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The Sexy Stranger

I’m not one for one night stands, that is just not me or what I do. There was a new bar that opened up a few blocks from my home recently however, and a few friends had gone there and … Continue reading

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Come On Baby, Light My Fire

I recently had an HVAC guy come over when my furnace went out, I’m no go with trying to figure out what the issue is, all I knew was that I was cold and I needed someone to come see … Continue reading

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Horny Honeymoon

Now I realize this makes me sound like a horny, cheating whore, but I cheated on my husband on our honeymoon, and he’s never found out about it. He was wanting to go on some touristy day trip and I … Continue reading

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The Tree Trimming Party

Two weeks ago a friend of mine had a tree trimming party and there were a few people there I hadn’t met before, it was a nice little gathering, with eggnog, Christmas songs, pretty decorations, but this one guy was … Continue reading

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He Stuffed My Bird

Well, Thanksgiving was a few days ago, and it’s taken me this long to recover from it. I went to this large family gathering and many of us brought a guest and one of the guests there was a very … Continue reading

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