My Roommate Made Me Cum

My roommate is a massage therapist, since she’s had to close for the last month she’s really bored. She asked if I’d like a massage, free of charge. Of course I said yes. I’m careful with my money and would never spend for such an extravagance, but if she’s offering them up for free, I’m all in. She’s a person that likes to be busy all the time. So she’s cleaned the apartment from top to bottom, reorganized everything and is looking for stuff to do. I went to her room where she had the massage table set up. I hopped up on the table and she had her oils and lotions ready.

I started out on my back and she did a wonderful job on my neck and shoulders and backs of my legs. Then she told me to flip over and she asked if I wanted a full massage, meaning my breasts. I said sure, I trusted her. I did not expect my breasts would spark to life so quickly at her touch. My nipples hardened instantly and I was a bit embarrassed. She said not to worry, it happens a lot and you just ignore it and go on with the massage.

Then as her hands moved lower she gently parted my legs and my thighs were being massaged. The smell of the candles, the feel and scent of the oils, her hands. I was all of a sudden very horny and soon her hands were stroking me between my legs and I was so wet. She asked if I’d like her to continue and I barely whispered yes. She continued to stroke me and all of a sudden a huge, rolling orgasm was welling up within me and I came so hard. She kept her fingers stroking as I came, prolonging the pleasure. She said she had many satisfied clients and I smiled and said I sure knew why now! I doubt it will happen again, but it was a very hot, sensual, and unexpected experience. I hope it doesn’t make things awkward between us.

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Worship the BBC

This black caller was telling me he only fucks white women and there’s no shortage of them for him to fuck, either. He said white women are practically shameless in their pursuit of his big, black cock. The bulge in his pants alerts them and they are nearly falling over themselves to get to it. He asked if I’d ever had any black dick and I said no, wasn’t my thing. He said I didn’t know what I was missing, and once a woman has a taste of that chocolate, there will be no going back to a small, mediocre white dick.

He was quite full of himself and was incredulous I’d never had a black cock, he thinks all white women should go for it, and he even stated he feels even a racist white woman can ultimately be charmed by the BBC. I was laughing at his statements, but he really believed them. Oh well, do as you wish. White men with little dicks do often like the idea of watching their women with a big, black cock, some even want to be made to worship it themselves and suck it and be made a bitch of the BBC.

He bragged how his cock is so big most women can’t get their mouths around it, so they just have to lick it to give him a blow job, and some really suffer when he fucks them it’s so huge. He says he likes to stretch them out and make them beg for his nigger dick. Sometimes it’s funny just to hear them go on and brag. You’d be surprised how many callers claim to have an eleven inch dick the women just beg to be fucked by, yet they aren’t out with one, hmm, makes you wonder why, doesn’t it?

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Glory Hole

This caller was telling me about his girlfriend who used to be a hooker, she started out working glory holes and then progressed from there. Most guys that mention glory holes are talking about going to ones where they go suck the cock of another man. Ones where it’s a woman doing the sucking are rare, but he said he loved the idea of his girlfriend being a whore. Used by so many men, her mouth and her pussy shot full of so much cum. One girl I went to college with said she’d set up a glory hole in the one college dorm and she earned money that way.

It was a wooden door that she’d carved a hole out of, and she set it in one of the open doorways in the room she and her roommate had and when there would be keg parties some of the girls would set it up and suck off the guys for cash that wanted it. The stories I would hear were wild. Some little dick guys that couldn’t get girlfriends would slip some money through the hole and get their little dicks sucked off that way.

Other guys that would pay up for a sucking just loved variety and would be happy to have lots of different girls suck them off. Everyone was pretty wasted at the college keggers, and it was pretty crazy the stuff that went on. My friend used to brag sucking cock paid her way through school, one cock at a time. I was surprised she’d tell so many people about it, you’d think she’d be embarrassed, but not her, she loved sucking dick and she loved money, and she felt they were best when done at the same time. Oh well, we all have our things we love to do.

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The Business Partner

When I was in college sometimes I’d help my father out in his business. He’d have me drop off contracts to be signed and things like that as I was around town and close to some office he was doing business with. I didn’t mind, and it took almost no time. This one night he had some papers to be delivered to his one partner and I volunteered to do it since I was headed that way anyway. I knocked on the door and the partner answered. I thought I’d just hand him the envelope and that would be the end of it, like it usually is when I deliver paper work, but he asked me to come inside.

I’d met him before and had always liked him. He offered me some wine and seemed to want to chat and I had some time, so was in no hurry to rush off. We talked and found we had some interests in common and the wine continued to flow. Soon he was easing me back onto the sofa and caressing my breasts and I was not stopping him. He was close to my father’s age, but he was a very attractive man and I did not want him to stop. We kissed and touched and soon he was undressing himself and me and we began to make love right there on the sofa.

He lived alone, so I wasn’t worried about a wife or anyone appearing. He sucked my breasts and made my nipples quite stiff and then he did the same to my pussy and my clit. He was very good at licking pussy and I soon had his cock inside of me. I’d been made dripping wet by his tongue and was now getting fucked very sensually. He lifted my legs over his shoulders and pounded my pussy until I exploded all over his cock and then he shot his ample load within me. We were both left breathless. It was a wonderful surprise of an evening and I was glad to have had it.

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I Touched My Niece

One caller this week said when his niece was asleep he’d go and touch her. She’s in her teens and he stays with his sister’s family. He waits until she’s asleep and he goes and runs his hands over her body, touching her breasts and if she’s on her back between her legs. He said he then goes into his room and jerks off it turns him on so much and of course she has no idea he’s doing anything as she sleeps. He touches her hair and her body and hopes she doesn’t wake. I’m not sure what he’d do if she did, but he says he does this a lot.

There’s definitely guys that call and say they do things like this, how many are actually doing them and how many it’s just fantasy I’ve no idea, but it’s not uncommon to hear this at all. Have you ever felt up anyone when they were asleep, your partner perhaps? Did they wake up and get into it quickly with you? Sleepy sex can be fun and semi surreal. Sometimes you can even wake up and be horny and masturbate and then go back to sleep and it will have a dreamlike quality to it the next day.

A partner likely wouldn’t mind, other than the lack of sleep it might cost them, if they are asleep in the bed next to you they obviously are consenting to being there, but just happening upon a sleeping person and touching them, well, that might not always go as planned if they wake up or if someone interrupts you. People do all sorts of crazy things and then call and tell we phone sex operators about them, just be smart in your quest for sexual satisfaction. It’s hard to use your brain when you’re horny, we realize!

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