Bigger Than Big

More and more men seem to be turning to sex toys when they call. It used to be fairly rare a caller would be using a toy on themselves when they’d be talking to you, now it’s not rare at all. One type men seem to be using more and more is very large dildos. One yesterday said his goal was a sixteen inch one. He was already up to using a twelve inch one and he wanted to keep going bigger. All I could think of was I hope you accept you’ll be needing diapers in your future. I didn’t say that of course, but come on, if you stretch it out like that long term repeatedly what do you think the result is going to be? Not a pretty one, I can assure you.

So he said he had a collection of large toys, and he said he didn’t even use lube on them, which seemed beyond tortuous, but hey, its your ass, if you want a twelve inch long toy going in dry, it’s up to you. This same man said he’d been with around seventy five black men, so I’m assuming he was kind of stretched out a lot as it was. He didn’t even seem to feel that was that big of a number of men to have been with. That was just the total for blacks, the white ones on top of that number would have added to the grand total.

Prostate massagers, butt plugs, there’s a whole lot of callers doing things to their backsides as they talk to we phone sex girls and jerk off. There seems to be more interest in the mega sized toys though. It’s like they are challenging themselves to keep trying for bigger and better ones. There seems to be a lack of women willing to use strap ons on them, so they are going it alone.

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