Guys on Cam

Some callers enjoy being watched on cam, many girls watch thousands of guys jerk off. They love having an audience, especially guys that may not have a lady in their lives to watch them, so girls they call for phone sex are the only ones that will be watching them. There was one last week I watched and he had a fairly good sized cock, not some tiny small penis humiliation caller, so it was a thing of wonder to watch him handle this beast, and I was wondering how a lady would be able to comfortably accommodate that thing, but he’d had girlfriends, so obviously some were able to.

Some are very much into using anal toys on themselves, and they like to show this off as well. One had a huge toy, it was over fifteen inches, and it had a suction cup base and it was stuck to a wall and I was stunned when he backed himself up onto that toy and took it all. One would not have thought it possible, and yet I actually witnessed it. Such things you see can sadly not be unseen. Some even will pull their ass cheeks apart to give you a view of their asshole, now what woman wouldn’t want to see that view?

Some phone sex girls will be happy to view you masturbate, others will have no part of such activities even for money. So if you’d like a girl to watch you, just ask when you first call and they will say yes or no, so there won’t be any concerns about it. Some guys will go onto porn sites where you can set up a watching room and numbers of people can view your cam, but at least with a phone sex girl watching you, we are women, most watching in the porn site watching rooms will be other guys, but some do not care who’s watching, as long as someone is. One caller even had me watch him take a shower once, that was odd, but people have their likes and desires. You can surly find the right girl for you.

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