Worship the BBC

This black caller was telling me he only fucks white women and there’s no shortage of them for him to fuck, either. He said white women are practically shameless in their pursuit of his big, black cock. The bulge in his pants alerts them and they are nearly falling over themselves to get to it. He asked if I’d ever had any black dick and I said no, wasn’t my thing. He said I didn’t know what I was missing, and once a woman has a taste of that chocolate, there will be no going back to a small, mediocre white dick.

He was quite full of himself and was incredulous I’d never had a black cock, he thinks all white women should go for it, and he even stated he feels even a racist white woman can ultimately be charmed by the BBC. I was laughing at his statements, but he really believed them. Oh well, do as you wish. White men with little dicks do often like the idea of watching their women with a big, black cock, some even want to be made to worship it themselves and suck it and be made a bitch of the BBC.

He bragged how his cock is so big most women can’t get their mouths around it, so they just have to lick it to give him a blow job, and some really suffer when he fucks them it’s so huge. He says he likes to stretch them out and make them beg for his nigger dick. Sometimes it’s funny just to hear them go on and brag. You’d be surprised how many callers claim to have an eleven inch dick the women just beg to be fucked by, yet they aren’t out with one, hmm, makes you wonder why, doesn’t it?

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