The Birds and The Bees

My nephew came to stay with me recently, he’s a darling boy in his teens. His parents are very strict and religious and I was honestly surprised they consented to his being allowed to stay with me for a few months when they went on an extended world trip. He is so good looking, and I soon found myself having naughty, inappropriate thoughts about him even though he’s my nephew. He asked me all kinds of questions and I soon realized how sheltered he’d been. Sent to strict religious school, no internet, with his parents nearly constantly. We had many long and informative discussions on many topics. They soon took on a sexual nature. He’d been denied the most basic sexual knowledge, and it was suddenly my job to educate him.

I was only too happy to do so. I asked him if he knew how to masturbate and he wasn’t even sure what the word mean. I was incredulous how innocent he was, but I knew he wouldn’t be for long if he stayed with me. I decided to teach him the works. I knew he’d be grateful for my tutelage, and he was. I told him I’d help him masturbate and we went to his room and I brought some lube with me.

I sat beside him on his bed and he unzipped his pants. I soon drizzled some lube in his hand and told him how to stroke himself. I then took over and he was in seventh heaven as I touched him. We progressed from there. I sucked him, touched him, and finally fucked him. After a few months with me he was an experienced and knowledgeable lover. His mother would have killed me had she known, no doubt, but he swore it would remain our secret. I’ve loved teaching him the ways of physical love, and hope he will visit often.

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