes, that happens. Wooden kitchen chairs are another common surface for them to be smacking themselves against that hurts a great deal. When some callers ask about weird calls, I usually tell them about CBT calls, they are often shocked about it, since they didn’t know it was a popular topic of conversation. When I start telling them about everything from sharpened chopsticks up the cock to car batteries, they often ask me to stop, and I’m laughing the whole time I describe this weirdness.

It’s so weird one almost can’t believe it’s real, yet it is. The strange things men willingly do to their penises is beyond me. I’d sure never do anything to hurt my delicate little flower! Cock and ball torture calls can bring out your creativity and bring out your mean streak, if in fact you have one. Surely somewhere in the past some man has done your wrong and you can easily envision them as the ones on the receiving end of the punishment. Not difficult at all to imagine.

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GILF’s and Cougars

There’s no shortage of men that enjoy the company of older women. Some like ones the age of their mom, others are a bit more extreme and want ones the age of their grandma. Many times a young man has something happen to him that affected his sexual imprinting. He may have been caught masturbating by his mom or grandmother, or maybe there was a teacher at school that really got him aroused. That kind of thing can forever have an effect on a man and he may always prefer a woman that reminds him of that early sexual event.

Luckily in phone sex, there’s women from eighteen to eighty offering their services, so they can have all ages to choose from. It’s kind of surprising how many women in their seventies are now on websites offering phone sex, and many of them are quite popular. To some men, an older, more mature and experienced lady is more comforting for them to converse with. Some with deviant tendencies are seeking the approval of an older woman they may in their minds cast as a mother figure. When the woman they are talking to shows understanding of their behavior, they are getting that approval they never got in real life from their mom. It’s a complicated thing, but when you’ve been doing this job for so many years, these patterns become quite obvious.

Not all men desire the nubile college age girls. They might look the best, but they simply are lacking in real life experience and knowledge and cannot effectively give the men what they are seeking when they are looking for an older, more understanding woman that can pick up on what it is they are craving. Experience is many times the only thing that makes someone a well rounded person and one that can understand just what these men want to hear. What they need to hear.

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