Slowly He Undressed Me

My boyfriend’s birthday was coming up and I wanted to give him an extra romantic evening. I’d gotten some new lingerie I knew he’d like to wear. He slowly undressed me at the foot of the bed. He sat on the edge and I stood before him, like a present to be unwrapped. The black silky panties were eased off of me with little effort. The bra expertly unhooked and cast aside. My perky nipples erect at his touch. I loved the way he touched me, he knew my body so well, knew just what to do to illicit the right response from me.

I wanted to please him since it was his special day. I knelt before him and took his erect, bobbing cock in my hand and lovingly stroked it for him, then traced my tongue around the head while I looked deep in his eyes. He loved it when I did that, that eye contact when I had his cock in my mouth. I always found it almost too personal, too vulnerable, I guess that’s why he liked it so much. I tasted his first drops of precum that were forming at the tip as I sucked and kissed the head of his cock.

I spent lots of time paying attention to that cock, and he soon got me on all fours on the bed and slipped it into me from behind. I loved feeling him fill me up and begin to thrust into me. He drove me crazy with how he’d pull his cock out almost all the way and then slip it back in achingly slow until he knew I was about to burst with pleasure and he’d really hammer it home into my slick pussy. I’d cry out and cum on his hard cock several times this night. It was a most memorable birthday.

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