Big Ass Toy

So many times guys on the phone will say they are using butt plugs or anal sex toys and the sizes they tell you are quite unbelievable, but a few I have sadly watched on cam and have been left speechless at the size of what they are using on themselves. Some I literally would not have believed them for a minute if I had not seen them with my own eyes. These toys are large, like really large, so big you would not think a human body would accommodate such a thing, but I can assure you some humans can and are taking those ridiculously large, unreal looking toys in.

Many would find such toys some kind of joke, you’d see a picture of some toy online and see it’s sixteen inches long and as thick as a forearm and think no one could actually take that inside. They are. There are some people that really do enjoy a challenge and pushing their limits to see just how far they can go. When I’ve seen such spectacles, my first thought is they will likely be in diapers from doing this to themselves. Maybe not today or even next month, but time after time of stretching yourself out like that, you’ll be in Depends down the road.

Toys are not always available to these masturbating men when they are horny and they will simply grab something that’s laying around the house and see what they can do with it, not very wise, since things not designed for that purpose can break off and cause injury or great embarrassment when you need to go to the ER to get it removed, but guys caught up in a state of horniness are not thinking clearly, that’s for sure.

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Party Fuck

I went to this party on Saturday night and I met this guy that really turned me on. I am normally not a one night stand or casual sex kind of gal, but sometimes someone is so hot, you just can’t stop yourself. We had a few drinks and got to talking and before I knew it, he was asking me if I wanted to go into a room where we could be alone. Well I knew what that meant, so even though I usually do not do things like that, I said yes. I wanted to. Simple as that.

We knew we didn’t want to be too obvious, so we knew it was going to be a quickie, a real fast and furious fuck. I pulled my short skirt up and he ripped my panties down, and he just pulled his pants down, no time to get fully naked. I bent over a table and away we went. Wow, it was hot, red hot and rough. I hadn’t had a good rough fuck in a few years, one of my previous boyfriend’s liked tog et a bit rough, and I didn’t mind going along with it, but with someone you know and are familiar with that’s one thing, but with a total stranger? It was still hot.

His dick was a good size and stretched me open plenty. I was dripping wet with excitement, the thrill of possibly getting caught is always hot, and we didn’t know the people that well who’s home we were at, we’d both come with other people, and were not friend’s of the hosts ourselves. We were pretty quiet, I bit my lip to keep from crying out, and he was grunting as he assaulted my cunt with his welcome but savage thrusts. I knew it wasn’t going to take me long to cum and it didn’t. I came and my pussy was swollen and slippery. He shot his wad into me and we went back to the party and no one seemed the wiser for our indiscretion.

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Teasing My Pussy

I love to rub my pussy, most gals do, so when I went out on this date with this new guy last week, he said he likes to wait until he a lady know one another well enough to have sex, not just jump into bed, so he wondered if I’d be ok to just masturbate together and I said of course, I didn’t mind at all, it was actually refreshing to have a guy say something like that rather than demanding a hand job or blow job when we hardly knew one another.

I never know where a night might be headed, so I always stay freshly shaved. We stripped down, and I laid on my sofa and he sat in a chair across from me and we watched one another touch ourselves, tease ourselves and it was so fucking hot! It was like something from my teenage years when you were afraid to go to far too fast, so you did things like this and the sexual tension was palpable and you were just so sensitive to touch and knowing another person was watching your every move so intensely, I just loved it.

I got very wet, wetter than I normally do when just masturbating, so I knew I was turned on a lot. He had a nice cock and I knew it was a tease for me as well, thinking when I might finally be able to touch that cock, taste it, feel it inside of me stretching me open, I loved every second of it and when I finally came, I did cum very hard, and he did as well, and I appreciated his thoughtfulness to grab a Kleenex and not get his jizz on my carpet or my furniture, he showed respect and I knew when we finally did have sex that it would be blockbuster intense.

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Guys on Cam

Some callers enjoy being watched on cam, many girls watch thousands of guys jerk off. They love having an audience, especially guys that may not have a lady in their lives to watch them, so girls they call for phone sex are the only ones that will be watching them. There was one last week I watched and he had a fairly good sized cock, not some tiny small penis humiliation caller, so it was a thing of wonder to watch him handle this beast, and I was wondering how a lady would be able to comfortably accommodate that thing, but he’d had girlfriends, so obviously some were able to.

Some are very much into using anal toys on themselves, and they like to show this off as well. One had a huge toy, it was over fifteen inches, and it had a suction cup base and it was stuck to a wall and I was stunned when he backed himself up onto that toy and took it all. One would not have thought it possible, and yet I actually witnessed it. Such things you see can sadly not be unseen. Some even will pull their ass cheeks apart to give you a view of their asshole, now what woman wouldn’t want to see that view?

Some phone sex girls will be happy to view you masturbate, others will have no part of such activities even for money. So if you’d like a girl to watch you, just ask when you first call and they will say yes or no, so there won’t be any concerns about it. Some guys will go onto porn sites where you can set up a watching room and numbers of people can view your cam, but at least with a phone sex girl watching you, we are women, most watching in the porn site watching rooms will be other guys, but some do not care who’s watching, as long as someone is. One caller even had me watch him take a shower once, that was odd, but people have their likes and desires. You can surly find the right girl for you.

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Masturbating My Son

Last week I happened to wander into my teenaged son’s room without knocking. I didn’t even think he was home. I was going to put his laundry away and oops, he was standing there jerking his cock. I dropped the laundry basket I had in my hands, and he stood there frozen like a deer caught in the headlights. He looked so embarrassed, it was cute. I told him it was perfectly alright and there was nothing to be embarrassed about at all. That he was in his own room with the door closed and all boys did that. He was as red as a beet.

I went over to him and told him he had a large and lovely cock and any girl would be lucky to get to touch it or fuck it or suck it. He was speechless, standing there with his mouth hanging open and I stunned the poor boy even more when I reached forward and grasped his cock and began to pump it for him. He’d deflated considerably since I walked in, and yet in mere seconds he was hard as a steel rod in my hand as I stroked my own son and was masturbating him.

He didn’t seem to know what to do, to flee or give in, it obviously felt so good, he chose to give in, so I stroked him harder and faster and his breathing was getting deeper the faster I went and the closer my own son was getting to orgasm. He reached out for my breast and fondled it, my own nipples were by now quite erect and making points through my blouse since I too was aroused touching him this way, it wasn’t much longer after he touched me that he squirted his load of young seed in my hand. I wished him a goodnight, closed the door and left.

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