Masturbating My Son

Last week I happened to wander into my teenaged son’s room without knocking. I didn’t even think he was home. I was going to put his laundry away and oops, he was standing there jerking his cock. I dropped the laundry basket I had in my hands, and he stood there frozen like a deer caught in the headlights. He looked so embarrassed, it was cute. I told him it was perfectly alright and there was nothing to be embarrassed about at all. That he was in his own room with the door closed and all boys did that. He was as red as a beet.

I went over to him and told him he had a large and lovely cock and any girl would be lucky to get to touch it or fuck it or suck it. He was speechless, standing there with his mouth hanging open and I stunned the poor boy even more when I reached forward and grasped his cock and began to pump it for him. He’d deflated considerably since I walked in, and yet in mere seconds he was hard as a steel rod in my hand as I stroked my own son and was masturbating him.

He didn’t seem to know what to do, to flee or give in, it obviously felt so good, he chose to give in, so I stroked him harder and faster and his breathing was getting deeper the faster I went and the closer my own son was getting to orgasm. He reached out for my breast and fondled it, my own nipples were by now quite erect and making points through my blouse since I too was aroused touching him this way, it wasn’t much longer after he touched me that he squirted his load of young seed in my hand. I wished him a goodnight, closed the door and left.

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