Pool Party

One of my naughty callers had an idea about if his daughter had a pool party and her scantily clad friends were all there in their tiny bikinis and bathing suits and he was spying on them and masturbating as he did so. So we spun the fantasy how he’d be watching from the garage out a small window that overlooked the backyard and he’d be watching their nubile young bodies as they swam and got up out of the water, I was kind of reminded of the scene from the movie fast Times at Ridgemont High, where the brother is watching his sister’s friend as she emerges from the pool.

So this one friend of his daughter sees him spying on the young girls and she comes into the garage and sees him masturbating, but of course he doesn’t stop and she comes closer for a look and then she reaches over and begins to stroke his cock for him and is soon down on her knees sucking her friends dad’s cock like a little slut. He cannot believe his good fortune at such an event and is enjoying her young lips wrapped around his dick and going up and down.

He places his hand on the back of her head and she’s really deepthroating his cock as he has her head by the pony tail, and she’s soon going to get a mouthful of his jizz right down her throat and feels like such a naughty little whore, doing this at her friends party, but no one is the wiser. He loves to squirt his load down her throat and have her then go back to the party and no one is the wiser and he continues to ogle the girls at the party and be naughty, pervy, older man.

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