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The New Neighbors

I’ve got these new neighbors, a hot, young gay couple, both of them gorgeous. I wish they weren’t gay, since I’d easily fuck both of them. They don’t look or act gay, just handsome, fit and I have heard them … Continue reading

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Show Me Whatcha Got

Men are such visual creatures, watching porn or their partner masturbate is a complete turn on to most. One of my phone partners said people look at each other, I replied I don’t need to get out the flashlights and … Continue reading

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Let Me Smooth Some Lotion On

A sexual pleasure for one man I recently spoke with, perhaps it might even fall into the fetish arena, is he gets very aroused watching a woman apply lotion all over themselves. It gets him instantly hard. If he sees … Continue reading

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Masturbation Party

A sexual pleasure more males seem to have been a part of is a circle jerk. In a way I am envious that men are so much more accepting of their sexuality than most women. Their cocks are just out … Continue reading

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Lights! Camera! Action!

Last week I wrote about ones getting aroused by sexy movies. This week, we will explore ones that make their own sexy movies. Porn has always been popular, but with phone cams and video cameras so popular, ones making their … Continue reading

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