Couples Night at the Gloryhole

Men calling to say they’ve stopped by a gloryhole to suck dome random dick is not an unusual occurrence. However when they say they bring the wife with them, that makes it a bit unusual. This man called to say he regularly goes to a gloryhole and his wife knows all about it, (sure he does, lol). He then said Friday night is couples night and she comes to watch him suck the random dick and partake herself, (sure she does).

So he said this huge cock came through the wall as he was talking to me, he was apparently calling from inside the booth, (uh huh), and he said he was getting sucked off. This went on for a few minutes until he said the guy stopped sucking and he was now waiting for someone else to come in and latch onto his dick. He said when his wife come, sometimes they suck the cock together and there’s one on each side of the cock, their lips each going up and down the shaft of a stranger that’s poking through a wall. He said he didn’t think anyone was going to come along to finish him off, so he started to masturbate alone and said he’d have to finish up and get back to work. This was a lunch time call.

He said sometimes he backs his ass up to the wall and he gets fucked by them as well. He said he wife knows about all of it and approves of all of it and even likes to share at times, like when she comes along. You never know, there are indeed some very odd people that do some very odd and seemingly dangerous things, so who knows. Does the idea of sucking random cock arouse you? Have you been to one of these infamous gloryholes we phone sex girls hear so much about from callers? Would you like to share your sordid experiences you’ve had at these places? Call and share tonight.

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