The Boudoir Photos

My husband’s birthday was last week and I gave him a very nice present. Not something he was expecting at all. I had a set of sexy boudoir photos professionally taken for him to enjoy. He’s always said he adores my body and I know he loves me in lingerie, so why not really get some professional shots taken he can enjoy forever? I’ve always thought likely after I have kids and time goes by, my figure likely won’t always look as good as it does now either, so it’s a nice way to remember myself in my prime, so to speak.

He loved the pics, he loved the poses. Needless to say, they got him very turned on and we made love all night, recreating the poses I was in for the pics and how if it was a video instead of still pics, how he’d ravish me on film. I’m not quite that adventurous, but the pics have proven to be a wonderful gift. I don’t think we’ll be hanging one above the mantle or anything, but they are our own private little thing we can enjoy. I bought some new lingerie yesterday and wore it last night.

I gave him a slow, sensual, sloppy blow job and he was in seventh heaven as my lips caressed his cock and he rubbed my satin covered breasts in the new lingerie. I then rode him up and down, grinding my pussy on his turgid dick until I knew I was going to gush all over him in my orgasm. My nipples were hard and erect, my cunt was spasming on his cock, it was a wonderful birthday night had by all. I knew he’d like those pictures, and he did. They really inspired him to go to even greater heights in his lovemaking.

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