Let’s Get Those Balls Drained

One thing that always surprises me is how long some male callers say it’s been since they last masturbated. Some of course say earlier today, but you get others that will reply five months, it’s insane. Some will only do it once a week when they call you and they always say they have just been too busy to take the time. Especially after five months, I think, in five entire months you haven’t had the time for a five minute quickie in the shower? Really? Priorities I guess are different for many.

We phone sex girls are there to help, no matter if you came an hour ago, of a half a year. Masturbation should honestly be a priority for people, phone sex or not. Having an orgasm is an important physical need you should not ignore, like huger, thirst, or sleep. Your body will be healthier if you have orgasms regularly and ejaculate regularly. “Not having time” is a ridiculous excuse since you literally can have a quickie masturbation session. Sometimes you get so horny you cannot get to sleep, or think about work you need to cum so badly. Sometimes a quickie is just a nice, easy, fast release and you cum and then can get on with your day.

Life is short, so don’t deprive yourself of orgasms at any opportunity. They are fun and a good mini cardio vascular workout you will feel a bit the better for after you do it. You’re “cleaning out the pipes” so to speak, and a minimum of twenty one orgasms a month is what is the best for men for optimal prostate health. Lots of people do not have sexual partners, so that leaves you with masturbation as your alternative for solo sexual health and satisfaction. So take out that cock and get stroking today!

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