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They Want To Suck Cock

So many callers claim they want to suck cock, it’s really staggering. They mostly also say their partners have no idea they have such fantasies or if they have done such things in the past. I am beginning to think … Continue reading

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Sweet Precum

Most guys love a blow job, there’s no secret about that. They love girls to swallow every drop and look like she’s enjoying it. Many men love to lick their own precum and cum as well when they masturbate, or … Continue reading

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Blow Job Facial

Lots of guys think their cum is a wonderful, healing elixir that ladies love to have squirted all over them, in them, everywhere. Some just love to spray it all over their lady as if marking their territory. My guy … Continue reading

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Long Way Home

I was foolish enough to accept an invitation to an out of town party, I went there by bus but didn’t think about the party being over so late the buses had stopped running for the night. This isn’t some … Continue reading

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The Housesitter

Recently I hired a housesitter since I was going to be out of town for several days and I was concerned about leaving the house alone. She was a good looking young lady a friend of mine had recommended. She … Continue reading

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