I’m Fucking My Rubber Pussy Because I Can’t Get Real Girls

One of my more colorful callers loves to announce he;s fucking his rubber pussy because he can’t get real girls. He literally says that. He’s shy, says he’s not attractive, that women only view him as a friend and not as a potential romantic interest. Yet he won’t even think of going to an escort. He feels even they would turn him down. So his sole sexual experience is masturbation. He hasn’t;t really used his hand in many years, only the rubber pussy and he claims he’s also had a blow up doll a few times. Oh lord what a loser he seems like.

He says he loves knowing that I know he’s masturbating. That he’s got his dick inside of his rubber pussy right as we are talking and I know he’s doing it. He wonders what the other women he likes in real life would think if they too knew he was fucking his rubber pussy. He was telling me how one lasts him around two years, then it’s time to get a new one, he will have worn it out by then. His silicone girlfriend. I tell him he should save up and get one of those fancy, expensive love dolls that run around ten thousand dollars that’s life sized you can customize the looks of when you order it since that is the closest he will ever come to getting a real woman to fuck him.

He seems a lost cause really, resigned to phone sex and his rubber pussy toy. Real women are just unreachable to him and he’s not allowing himself the opportunity to visit an escort for some reason. There’s lots of sad cases like him that call. Phone sex does serve a purpose, it really does. He can’t exactly go around announcing his rubber pussy time to his coworkers or the women in his condo the way he can to a phone sex girl, so if we make him feel better, then we are serving a very human purpose in making another person feel good. Even if only for the duration of the call.

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