Fuck Me Through My Pantyhose

Some callers are really into pantyhose. They adore the way a woman looks in them. Every week a guy will ask if I wear them with my short skirts. In reality I haven’t worn a pair in nearly twenty five years. Not because I don’t like the look of them, I do, but because I wear all my dresses so long they are to my ankles and no one can see any leg at all. I do not like the bare legged look, it looks terrible. So bring on the pantyhose for these callers that are into the fabric fetish of nylon. Many will wrap pantyhose or stockings around their cock, worn ones, they stole from some lady they have a thing for.

Ripping holes through the crotch area to fuck a woman with or one caller prefers to talk about cutting a hole with scissors before the woman gets into them, really turns some on. The sight of mashed pubic hair under the nylons, or squished up pussy lips through it drives some wild. The feel of them against their own flesh is enough to make some cum on the hose, and that’s another thing many like, to see their own drops of cum spray on the pantyhose in little drops.

Some callers are quite interested in the brands you wear, the shades, they know more about the types of pantyhose out there than most women. Many women are content to get whatever is available at the dollar store, they all look the same when on really, but some men love to know all the tiny, specific details about what exactly you are wearing. It all feeds into the fetish they have about them and makes it a more exciting fantasy for them. Pantyhose and masturbation, more men are into it than you know.

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