My Roommate Made Me Cum

My roommate is a massage therapist, since she’s had to close for the last month she’s really bored. She asked if I’d like a massage, free of charge. Of course I said yes. I’m careful with my money and would never spend for such an extravagance, but if she’s offering them up for free, I’m all in. She’s a person that likes to be busy all the time. So she’s cleaned the apartment from top to bottom, reorganized everything and is looking for stuff to do. I went to her room where she had the massage table set up. I hopped up on the table and she had her oils and lotions ready.

I started out on my back and she did a wonderful job on my neck and shoulders and backs of my legs. Then she told me to flip over and she asked if I wanted a full massage, meaning my breasts. I said sure, I trusted her. I did not expect my breasts would spark to life so quickly at her touch. My nipples hardened instantly and I was a bit embarrassed. She said not to worry, it happens a lot and you just ignore it and go on with the massage.

Then as her hands moved lower she gently parted my legs and my thighs were being massaged. The smell of the candles, the feel and scent of the oils, her hands. I was all of a sudden very horny and soon her hands were stroking me between my legs and I was so wet. She asked if I’d like her to continue and I barely whispered yes. She continued to stroke me and all of a sudden a huge, rolling orgasm was welling up within me and I came so hard. She kept her fingers stroking as I came, prolonging the pleasure. She said she had many satisfied clients and I smiled and said I sure knew why now! I doubt it will happen again, but it was a very hot, sensual, and unexpected experience. I hope it doesn’t make things awkward between us.

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