Auto Fill Embarrassment

I had a very amusing conversation with a caller today. He told me of an embarrassing incident that easily could have happened to any of us. When you are typing into a form online, usually your auto fill feature will pop up to save you time with forms. For those of us using multiple email addresses or address or phone numbers, you need to be very careful about this feature, as some of the wrong info can go into the forms. That is just what happened with this caller. I will not use the exact email address he told me, but use a made up similar one. I seriously laughed about it.

He had been interested in some home improvement products online and you had to fill out a form to get further information. So he clicked the auto fill thing and as far as he knew it was all the correct information. Several days later when he was called by the company representative, he said she was giggling a bit when she asked him if the email on file was correct. He asked her what it was and she said “cocktailweenieinmypants@…” He was speechless. His auto fill had filled in his naughty use only email that many of us have, rather than his real one.

Now if this had not nearly happened to myself countless times over the years, I’d have tended to think he was making it up, but I have many different email addresses myself, and I well know when an auto fill thing pops up, your commonly used email addresses pop up as choices. It is very, very easy for this error to occur. He meekly said yes, that was his email address and she didn’t say anything further. It was a hilarious call actually, and he enjoyed my further laughing at him as he described his surprise humiliation from the saleswoman on the phone. Check your auto fill guys, this could happen to you!

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