Wanna Buy Our Panties?

Some callers have asked if we phone girls can also sell our panties. The answer is yes! So if any of the sexy ladies you talk to at this company drive you so wild you want to have an actual pair of our worn panties to smell and to play with, all you have to do is ask us and arrange the details. Lots of guys are very much into smelling ladies panties, I cannot even count over the years the number of guys that have called and are masturbating with stolen panties they took from their mom, sister, roommate, neighbor, you name it, they took them. Mother in law is another favorite one to pinch a pair from.

Visiting homes, they will wander into a bedroom or bathroom and find a pair on the floor or on the top of a hamper and simply pocketed them and taken them home to enjoy later. Some have even been so horny they masturbated with them right then in there, a quickie they pumped out in the bathroom and then stuffed the panties back where they found them. The numbers of stolen panties I’ve heard about is incredible.

So does smelling the pussy of the girl you talk to on the phone get your cock harder than normal? Actually rubbing the fabric of those panties on your hard cock that’s laid against her actual cunt lips? The crotch of the panties that are impregnated with her scent and her dried juices can actually be yours for the asking. Inquire today to the girls you talk to and see if they will send you their panties, not all phone girls will, and the price may vary from lady to lady, but if that is your kink, see what they can add to your masturbation session and how much more real it can make your phone calls with your favorite operator.

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