Two Tongues Are Better Than One

My friend and I went out to a club this weekend, and we saw lots of nice looking guys, but of course we both liked the same one. I told her I was game if she was, so we agreed to approach this guy and see if he was interested. How many guys do you know that will turn down the opportunity for a threesome? This one sure didn’t. We went back to my place, since it was the closest. We all had some drinks and things heated up from there.

He said he’d always fantasized about two girls going down on him at the same time, so I worked on his cock and my friend sucked on his balls, and he was soon in seventh heaven. He had a nice, large cock as well, at least eight inches, and a nice, big head on it. I swirled my tongue all over his cock and drove him crazy, my girlfriend sucked on his large, cum filled balls and he was just groaning in ecstasy. She was a dirty botch, and even stuck two fingers up his ass, which he really seemed to enjoy at the same time. I soon pushed him on his back and sat on his face, rubbing my clit against his nose.

He slid his tongue out and started to flicker it across my clit, which felt wonderful. I looked over my shoulder and my friend was riding him, she was enjoying his big cock as much as I was enjoying his oral sex skills. This guy was a good choice, we’d done this once years before when we were in college with a guy we were both hot for, and it had worked out well then, so doing it again wasn’t that much of a stretch. He gave us several orgasms each and gave us his number in case we wanted to get together in the future. We just might take him up on that.

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Secret Admirer

I work in a large office of hundreds of people on a few different floors, and know many of the people, but not everyone. I started to get these little emails that were very complimentary and I had no clue who was sending them. I was beginning to think I had a secret admirer, and I was right. One day I went in and there was a single rose on my desk, the next week there was one on my doorstep, so I knew they knew where I lived. I had tried to figure out who it was, but I had no idea.

Then a few weeks later there was a faint knock at my door and I recognized one of the young interns from work, I assumed they’d come by to drop some papers off to sign, but then I saw they had no papers with them. This shy, young man asked if I’d liked the roses and the emails. It was him. He was too cute for words, I was flattered and asked him to come inside. He was blushing, but very cute. He said he was worried I’d be afraid he was some stalker, but I had never gotten that feeling.

I got us some drinks and he asked if he could kiss me and I said yes. It was much hotter than I’d have thought it would have been, and things quickly got hotter and hotter and I was letting him feel me up and it was a real turn on to be with someone so young. Things moved to the bedroom and we fucked. He was gentle and sweet, but also a considerate lover with a nice, very hard, young cock that pleased me several times that night. I’d never thought of this guy like this before he showed up at my door, but I had a feeling we’d be playing again very soon.

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A Candle To Warm Ourselves By

I had a quiet New Year’s Eve with my boyfriend last night. He knows I love candles, so he’d gotten me some lovely and fragrant ones and we placed them around the house and lit them. He made a wonderful dinner and then we knew how we were going to ring in the new year, by having lots of sex, satisfying and intimate sex. We wanted to make sure we were making love at midnight so we would be making love for both years as they switched over.

His cock was pumping within me at a few minutes to midnight and the candles, the only light, flickered and gave such an air of romance to the room. We were still going for a while after the stroke of twelve, and I’m happy to say after a few breaks, we just kept on fucking. My pussy is quite sore today after the pounding she got last night. Just about every position, we did, and came in each and every one. He likes to fuck in marathons like that, to see how many orgasms we can get, it is fun, we’ve done it on a few other holidays and weekends as well.

My pussy can take a lot, a lot of licking and kissing and sucking and fucking as well. I love making his cock cum for me, swallowing his load and riding him until he cannot help but burst within me and flood me with his sweet cum. I wonder if there’s any cum or pussy scented candles, lol? I kind of doubt it, but perhaps for lovemaking marathons they might prove popular. You can never tell.

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My Christmas Crush

You can find guys to crush on just about anywhere, but a few months ago I was looking for a new house and the open house I went to had this sexy real estate agent showing it and I know it sounds insane, but I’ve been following him around town to open houses he’s been hosting just to get to know him better. He must wonder why I appear at all these gatherings every weekend, but he’s why. I think he’s catching on though.

I have this fantasy of me being the last person in the open house to leave except for him and we chat and then he asks me if I’ve seen the view from the bedroom window, and I say only briefly, so we go up and take a look and soon tumble into the bed together and have wild sex. I don’t know that I’d have the nerve to make the first move, but he has absolutely noticed me, since the same person doesn’t usually go to so many open houses before they’d buy a house and stop.

I’ve seen the bulge in his pants, I think he has a bigger than average cock and I think about touching it and sucking it and riding it. I think I will give him my business card to give him the idea to contact me, surely that alone will make it clear what my intentions are. I can just picture fucking him all night long, I want to get him into bed by New Year’s Eve. For all I know he already has a lady in his life, I honestly do not know a thing about him other than his name, but I will try my darnedest to find out and have hot sex with him.

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Fucking a Fit Man

I recently started to work out at a local health club and was delighted to look at some of the male eye candy that was there working out. I love looking at a fit man with ripped abs and arms, that kind of in shape body really turns me on a lot. They work hard to maintain that physique and I for one appreciate their efforts, they look hot as hell. After I’d been working out a few weeks, this one guy there seemed to notice me as well and we’d smile at each other and say hello if walking by each other. I really wanted to touch that sexy body and have him touch me as well.

It wasn’t too long until he asked me for drinks, and then dinner and then back to his place. I wanted to run my hands over that incredible body and have him do the same to me. He could tell I was eager, and he led me by the hand to his bedroom and began to take his clothes off. I literally bit my lip with desire for him and I was soon naked and on his bed waiting for him. It was pure lust, honestly. I didn’t know that much about him other than I loved how he looked. He got on his back and I straddled him and slid my wet pussy down onto that cock and began to ride him.

I was bucking up and down on him, my stiff little clit rubbing against him as we fucked. He sounded as good as he looked, and the way he breathed and moaned turned me on a great deal, and I was soon cumming from the visual excitement of it all. I did cum very hard, I was really objectifying him, lol. He seemed to know and didn’t really care, I guess he likely got lots of women based on his looks alone. I hope we can become regular fuck buddies, I’d love to experience this guy and his body many more times.

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