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The Daughter’s Friend

Sometimes you hear things from callers that kind of make you feel sad. Just the circumstances they are in. This man called yesterday and said he needed to confess something. I asked what he’d done, and he said he hadn’t … Continue reading

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The Business Partner

When I was in college sometimes I’d help my father out in his business. He’d have me drop off contracts to be signed and things like that as I was around town and close to some office he was doing … Continue reading

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Seems Like Old Times

Many of us do things when we are young we’d be mortified if they got out when we are older. I sold myself to older men during my college years for money. They had it, I wanted it, and I … Continue reading

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Behind His Back

I’ve been dating this older man, which is usually not my style at all, but I like this man very much and he’s very kind and generous and witty. The problem came when I met his son. The son is … Continue reading

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Pool Party

One of my naughty callers had an idea about if his daughter had a pool party and her scantily clad friends were all there in their tiny bikinis and bathing suits and he was spying on them and masturbating as … Continue reading

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