Teasing My Pussy

I love to rub my pussy, most gals do, so when I went out on this date with this new guy last week, he said he likes to wait until he a lady know one another well enough to have sex, not just jump into bed, so he wondered if I’d be ok to just masturbate together and I said of course, I didn’t mind at all, it was actually refreshing to have a guy say something like that rather than demanding a hand job or blow job when we hardly knew one another.

I never know where a night might be headed, so I always stay freshly shaved. We stripped down, and I laid on my sofa and he sat in a chair across from me and we watched one another touch ourselves, tease ourselves and it was so fucking hot! It was like something from my teenage years when you were afraid to go to far too fast, so you did things like this and the sexual tension was palpable and you were just so sensitive to touch and knowing another person was watching your every move so intensely, I just loved it.

I got very wet, wetter than I normally do when just masturbating, so I knew I was turned on a lot. He had a nice cock and I knew it was a tease for me as well, thinking when I might finally be able to touch that cock, taste it, feel it inside of me stretching me open, I loved every second of it and when I finally came, I did cum very hard, and he did as well, and I appreciated his thoughtfulness to grab a Kleenex and not get his jizz on my carpet or my furniture, he showed respect and I knew when we finally did have sex that it would be blockbuster intense.

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