Lemme Licky Your Dickie

So many callers say a blow job is their very favorite thing to have done to them. They just cannot get enough of a pair of warm, soft, wet lips wrapped around their shaft and drooling all over it in a sensuous manner. You likely enjoy a good, sloppy blow job as well, right? Let me tell you all about how I orally pleasure a man as you stroke your cock. Imagine that fist on your dick is my waiting mouth waiting for your warm cum load. Close your eyes and picture it. Lay back, cock in hand and possibly some lube if you use it, and think of me carrying you to orgasm dreamland.

Do you enjoy a surprise blow job from your girlfriend or wife? You come home from work and as soon as you get in the door she pounces on you, drags you to the sofa and gets that dick in her mouth and sucks every ounce of stress out of you. It just makes your day, doesn’t it? Your hand on the back of her head, just pushing down and feeling her gag on your shaft, knowing what pleasures she’s bringing you.

Your balls tighten up, swelling up with all that cum you’re about to deliver down her throat, knowing she’s going to swallow down every single drop. You so love it when she swallows for you, makes you really feel sexy to have her drink down every bit of it. Then cleaning off the tip of your cum covered cock with her tongue, giving you a tongue bath. Just drives you insane when she does it looking you right in the eyes. It makes your mind spin with ecstasy. So lay back, relax, and wait for that mouth to drain you like you’ve never been drained before.

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