I Can’t Afford It

When you own a house, there’s expenses that can crop up last minute that you cannot do anything about or foresee when they will happen. I had such an incident last week. I turned on the tap and no hot water. I call the tradesman that does the heating and air conditioning and water tank jobs and he said it would be $1800 installed for the fifty gallon replacement tank. I had no choice but to do it, but I didn’t have all the money I needed. I told him I had half. He got this wicked grin on his face and said that would be enough to cover the cost of the tank and parts, but not the installation and removal charges of the old tank.

I asked what could I do, I had to have hot water. He said we could work something out. As he said he it he looked me up and down like a starving man eyeing a steak. I knew I’d have to go along with whatever he proposed. He said if I “entertained him” for a couple of nights this upcoming weekend, we’d be squared. I nodded and agreed to go along with it. I was not attracted to him in the slightest, but if it would enable me to get this resolved, I would agree to it. He installed the tank the next day and came back later that night.

I was in some sexy lingerie and when I let him in the door he was hard in anticipation already. He quickly stripped us both down and had me lead to the bedroom. I knelt on the floor in front of him and sucked his cock, which was bigger than I thought it would be. He actually sounded kind of sexy as he was moaning and breathing as I sucked his cock. He then lifted me up and got me to the bed and had me get on all fours. I felt him get behind me and nestle his cock into me from behind. He slid it in and I gasped a the length and girth of it entering me. He grabbed me by the hips and started thrusting into me, he actually wasn’t a half bad fuck, truth be told. He came in my pussy and left soon after, and said he’d be back the next night. I actually didn’t mind. Maybe if the furnace breaks next he’d let me work out the same kind of deal. One can hope.

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Squeeze That Pussy!

One thing I love to do when I’m riding a guy is squeeze my pussy around his dick. It makes my clit feel even better than it would if I didn’t. You can be spread so wide that there’s no clit stimulation at all, which is no fun. By compressing it, the sensation is incredible. The first time a guy saw me do that he was a bit shocked and asked what I was doing. I told him, and it not only felt better for me, but for him as well. He loved having his cock gripped that way, and we both came even harder than usual.

I’m pretty flexible, and have several little tricks like that I use when fucking to get the position just right. A lot of women can’t cum in the missionary position, but if I angle myself just so, and hold open my cunt lips, exposing my clit and making it stick out even more, it will get rubbed beautifully with each and every stroke. So much more than it would if I was just say bucking my hips. By totally exposing it, it just makes it as easy as anything to stimulate and that feels fantastic.

I used to be into gymnastics when I was younger, and I still have some of that flexibility, and find it can really add to the pleasure of sex if you can bend this way and that and just be able to move in ways someone could not that is say overweight, or has limited joint mobility issues. I have used my body and it’s flexibility to achieve much higher levels of pleasure than the average person. I can do things some would only dream of being able to do. Take some yoga classes, they re great for increasing your flexibility, which can be very beneficial in the bedroom, I have found!

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My Cunt Runneth Over

I love bareback sex, my boyfriend does as well, there’s nothing like feeling that hot cum squirt inside of you. He loves to lick it out afterwards as well. I know it’s a bit naughty, and messy, but he’s always loved to lick up his own cum. Even when he masturbates, he likes to enjoy every drop, so licking it out of my pussy is even better, since he makes me cum again with oral sex while he’s down there. I like to sit right on his face and have it just drip down his throat as he tickles my clit with his tongue and make me squirm with pleasure.

I love when he kisses me afterwards so we can share a snowball kiss. I like the taste of his cum as well, so we can both share it that way. I am kind of a cum addict, he can shoot it all over my tits and he enjoys watching me lick it off. My tits are large enough so that I can cup them in my hand and lift them to my lips to do that. He likes watching me suck on my own nipples coated in his jizz. He’s a fairly heavy cummer, so there’s always a good load to squirt when he does cum in me or on me.

He likes knowing some of his cum is always inside of me, we fuck pretty much every day, so he knows there’s always a little bit of him inside of my pussy. He loves going down on me anytime, but when I’m filled up with his seed is his favorite time to chow down on me. He loves nothing more than to be smeared with his own man juice from ear to ear between my thighs. I like too, I must admit.

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Behind His Back

I’ve been dating this older man, which is usually not my style at all, but I like this man very much and he’s very kind and generous and witty. The problem came when I met his son. The son is more my speed. He’s like what his dad must have been like over thirty years ago when he was in his prime. I met the son recently at a family function and I was instantly attracted to him. A few nights later my older boyfriend was out of town on business and I’d forgotten. I thought it was the next night he left, so I went over to his house. His son answered, who’d just a few years younger than I am.

He was staying with his father for a week while he was in town doing a refresher course for work. I said I’d leave but he invited me in. I had a feeling this wasn’t the best idea considering how attracted to him I am. He opened a bottle of wine and we began talking, and one bottle of wine led tot eh next and we were soon feeling a bit giddy and romantic and he leaned over and kissed me and I did not stop him. I should have, but he was just so sexy.

He passionately kissed me and was soon feeling me up over my clothes. The clothes didn’t last long though, they were soon in a pile on the floor. We then made our way back to his room and he laid me on the bed and began to lick my pussy. His technique was superb and I was soon writhing under his oral administrations. I came on his tongue and he soon slid his hard cock into me, fucking me so sensually. I just adored it. We spent the entire night making love and I felt a bit guilty for sure. He went back home a few days later and my boyfriend came home from his business trip a few days later, none the wiser. I doubt he will ever find out about it.

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Pleading and Begging

My boyfriend loves to tease me and make me beg for it. It arouses him no end to hear me beg to get his cock all the way into me. He loves to just put the tip in and make me go wild, knowing it’s almost there, but not all of it. I buck up against him and make it go in a bit more, then he will smile and laugh a bit and back up, pulling some of it out of me. He likes me worked up to quite the sexual frenzy before finally giving me what he wants. What I want is that glorious dick buried inside of me, all the way up to the balls.

I love to hold him so close, my breath on his neck, me clawing at his back and shoulders as he pins me down and really drills it into me. That I cannot get enough of. He’s even made me cum just by rubbing the tip of his cock on my clit, which yes it feels good, but I want it in me, not on me. He even fit the eye of his dick over my clit, so my clit was inside of it for a few seconds. I laughed, it kind of tickled to do that. He just loves to play and tease as much as possible.

I never tire of how much I love his cock inside. No one has ever made me wetter than he has and he knows it. The way he drives me insane with his hands and his cock. I love to cum everyday from him doing something to me, but he sure loves to make me plead and beg for it. I am submissive, so I do enjoy having to work for it and his approval. I love to please him.

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