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Let’s Get Those Balls Drained

One thing that always surprises me is how long some male callers say it’s been since they last masturbated. Some of course say earlier today, but you get others that will reply five months, it’s insane. Some will only do … Continue reading

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Watching On Cam

Some callers like ladies they call to watch them masturbate on cam. Not all ladies are willing to do this, but some will. Do you like to show what you’ve got on cam? Does it turn you on to know … Continue reading

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Masturbating With Panties

The soft, sensuous feel of women’s panties on their cocks makes them a natural thing to masturbate with. So many panties are stolen and used for this purpose. Everywhere from laundries, to communal laundry rooms in apartment buildings, visiting with … Continue reading

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The Joys Of Non Penetrative Sex

There’s a caller that enjoys to tease his ladies and make them practically beg for full on intercourse. He wanted to keep one woman waiting for the better part of a year before actually fucking her, I’m surprised most women … Continue reading

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Fruits & Veggies Are Good For You In More Ways Than One

Have you been getting bored with just your hand to masturbate with? Are you too cheap to buy a Fleshlight or afraid your roommate, wife, or family would find it? Well a very low cost and disposable solution for you … Continue reading

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