My Sister, Her Boyfriend & Me

My sister and I have always been close. Maybe a little too close by some people’s standards. We masturbated together many times, and when we started getting boyfriends, we engaged in threesomes several times. We aren’t twins, but only a year apart and very much alike in most ways. We even have the same tasted in men, so we are usually attracted to one another’s boyfriends. We like to share though, so jealousy has not really been an issue for us. Some of our boyfriends have been a bit surprised at our level of comfort with one another, but it just seems natural to us.

Last week was the first threesome we had with her fairly new boyfriend. Most guys have a penchant for wanting to play with twins or sisters, and with us, they get that chance. She wanted to watch me fuck him while she masturbated beside us, then we would switch places. The guys love it, they cannot believe their luck they found such a pair of pervy sisters, but hey, it works for us. He has a nice cock, rather large, and we both enjoy a large dick. He really made my pussy feel well stretched out when he fucked me. She helped lube up his cock and guide it into me before I rode him hard.

It makes her pussy very wet to watch up close and personal. He commented how juicy she was when she rode him after I did. She doesn’t mind if his cock is still covered in my juices. We don’t really do anything sexual with one another other than watch one another masturbate and fuck one another’s boyfriends, but that’s certainly a lot closer than most sisters. I like watching her as well. We look nearly alike like twins would, so it’s almost like watching myself get fucked, but it’s not. It’s our naughty little secret.

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