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Let’s Get Those Balls Drained

One thing that always surprises me is how long some male callers say it’s been since they last masturbated. Some of course say earlier today, but you get others that will reply five months, it’s insane. Some will only do … Continue reading

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Spanking The Monkey

One of the slang terms for male masturbation is spanking the monkey. Something most guys learn at an early age. It feels good to masturbate, not a doubt about it, and continue to do it the rest of their lives, … Continue reading

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Toys For Boys

More and more men are calling up using sex toys. I rarely watch anyone on cam, but I did recently and the reached over and while he was masturbating, he got his girlfriend’s vibe off the night table and turned … Continue reading

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Sounding Pleasures

Have you been thinking of sticking something down your cock? One of the many ways men like to masturbate is called sounding. Many times the items they choose are very dangerous, everything from glass thermometers to pens to crochet hooks. … Continue reading

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