Let’s Get Those Balls Drained

One thing that always surprises me is how long some male callers say it’s been since they last masturbated. Some of course say earlier today, but you get others that will reply five months, it’s insane. Some will only do it once a week when they call you and they always say they have just been too busy to take the time. Especially after five months, I think, in five entire months you haven’t had the time for a five minute quickie in the shower? Really? Priorities I guess are different for many.

We phone sex girls are there to help, no matter if you came an hour ago, of a half a year. Masturbation should honestly be a priority for people, phone sex or not. Having an orgasm is an important physical need you should not ignore, like huger, thirst, or sleep. Your body will be healthier if you have orgasms regularly and ejaculate regularly. “Not having time” is a ridiculous excuse since you literally can have a quickie masturbation session. Sometimes you get so horny you cannot get to sleep, or think about work you need to cum so badly. Sometimes a quickie is just a nice, easy, fast release and you cum and then can get on with your day.

Life is short, so don’t deprive yourself of orgasms at any opportunity. They are fun and a good mini cardio vascular workout you will feel a bit the better for after you do it. You’re “cleaning out the pipes” so to speak, and a minimum of twenty one orgasms a month is what is the best for men for optimal prostate health. Lots of people do not have sexual partners, so that leaves you with masturbation as your alternative for solo sexual health and satisfaction. So take out that cock and get stroking today!

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Happy Accident

Recently I got into a fender bender and I was quite at a loss as to what to do. I have a high deductible, and I simply did not have the money to pay for it and it was not a doubt my fault. I explained this to the other driver and he seemed like a nice man, a sympathetic man. He clearly was wealthy from the car, the way he was dressed, he could well afford any car repairs, but he said he had a solution to our little problem. Neither of us was hurt in the accident, but his car had suffered some damage, not a doubt. It was an expensive foreign car as well, no doubt requiring some expensive repairs with parts that would need to be ordered in.

He quite calmly explained he knew I couldn’t afford it, and he would leave the insurance out of it entirely, if I agreed to meet him that night at a hotel and fuck him. I was quite taken aback by his directness, but I was the one in the bad position here, not him. It was my fault and I had no way to pay the high deductible. I was just grateful no one had been hurt. I figured I honestly didn’t have a choice, so I agreed to it and met him at the hotel he told me to three hours later at the room he mentioned.

He answered the door in the hotel robe and invited me in, he’d wasted no time. I undressed and felt quite uncomfortable, but knew I just had to get through this evening and all would be forgotten. I laid on the bed and he asked me if I enjoyed getting my pussy licked, as he loved to pleasure a woman orally. I said yes, which was true, and he proceeded to give me the best oral sex I’d ever had. Then he asked me what was my favorite position, and I told him missionary, nothing fancy for me, he was a good lover actually, and said he enjoyed giving pleasure to women, that was his greatest pleasure. I thought this was all going to be about him, since he was doing me the favor in not having to pay money for the accident, but he said he liked my looks and as soon as he realized money was an issue, he thought of fucking me nearly instantly. It was an unusual evening and one I’d not have planned, but I cannot say I’m sorry it happened.

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Watch Me Get Fucked

My hubby is a nice guy, but there’s no denying his dick is just too small to get the job done, so I’ve had other lovers on the side since shortly after we started going out. I told him that was a condition, I’d still be seeing other men. He was ok with that, since he knew his little three inch cock was pretty useless. Recently he started to ask if he could watch me get fucked and I was fine with that, so I started to invite my lovers home, and at first he watched from the closet, but he’s gotten more bold and been watching from the corner of the room now.

He strokes his little cock as I get fucked and licked by a man that ha s a big dick, one that can make me cum from his mouth, his fingers, and his dick. I used to hold back a little since I was being watched, but I find the more it happens the more comfortable I am, so I just let go and am natural about my sounds, my movements, and it’s nice to just enjoy it, and hubby enjoys it in his own way as well.

He is good at licking pussy, and I must say, he’s gotten quite the taste for the cum of another man that’s left in my cunt after one of my sessions. I like feeling all warm and gooey and then having him lap it out of me. He feels inadequate around another naked man, but he loves knowing the pleasure I am getting, and I do get lots of pleasure from my sexual adventures with other men and then getting cleaned out by my husband, so it seems to be working so far, we will see how much further it goes as time goes on.

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Away On Business

I started working at this new place recently and the boss is this handsome older man. I usually do not go for older men, but he’s got a real charm about him and I was quite attracted to him and he to me, from the way he acted in any case. I then had this project come up where I had longer hours than usual and he was working on it as well, and we got to know one another better and he said he’d like to get to know me better and would I accompany him on a business trip later that month as his secretary? I agreed.

We were not in the rooms long before things got naughty. The two rooms had an a joining door, and he came in while I was getting changed, and since I’d hoped something might happen on this trip, I’d only brought sexy underwear, so I was wearing this slinky matching bra and panties set and with stocking and as soon as he walked in and saw me in that, I could see his pants grow tighter. I smiled and looked downwards. He advanced towards me and was soon laying me down on the bed and removing the lingerie.

We did get some business done that weekend away, but we spent more time than not fucking and playing with one another. His cock was large and thick and he knew just how to use it, I was thrilled at what a good lover he was, determined to get me to break my orgasm record I’d told him about, and with a bit of effort, he was able to do it. I think we will be working longer hours at the office for a while, and enjoying every minute of it. I will be bent over that desk of his any time he’d like me to be.

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Horny Honeymoon

Now I realize this makes me sound like a horny, cheating whore, but I cheated on my husband on our honeymoon, and he’s never found out about it. He was wanting to go on some touristy day trip and I didn’t want to, I wanted to hang around the hotel, so he went on the jaunt and I stayed back at the resort. This young man came in with room service and well, let’s just say he got one hell of a tip, and I’m not talking money. He was a gorgeous young college student and I’m betting he gets lots of action there from the ladies.

I invited him in and he didn’t leave for the next three hours. I sucked his cock, and we fucked in many different positions. I couldn’t stop cumming from the way he touched me. I’d been having sex daily with my new husband and it’s true that the more you have the more you want, so I was horny when he showed up and I couldn’t resist.

His cock was huge and he knew what to do with it. I loved to suck on it and I knew my new husband would be so disappointed to think less than seventy two hours after promising to be faithful forever to him, that I had another man’s cock buried deep in my pussy. I’m such a slut, yet it felt so good. We had our afternoon delight and my hubby returned shortly afterwards, clueless to the whole scene. I’d showered and changed and then we went down to dinner. Poor sap, he has no idea.

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