Your Cock Is Mine

My boyfriend is a bit submissive, and that’s fine, he likes to have me use him as I see fit sexually. His body is there for my pleasure, especially his tongue. I love having my pussy licked and he’s very good at it and loves being told what to do. I get a laugh sometimes when he’s come home from a hard day at work and all he wants to do is have dinner and go to sleep by telling him how horny I am and how I hope he’s got some stamina tonight, since I’m going to be able to go a few rounds.

I know he doesn’t really want to, but he does for my sake. I don’t do it too often, but I want him never to forget who’s in charge of things, and of course that’s me. He doesn’t mind too much or he wouldn’t go along with it, but I do get very horny at times and cumming alone sure doesn’t have the same amount of fun to it as with another person.

Having a submissive boyfriend that loves to please can be a wonderful thing, he also doesn’t mind if I bring home other men to fuck, I do enjoy variety once in a while and that gives him a bit of a break as well when I’m too demanding of him. He lives to please me, but I know everyone needs a rest now and then. I don’t give him much of a one, but I’m not totally selfish.

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Man To Man Phone Sex

Lots of guys say they have had jerk off experiences with other guys, some even into adulthood have jerk off buddies they play with on occasion and masturbate together with. Some even call them up and masturbate with them on the phone if they cannot get together in person and masturbate in the same room.

One question that never fails to make me laugh is the number of guys that think they are good at phone sex and they actually believe they could do this as a job and have lonely women pay to hear them talk to them. I then laugh and clue them in to the fact that if they became a male phone sex operator that 99.9% of their clients would be other men. This never ceases to shock them. Cannot even count the number of times guys will ask this.

So just like some guys have their jerk off buddies, some too have their phone sex buddies they listen to each other beat off at the same time. One thing lots of guys do though, is hang up when they cum, no time for the cordial, “That was really nice, thank you for playing, have a great night.” Just click, you’re left holding your still hard dick and haven’t cum yet, they have literally cum and gone. No manners or sense of right or wrong, so it can often be a who can cum first before they get hung up on competition if they are not a regular phone sex partner and you don’t know what’s going to happen. If you have a reliable phone sex buddy, appreciate them and don’t take them for granted.

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Doing The Bump and Grind

I went out on a date with this guy this weekend and it was fun, but didn’t end the way I thought it would. He was really good looking and I would have slept with him and thought I was going to get the chance, but he didn’t want to take things too quickly, so we didn’t have sex. He asked me to sort of do a lapdance on him and grind on him like a stripper. I wasn’t quite sure what to say to that, but I’m open to new ideas, so did as he asked.

We went in his room and took off our clothes other than our underwear and then he sat down on the bed and reached up and brought me over to him and had me sit on his lap and do a little grinding. I could feel how hard he was and I knew my pussy would be wet, but he wasn’t interested at this point in penetrative sex, so we just sort of acted like teenagers and were grinding on one another. Surprisingly I was able to cum, but was afraid to let him know I did since he seemed to want to take things very slow and not cum, so I bit my lip and as I was facing away from him he couldn’t see my face, so I don’t think he knows I did.

He did not, there was no wet squirting from him in any case, but he was so hard and was moaning and acting all turned on but he fondled my tits and made me feel really good and of course going slow like this is more of a build up than if we had fucked, but it can be a bit frustrating, but I will do my best not to attack him for his cock and let him set the pace of things.

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Two Times The Fun

I was a bad girl recently, I had two men at the same time. It wasn’t my first threesome and I’m sure it won’t be my last. There was an end of summer party I went to last weekend and I knew some of the people there, but not all of them. One guy I knew since we’d gone out a few times and he was pretty good in bed actually. One other man I found very attractive and got along well with him, and let’s just say by the end of the night we were all quite well acquainted with one another.

I was getting along with this new man and the guy I’d dated before wandered over and was interested in rekindling old times and I really couldn’t decide between the two, so I asked them both to come home with me and that’s when the real fun began. We’d all had a fair amount to drink that evening, and it didn’t take much encouragement for things to get raunchy. I was soon on my knees on the floor in front of them both, with their cocks in my hands alternating between sucking on them one after the other and they didn’t object when I began to rub the heads of their cocks together, that really turned me on.

One of them removed himself from my mouth and went behind me and got me on all fours and I soon had his dick balls deep all the way into my cunt as I continued to suck on the other. I was pleasing both of them at the same time and enjoying it immensely. It wasn’t long until I had not only a mouthful of cum, but a dripping pussy filled up as well. I was so glad I’d gone to the party and not missed out on this experience.

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Cum On My Feet

I’ve had a few boyfriends that loved giving me their load of cum on my feet, I’m not really into foot jobs or anything, but if it makes them happy, I’m more than happy to oblige them. Last night I was sitting with him on the sofa and my feet wandered to his lap and he began to rub and caress them and I was soon wiggling my feet on his crotch and he was getting hard and he soon unzipped his pants and took his cock out and was rubbing it against my feet and I was caressing my toes over his hard cock.

I could feel the precum dripping all over my feet and he cupped his hands over my feet and slid his dick between the soles of my feet and was fucking them, groaning in delight at the feel of my baby soft soles on them and I started to flex my feet around them even harder, gripping them more firmly and was really helping getting him closer to climax. I know he just adored the feeling of my feet on his cock and balls.

He asked me to rub my big toe on the head of his cock and smear the precum around, and he loved it, I soon had my feet wrapped around his shaft again and was moving them back and forth and all of a sudden he groaned and I had a warm load of sticky cum all over my feet and toes and he grabbed some Kleenex to wipe it off of me. He loves to treat me to lovely pairs of shoes and loves to paint my toenails for me, I can satisfy him with my feet once in a while, for sure.

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