Labor Day Picnic

Sex outdoors can be a lot of fun. I was at a Labor Day picnic and found this really hot guy that was from out of town. He was visiting my brother and was a friend of his, I’d never met him before. I knew he was attracted to me and I sure was to him. We decided to go off to an area that was pretty deserted from the other guests and he told me he wanted to fuck me and was I game? I said yes, I liked him a lot and wanted to play while we had the chance.

I stripped off my shorts and tee shirt and so did he. He hoisted me up to a tree branch to grab onto and he fucked and held me up, he had really strong arms. We didn’t have a blanket and I was afraid if we did it on the picnic table I’d get slivers, so we opted for this not quite as traditional pose, but it worked. His cock was really big, and I was horny as fuck. He was so sexy, I wanted to fuck him as soon as I met him, and it didn’t take us long to get busy with one another.

He loved my shaved pussy and how tight I was as he fucked me. I heard some people in the distance and was afraid they’d see us, but they never came near where we were. I knew I was going to cum soon and bit my lip to keep from crying out and have the others at the barbecue know what we were up to, and as soon as I came, he did right after me and he set me down. His arms must have been tired from holding me up like that, but it was fun to have a hot quickie with a sexy guy I’d just met. Not sure if I will see him again, but it made for a very memorable holiday.

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My New Toy

My latest boyfriend is a bit small in the cock department and I was shocked when he was so upfront about things and pulled out a new toy he said he got for me to try. He said he felt bad he was inadequate for me and he wanted to buy me the most realistic sex toy on the market currently, so I said of course we could try it. He had me lay back and he licked my pussy so good, like he always does, and in mere moments I was squirming underneath him and gripping the sheets, soaking wet with desire for his expert tongue.

Then he brings out the new toy. I was so wet, it slid right in and I must say, it really did have a more realistic feel to it than any other toy I’d tried thus far. He moved it in and out of me expertly. I lay back, eyes closed, legs spread wide, playing with my breasts, getting my nipples all hard as he penetrated me with the toy and I could just imagine it was a real, hard cock plunging in and out of me. He was pleased I liked it so much and he kept pumping it into me and soon I was sliding over that edge of ecstasy as he made me cum with it, gliding it against my clit with every plunge of it into me and back out.

He left it in, slowly moving it back and forth as I came down from my orgasm. He then asked if since I’d been satisfied if he could mount me and let his small cock go inside of me and fuck me. Of course you can dear, go right ahead I said. It didn’t take him long before he was dribbling out his few drops of cum into my spent pussy. I could barely feel him in me, but he’d been a good boy and deserved his time after making me cum with the new toy.

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They Want To Suck Cock

So many callers claim they want to suck cock, it’s really staggering. They mostly also say their partners have no idea they have such fantasies or if they have done such things in the past. I am beginning to think a woman needs to have a guy do a lie detector test before they get serious if they want honest answers. I don’t think for a moment as many women wish to lick pussy as men want to suck cock. Not quite sure why that is, but it is a fact.

They call to confess to phone sex girls, since they cannot tell their partners about it. How many callers have been sucking the cocks of random guys they met online and doing it in secret and then cannot stop thinking about it, a lot. One last night said he found someone online and he’d sucked him off and he couldn’t wait until they were going to meet up again. This was a much older guy he’d sucked off as well, by a few decades. Not sure if they have daddy or grand daddy fixations or what, but most seem to seek out much older men and not ones their own age or younger.

They are submissive and like to be the ones doing the sucking, very few that call wish to be the ones getting sucked off themselves. They love submitting to an older, more alpha male than themselves. They want to be told what to do and want to be told often and called upon frequently to serve these older men with saggy balls they crave. I’d think a hot teen with a firm young body would be the ones everyone is fantasizing about, but apparently not, they are going more for the grandfatherly type to lead them into temptation. So do you want to suck off old men? Give one of our ladies a call and tell us all about it.

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My Forced Orgasm

The man I am seeing now is into BDSM and he asked if he could tie my up and tease me. I said sure, it sounded fun, but he brought out this powerful Hitachi Wand vibrator and the sensations were so powerful on my clit and pussy, it bordered on pain and I asked him to stop, I begged him to stop, but I was tied up and he decided he was going to make me cum this way, like it or not. He told me it was going to be the most powerful orgasm of my life, and I cannot say that it wasn’t, but no means no to me. He would not let up and kept saying I’d be grateful when it was all over.

He said women didn’t “push themselves enough sexually”, so obviously he was going to be the one to do the pushing. It honestly was the most powerful orgasm I’d ever had. My entire body was shaking uncontrollably. It was unlike anything I’ve ever experienced. I’ve used a vibe a few times on myself, but to me it’s like a ruined orgasm. Not nearly as good as fingers, but it will make me cum if I continue to hold it on my clit.

He made sure I was tied up well so I could not escape. He then drizzled lube all over my pussy and turned it on. The room rang with it’s powerful buzz and he held open my cunt lips to expose my clit, which made it all the more sensitive to the powerful vibe. I felt my body quaking as he held it hard against my pussy. I thought I might honestly pass out from the over stimulation, but I did not. I did finally cum and felt like I was nearly having a seizure. Cumming that hard can make you feel like you might pass out. For a few seconds I might have. I could see how hard this all made him. He had a mean streak in him. I told him he will never use that toy on me again.

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Attack Of The MILF

Being the horny older woman that I am, I always have my eyes out for handsome young men. They turn me on and get me hot. One moved in down the street a month or so ago and he and I have been having a lot of naughty fun. Being an enterprising young man, he soon came around asking neighbors if they wanted or needed any odd jobs or yard work done, so I had him do a few tasks for me. One day it was quite hot, so I asked him in for a cool drink. We got to talking and liked one another very much.

He was soon stopping by even when there were no odd jobs to be done and I made a pass at him, and he accepted and we play several times a week usually. His parents have no idea, they are out a lot and don’t question his comings and goings being an older teen. If only they knew I sucked him off and fucked him several times a week, and how well hung he is. Oh well, they don’t need to know these things. I’ve taught him a lot in bed, and his stamina keeps me young.

I look forward to nights when he comes over and we play, I get wet just thinking about it. I try not to touch myself and save my horniness for him alone. He makes me cum so many times when we are together. I love how he makes me his cougar whore. I am pleased to service him. His young cock drives me wild and I love to feel him squirt inside of me. He makes me wetter than any lover I’ve ever had. I’m so glad he moved into the neighborhood, I hope we have fun for years to come.

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