The Business Partner

When I was in college sometimes I’d help my father out in his business. He’d have me drop off contracts to be signed and things like that as I was around town and close to some office he was doing business with. I didn’t mind, and it took almost no time. This one night he had some papers to be delivered to his one partner and I volunteered to do it since I was headed that way anyway. I knocked on the door and the partner answered. I thought I’d just hand him the envelope and that would be the end of it, like it usually is when I deliver paper work, but he asked me to come inside.

I’d met him before and had always liked him. He offered me some wine and seemed to want to chat and I had some time, so was in no hurry to rush off. We talked and found we had some interests in common and the wine continued to flow. Soon he was easing me back onto the sofa and caressing my breasts and I was not stopping him. He was close to my father’s age, but he was a very attractive man and I did not want him to stop. We kissed and touched and soon he was undressing himself and me and we began to make love right there on the sofa.

He lived alone, so I wasn’t worried about a wife or anyone appearing. He sucked my breasts and made my nipples quite stiff and then he did the same to my pussy and my clit. He was very good at licking pussy and I soon had his cock inside of me. I’d been made dripping wet by his tongue and was now getting fucked very sensually. He lifted my legs over his shoulders and pounded my pussy until I exploded all over his cock and then he shot his ample load within me. We were both left breathless. It was a wonderful surprise of an evening and I was glad to have had it.

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