Pantyhose Masturbation

I’ve always enjoyed wearing pantyhose, and as I got older into my teens and was masturbating like a fiend anyways, I discovered the joys of pantyhose masturbation. Many find they enjoy being touched over fabric, like their panties, it’s a fun and exciting way to masturbate, but over pantyhose is similar, yet a bit of a different sensation. Lots of guys like to fuck you with your hose on as well. I can well recall the day when I was at school and I crossed my legs and noticed the crotch seam of the pantyhose rubbed against my clit.

I was soon wriggling back and forth as discretely as I could so the seam was rubbing against my clit. I had done that when I was wearing tight blue jeans as well, but the seam of a pair of pantyhose was a much more subtle sensation, but still equally erotic. I don’t think anyone noticed me as I was doing that, and a while later I told my boyfriend about me doing that and he wanted to see if I could in fact give myself a hands free orgasm simply from wriggling back and forth on the pantyhose seam.

I wasn’t able to quite go over that edge of orgasm, but I’d gotten myself all wet, and he wanted to lick me through the pantyhose crotch and he did, and he sucked on my clit with the thin film of nylon over it and it was a different sensation than direct skin to skin. I was able to cum, but did still prefer the skin to skin contact, but for once in a while, it was a fun different way to play that we enjoy. Pantyhose are very arousing to some men, the silky feeling against their cock can really drive some men over the edge.

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