Adventures in Stripping

I used to strip when I was in college to earn extra money, not a rare thing. Unlike some of my friends who also stripped though, I did lap dancing and “extras” on the side. That was the most profitable part of working at these clubs. I made a lot of money and it was all cash as well, lots of men liked to be generous to a struggling, pretty college age girl back in the day. I was “friends” with several of the men I met there. Only the more classy, refined ones. They loved to shower me with money and of course I’d fuck them and blow them in return.

One of these men was a business man and he came by several times a week. He even set me up in a condo and he’d come by before work sometimes, or during lunch or on his way home. His wife didn’t give him any attention, and I was happy to considering all he gave me. He had a nice cock and he was very generous not only with his money but with his tongue as well and he licked pussy better than any guy I’d ever gone out with, so it was no great sacrifice to play with him, I enjoyed my time with him.

Some of my other friends thought of me as some whore, but they were the ones struggling to pay their bills and their tuition, not me, I always had lots of money and I was happy the way things were. He loved to watch me masturbate and I was always happy to spread for him and show him my meaty pussy while I fingered myself, he loved to watch me for a while before fucking me. I have many fond memories of that time of my life, stripping was very good to me.

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