I Touched My Niece

One caller this week said when his niece was asleep he’d go and touch her. She’s in her teens and he stays with his sister’s family. He waits until she’s asleep and he goes and runs his hands over her body, touching her breasts and if she’s on her back between her legs. He said he then goes into his room and jerks off it turns him on so much and of course she has no idea he’s doing anything as she sleeps. He touches her hair and her body and hopes she doesn’t wake. I’m not sure what he’d do if she did, but he says he does this a lot.

There’s definitely guys that call and say they do things like this, how many are actually doing them and how many it’s just fantasy I’ve no idea, but it’s not uncommon to hear this at all. Have you ever felt up anyone when they were asleep, your partner perhaps? Did they wake up and get into it quickly with you? Sleepy sex can be fun and semi surreal. Sometimes you can even wake up and be horny and masturbate and then go back to sleep and it will have a dreamlike quality to it the next day.

A partner likely wouldn’t mind, other than the lack of sleep it might cost them, if they are asleep in the bed next to you they obviously are consenting to being there, but just happening upon a sleeping person and touching them, well, that might not always go as planned if they wake up or if someone interrupts you. People do all sorts of crazy things and then call and tell we phone sex operators about them, just be smart in your quest for sexual satisfaction. It’s hard to use your brain when you’re horny, we realize!

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