Sexy Sleepovers

In my teen years, I had a very close friend, we were very close, if you catch my drift. We used to masturbate together and even touched one another on many occasions. I recall how it started, one night I was at her house for a sleepover and I thought she was already asleep and I was so horny I masturbated, but she hadn’t been asleep and the next day told me so. I was mortified, but she said not to worry, that she liked hearing me, even though I was trying hard to be quiet.

The next time we had a sleep over we decided to masturbate together, we didn’t touch one another, but watched each other and it was a lot of fun. We began to do this a lot, not a soul ever found out about it, and we began to touch each others pussies and see how that felt different from doing it on our own. I liked that even better, it felt wonderful to have someone else touch you. Neither of us had been with boys at this point, so it was our only sexual experience until that point in time.

Even after we got boyfriends we still did this once in a while and enjoyed it through our high school years. It’s funny how something so innocent aroused us so much. This was all in the days before the internet and all, it was just a more simple, innocent time and things like this were a real experience to behold. I never told any boyfriends about this, since I was sure they’d want to have me recreate it, or want all kinds of salacious details that were simply lacking, so it was our own little secret. Even now as a grown up, decades after it happened, I think back to those times when I masturbate.

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