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Fuck Me Through My Pantyhose

Some callers are really into pantyhose. They adore the way a woman looks in them. Every week a guy will ask if I wear them with my short skirts. In reality I haven’t worn a pair in nearly twenty five … Continue reading

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Pantyhose Foot Job

One thing some callers love is pantyhose, especially ones into foot fetish. Foot jobs with pantyhose covered feet are quite arousing for many that are into toes. The feel of the fabric is very exciting to ones to feel on … Continue reading

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Pantyhose Masturbation

I’ve always enjoyed wearing pantyhose, and as I got older into my teens and was masturbating like a fiend anyways, I discovered the joys of pantyhose masturbation. Many find they enjoy being touched over fabric, like their panties, it’s a … Continue reading

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Reinforced Toes

Now we have all heard of foot fetish, foot jobs and stocking fetish and pantyhose fetish, and yet I’m always learning about new variations on them. Today I had a caller that was obsessed with the stockings and pantyhose with … Continue reading

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