Double Happiness

Most guys fantasize about a threesome with twins, it seems natural to do so. One caller last week was telling me how when he was in college he dated this girl and he was crazy about her and after a few dates she revealed she was in fact an identical twin. He couldn’t stop thinking about it and wanted to have a threesome with them. He asked her if there was any chance that something like that could happen and she said yes. In fact, she revealed that since she and her sister were young they’d masturbated together many times and this revelation drove him simply wild.

She then introduced him to her twin and they hit it off well and the three of them were a threesome for well over a year. He said it was the hottest sex he’d ever had in his life and he’d never had the chance to date a twin again, and even if he had, he thought the chances of them being willing to engage in a threesome with their sister would be slim to none. At least he has his memories of the hot sexual encounters. He said they would go down on one another and he almost felt like a third wheel they were so into one another, they almost ignored him for a while, and then they gave him a dual blow job.

He said he’d never been so stimulated in his entire life. He finds porn of girls that look similar to try and relive the memories as best he can, but he said it sure is a dream to have two beautiful girls that look the same be fawning all over you. He seemed surprised when I said I too had entertained naughty thoughts about twin brothers. I guess it’s a fantasy many people of both sexes think about, but that few get to actually enjoy.

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