Toys For Boys

purple vibe

More and more men are calling up using sex toys. I rarely watch anyone on cam, but I did recently and the reached over and while he was masturbating, he got his girlfriend’s vibe off the night table and turned it on and was rubbing it all over the head of his cock and up and down his shaft and he loved the way it felt. He said the last time we spoke, when I wasn’t watching him, he’d inserted it and used it as a prostate massager.

He loved the way it felt but it was only an occasional treat, usually his hands were enough. There are so many more toys for men now available than ever before, from prostate massagers, to sleeve toys like the Fleshlight, to dolls to fuck, to disembodied body parts, those toys are just creepy, but it seems someone is buying them and using them. Masturbation should be fun and not routine. It gets boring if we use the same toys over and over with no variety ever. It’s good to use hands and toys so we don’t get used to the same old rut.

You can find very cheap toys that will only last a session or two, to very pricey glass ones that will outlast you if cared for properly. There is so many different things to spice up your routine with, porn, phone sex, cam girls, toys, no end to the choices. Not all women will want to see their guys enjoy toys. Some women find any sort of anal play distasteful and will never want to see any part of that. So if you share your love of toys, make sure they are into your enjoying them as well.

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