Big, Nigger Dick

Many black callers into racial humiliation go on and on about perfect, white pussy. Pussy they know they are not good enough to have. Maybe some white skank out there that would fuck anything in pants would lay down with some nigger, but not this perfect, Aryan goddess. They love it. So they dream and fantasize about that perfect pussy and imagine impaling their long, black length into one. They promise their huge cock will make up for the fact that they are a mere savage beast, lol. They are hilarious calls in all honesty and I look forward to them.

It’s a wonder all phone sex gals do not enjoy them, but some will not even do them. Different strokes for different folks and all of that I suppose. Many white women won’t even bother with a white man anymore since their dicks are not big enough, so they have turned to porch monkeys exclusively, but some of us still have standards and will never sink to bedding a gigaboo. Are you a black man with a big, black cock that desperately wishes to fuck a white woman and show her just how hung you are in comparison to some white dude?

Yet you know you want to be insulted and humiliated for being a lowly black. All your base desires locked up in your dick. Your animalistic instincts focused just on your cock. It won’t matter to you if it’s a lowly blonde skank, or the finest Aryan goddess, you just want a white hole to sink it into, don’t you, monkey boy…Stroke It hard, stroke it good, be a good little nigger for Mistress. Maybe you’ll get a worn, cast off pair of dirty panties that smell like my pussy for you to jerk off with. You can hope, anyway.

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Dreams of Sucking Off Peter North

I don’t watch porn myself, so someone has to be a pretty big porn star for me to know who they are. Once in a while a client will ask me to watch some clip with them while we are on a call, and I will humor them. I laughed the other day when a caller said he wanted to suck off a guy, but he’d never had the chance to. A pretty common thing to say on a call. Then he said the man he fantasized about sucking off was porn actor Peter North. I did know who he was talking about. He’s more known for movies twenty to thirty years ago than more recent ones I would think, as he’s in his sixties now.

Ironically Peter North was in the very first porn movie I ever saw, I was twenty five when I saw it. I recall several years later when first I went into a sex toy shop, there were toys with Peter North’s name on them he’d endorsed or the dildo perhaps was an actual replica of his cock like some porn stars do and then sell. So for the entire call this guy was going on about Peter’s cock and how he wanted to suck it, lick it, worship it.

I’ve had guys mention porn actresses before, I usually have no clue who they are talking about, but I think this was the first time a male porn actor’s name had come up. Hey, some fantasize about celebrities, porn stars are in that realm to a degree. So many guys call about fantasizing about other men, sucking cock, getting fucked, it’s so common place it’s scary how widespread it is. So do you fantasize about some classic porn stars from back in the day or watch their old movies and wish you were the one sucking off the male stars? You can’t really shock us phone sex gals, give us a call and tell us all about it. We are waiting.

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Waiting For the Doctor

My boyfriend has an incredible sexual appetite. The blow of the wind makes him horny practically. He came with me to the doctors for my latest checkup and we were ushered into the room to wait for the doctor. Normally once you’re taken in there, the doctor is there in under five minutes. However there was some small issue with the patient in the room down the hall and the nurse came in to apologize and said the doctor would be at least another fifteen minutes until they could come in. My boyfriend got a silly grin on his face and said he knew what we should do with that fifteen minutes.

I knew it was an awful risk, what if the doctor finished early and came in while we were in the middle of fucking? He pulled me up, lifted up my skirt, pulled down my panties, bent me over the examination table and grabbed some of the surgical lube off the counter next to the table. I was getting fucked hard and fast and as quietly as we could be in under a minute from the time that nurse closed the door. I had my eye on the wall clock the entire time.

His cock always felt so good in me. That lubed up cock was gliding in and out of me so fast and so good. He was cupping my tits as he fucked me from behind. I reached down and played with my clit as he fucked me and bit my lip as I came. As soon as I came, he shot his load into me. We quickly cleaned up at the small sink in the counter in the room, arranged our clothes, and the doctor came into the room thirteen minutes after the nurse left. They might have wondered why were a bit flushed and breathing a bit quickly, but it seems our little quickie went undetected.

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We Laughed at His Wiener

My boyfriend is a nice guy, however there is one big issue between us. His dick, it’s barely larger than a peanut. I told him when we slept together for the first time that is was going to be a cuckold relationship or no relationship at all. He said he was glad to hear me say that, since every relationship he’d ever been in was a cuckold one. He said getting his tiny pecker laughed at was incredibly arousing to him, so I laughed at it as much as I could and just took advantage of his superb oral skills.

I had a few different fuck buddies I saw, one of them loved to humiliate him, so we did it a lot when he came over. My boyfriend loved to show off his little cock so they would make fun of it. You could literally watch this tiny little acorn grow to its little peanut size as you hurled the insults and laughed at him. It really was quite amusing. He even revealed to me it was his own mother who first humiliated him in this manner when he was in his teens when she saw him getting out of the shower and said she’d need a magnifying glass to see it.

At the time of course he was mortified, but he soon began to obsess over the comment and it was all he could think about. He then began seeking out other women to belittle him and as soon as one saw him naked, they began to make comments that made him aroused. So masturbation was pretty much all he ever got, since his little cock was the size of a small tube of lipstick. So I did the best I could with the fuck buddies I brought around, his little dick would get rubbed after the cutting remarks and then he’d squirt his two drops.

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The Horny Old Neighbor

When I was growing up, the neighbor was kind of a horny old man next door. He was always catcalling the women in the neighborhood that walked by. When I was in my teens, I noticed he would watch me while I was outside. He called me over one day and made a proposition to me. He asked if I would like a bit of extra spending money. I knew there had to be a catch. I asked him what he had in mind for me to do to earn it. He said if I came over he’d tell me all about it.

I did want more money of course, we all do, so I thought I’d listen to what he had to say. He told me to come over an hour later, so I did. He answered the door wearing a robe. I was beginning to get the idea of what he had in mind. He asked if I’d be willing to watch him jerk off, and if I’d masturbate in front of him. He promised there would be no touching, just watching. He said he’d pay me a lot more to masturbate than just to watch him. I said I’d think about it.

I thought about it and decided I could do it. The next time my parents were out, I went over and he was in the robe again. He opened it and had a big, hard cock on display. He sat down opposite me and stroked it for what seemed like the longest time. Then he finally came and it dribbled all over his fingers. There was some money for me on the table by the door to get on my way out. Over the next few years I watched him countless times and masturbated for him several times and he watched every stroke I made with my fingers on my pussy. He even bought me a few toys to use while he watched me. It wasn’t too bad, he kept his word and never even attempted to touch me, and I made a good sum of money. He was a horny old bastard, loved to stroke that dick for me.

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