Christmas Masturbation

This Christmas I’m going home to visit family. Last year when I did there was a few cousins staying there as well and one of them caught me masturbating. He opened my door by mistake rather than the guest room right next door and he saw me totally naked rubbing my pussy as I was watching porn on my computer. I was wearing headphones so as not to alert anyone as to what I was watching, but I’d not locked my door. I think he’d been watching me for a minute or more when I noticed him standing there.

I was so shocked, I gasped when I saw him standing there, and with an obvious bulge in his boxers. He begged me not to stop. He said I looked beautiful doing that and not to stop. I was a bit shocked, but I resumed masturbating. He’d closed the door and he pulled out his cock and he started to rub it right along with me and he looked over at the porn as well and back to my hand on my cunt. I had to admit, I was getting as turned on as he was.

He had a big dick, I’d not seen it before, and watching him stroke that cock as I rubbed my shaved pussy did indeed turn me on. It was thick and long and hard and dripping, and I really wanted to touch it and suck it, but didn’t think I should. We just continued to masturbate and watch one another. I tried to be quiet when I came since I didn’t want to alert anyone else in the house what was going on. I came and then he did as well, then he went back to the guest room. I’ve thought about this incident many times over the last year. I think maybe this Christmas things might go a step further. I’m hoping anyway.

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