The Daughter’s Friend

Sometimes you hear things from callers that kind of make you feel sad. Just the circumstances they are in. This man called yesterday and said he needed to confess something. I asked what he’d done, and he said he hadn’t done anything, but he was having real feelings for his daughter’s eighteen year old friend he’s know practically her entire life. He said he’d never thought of her that way until very recently. Several months ago they had a school winter formal dance, and when he say the young lady all dressed and made up, he couldn’t stop thinking about her.

He’d always liked her and thought her attractive, but it wasn’t until that night when he saw her, in his eyes for the first time he saw her as a woman and not a little girl, that he became besotted with her. He knew he had to keep this to himself, since it would have many bad effects if he let his feelings knows. She would likely think him a dirty old man, or a fool, or both, it would make a rift in her relationship with his daughter, the young lady’s parents would no doubt be upset by it, there was just no way this could play out.

So now he looks at the before the dance pics he took of her and his daughter and masturbates to them, thinking how lovely it would be to make love to her, make her cum, run his hands all over her young, firm, nubile body. He will fantasize about this girl the rest of his life in all likelihood, but he will never be able to have her. Some situations are indeed very star crossed and hopeless. It’s sad to think nothing will ever come of it, but that’s just how life is sometimes.

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