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Teasing My Pussy

I love to rub my pussy, most gals do, so when I went out on this date with this new guy last week, he said he likes to wait until he a lady know one another well enough to have … Continue reading

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Webcam Masturbation

I don’t watch many clients on webcam, but once in a while I do, and some have very nice cocks you just can’t help but get aroused by and a few times I have masturbated watching them masturbate. They stroke … Continue reading

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The Hotel Sauna

I had to go overnight on a business trip a few hours away and stay for the weekend at the hotel and while I was there I had a very hot time you could say. I was enjoying the hotel’s … Continue reading

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Mutual Masturbation Buddies

One of the first things you might start with someone before full on sex is mutual masturbation, exciting, but safe and no commitment. Showing off to a potential future partner, if you shave, make sure you’re nicely groomed so they … Continue reading

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Brother Brother Incest

One of my callers this week wanted to talk all about how much he had enjoyed when growing up how he and his brother used to “play together.” He said once he discovered how to masturbate, he wanted to show … Continue reading

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