Pantyhose Foot Job

One thing some callers love is pantyhose, especially ones into foot fetish. Foot jobs with pantyhose covered feet are quite arousing for many that are into toes. The feel of the fabric is very exciting to ones to feel on their penis. The idea of the little drops of cum sinking into that fabric, when it looks like little creamy pearls before it sinks in, it can just be very sexually satisfying for many men into feet and stockings. Ones into pantyhose fetish seem to really be quite into it. There’s no halfway with this fetish. They love it quite intensely.

There’s something about how that fabric feels on their cock they just go wild for. Many also like a woman to be wearing them when they are fucking, by ripping or tearing a hole in them and just fucking them through that. Some callers will wear the nylons themselves and masturbate themselves, either over the pantyhose, or pull their cock out over the top of the waistband. Some have even taken stockings and wrapped them around their cocks. One caller that lives in his mother’s basement, he waits every night for her dirty underthings to be send down the laundry chute and of course he violates them unbeknownst to her. Her panties, bras, pantyhose, such a perv.

Some that are fans of pubic hair love how the pussy lips and pubic hair get all compressed looking under the nylons and it gets them rock hard to see it. It’s strange how sexy they feel a simple pair of pantyhose can be. One used to say he loved how women wearing open toed shoes would have pantyhose on he could see through the peep hole at the tip of the shoes, and it’s more and more rare today to find women that wear nylons of any description, so when they find one, they feel as though they hit the jackpot.

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