Lemme Licky Your Dickie

So many callers say a blow job is their very favorite thing to have done to them. They just cannot get enough of a pair of warm, soft, wet lips wrapped around their shaft and drooling all over it in a sensuous manner. You likely enjoy a good, sloppy blow job as well, right? Let me tell you all about how I orally pleasure a man as you stroke your cock. Imagine that fist on your dick is my waiting mouth waiting for your warm cum load. Close your eyes and picture it. Lay back, cock in hand and possibly some lube if you use it, and think of me carrying you to orgasm dreamland.

Do you enjoy a surprise blow job from your girlfriend or wife? You come home from work and as soon as you get in the door she pounces on you, drags you to the sofa and gets that dick in her mouth and sucks every ounce of stress out of you. It just makes your day, doesn’t it? Your hand on the back of her head, just pushing down and feeling her gag on your shaft, knowing what pleasures she’s bringing you.

Your balls tighten up, swelling up with all that cum you’re about to deliver down her throat, knowing she’s going to swallow down every single drop. You so love it when she swallows for you, makes you really feel sexy to have her drink down every bit of it. Then cleaning off the tip of your cum covered cock with her tongue, giving you a tongue bath. Just drives you insane when she does it looking you right in the eyes. It makes your mind spin with ecstasy. So lay back, relax, and wait for that mouth to drain you like you’ve never been drained before.

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Warm Weather Fun

Now that the warm weather is here, I’ve got the pool opened up for the season and hubby and I have been back to our favorite warm weather activity. Sex outdoors. We are lucky to have a large backyard and a high fence around the pool, no neighbors close by, so we can fuck outside anytime we want with no one around to spy or to hear. Last night we were out on the deck, just enjoying the breeze and the scent of the flowers. We were going to have a few steaks in a while and were feeling a bit randy before dinner, so we just got to it. There’s nothing like having the fresh air over your bodies, the sky as your ceiling and just enjoying one another.

It’s just so freeing and natural. Sometimes I wonder if any wildlife is watching us. I got in one of our comfortable chairs and he came and was standing in front of the chair. He took his cock and was running the hard tip up and down my already wet slit, teasing me. My clit was stiff and he dipped his cock head into my wetness and dragged my juices all over my pussy lips, making them slippery and feeling oh so good. He always likes to tease me that way before putting his cock all the way inside of me. He likes me to beg for it, and boy, do I!

He shoved that thick, hard cock all the way into me with one hard thrust, and I gasped when he did. I squeezed my cunt muscles all around his hard, pistoning shaft as it plunged into me over and over. My tits shaking, he grabbed one and pinched my nipple, driving me wild. I felt little shivers of pleasure run up and down my spine as he did that. I bucked a few times against his cock and came all over it and he then blew his load into me. How I love to enjoy myself in the great outdoors.

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Pleasing the Warden

The landlord and tenant, boss and employee power struggles are common themes for fantasies, but this week I got one I’d never had before. The warden and prisoner one. This man called and said he was to be the warden and I was the new prisoner in for some white collar crime, and he found me attractive. Of course I’d have to service him sexually if I wanted any visits from my family, or the ability to be allowed to wear my own underwear rather than the shared, state issued underwear the prisoners wear and share with countless others.

I was called to the warden’s office and told to strip down and be inspected. Humiliated in front of him and examined like a piece of meat for his entertainment. Then I had to get down on my knees and crawl to his chair and get his cock out and suck it. I had to take it from his pants and suck and kiss it, even though I hated being humiliated like this. Slurping away and telling him how much I loved it as he gagged me with that hard cock.

Then I was told to stand up and bend over his desk. I assumed I was going to have to be fucked by him if I wanted any visits, but it was much worse than that, rather than take my pussy, he took my ass. I wasn’t expecting it and felt so horrified and upset at him doing this to me, but was told my time here would be a lot easier. I had no choice but to let him use me at his whim. I was called to his office a few times a week for the three months I was there. It was horrific, but I can only imagine the things that might have happened if I hadn’t complied.

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Handicap Humiliation

This one disabled caller was telling me about his history with women and masturbation. It’s very sad really. He can’t feel anything below the waist, yet rubs his cock and when he was younger it used to get hard, even though he couldn’t feel it. It even ejaculated a few times. It’s gotten hard during times of nurses doing things to him, and he couldn’t feel it, but could see it, and he didn’t have any experiences with women until he was forty. There are some people out there that have a fetish for the disabled, odd as that seems. A woman that had been with two other disabled men in the past latched onto him and they had a relationship for a few years.

He pleased her orally and she managed to stuff his limp cock into her pussy as she bounced on it. He said if he’d had that drug, that injectable one that makes your cock hard it would have been more enjoyable for her, but they didn’t have it then. It’s odd that the body could have a reaction like an erection or an ejaculation and you can’t feel it, the body works in mysterious ways.

He feels lonely and likes to call for humiliation about how no woman will want him. It’s common to get small penis humiliation calls and racial humiliation calls, but he’s honestly the only handicapped caller that’s ever called for handicap humiliation. He likes to be made fun of for his limp noodle of a dick, that can’t get hard, can’t please a woman, can’t fuck a woman, and can’t even be masturbated to hardness anymore, feeling or not. Some do like to be belittled for things they cannot change, like their dick size or the color of their skin, and apparently for being a paraplegic as well. It takes all kinds.

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Company While You Masturbate

Most of you men are sick and tired of being locked up and not able to go out and hunt for ladies at the bar like you normally do. Phone sex is an option for ones looking for a little togetherness in a safe way. You never stopped rubbing your cock, did you? Nope. Horniness knows no season, and having a little company on the phone while you masturbate is always a fun way to jazz up your masturbation routine. You likely have been watching lots of porn since you’re bored, but even porn can get old, especially when viewing a lot of it, you become desensitized to it after a while, but with phone sex, it’s always fresh and live.

Isn’t it fun to talk about and discuss your very personal, very intimate fantasies? You know the ones, the ones your wife or girlfriend just wouldn’t understand. Maybe you don’t even have a lady at all in your life, so talking to a lady, any lady, can be a way to get some kind of sexual communication going with a member of the opposite sex. Many times a girl online can be enough for a guy, no fuss, no muss, no doing things because she wants you to do them, you pay us for our time, and then it’s over. A lot easier in many ways than a full time lady, and not nearly as expensive!

We like knowing you’re stroking your cock for us, that our words are getting you more and more aroused. We like hearing about your sexy and sometimes unusual fantasies, knowing we are helping you when no one else is. If you haven’t called a phone sex line in a while, or ever, this is your perfect time, you are likely still in lockdown and have a lot of time on your hands, and ones with lots of time on their hands tend to get horny more often. Boredom often leads to more masturbating, so why not at least make a call and make the most out of it? We’re waiting.

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