Glory Hole

This caller was telling me about his girlfriend who used to be a hooker, she started out working glory holes and then progressed from there. Most guys that mention glory holes are talking about going to ones where they go suck the cock of another man. Ones where it’s a woman doing the sucking are rare, but he said he loved the idea of his girlfriend being a whore. Used by so many men, her mouth and her pussy shot full of so much cum. One girl I went to college with said she’d set up a glory hole in the one college dorm and she earned money that way.

It was a wooden door that she’d carved a hole out of, and she set it in one of the open doorways in the room she and her roommate had and when there would be keg parties some of the girls would set it up and suck off the guys for cash that wanted it. The stories I would hear were wild. Some little dick guys that couldn’t get girlfriends would slip some money through the hole and get their little dicks sucked off that way.

Other guys that would pay up for a sucking just loved variety and would be happy to have lots of different girls suck them off. Everyone was pretty wasted at the college keggers, and it was pretty crazy the stuff that went on. My friend used to brag sucking cock paid her way through school, one cock at a time. I was surprised she’d tell so many people about it, you’d think she’d be embarrassed, but not her, she loved sucking dick and she loved money, and she felt they were best when done at the same time. Oh well, we all have our things we love to do.

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