Too Much of a Good Thing

Some guys will always want bigger cocks. One can certainly understand if they are small or average they would simply want more. To a point that is understandable, but there can in fact be too much of a good thing. Realistically, how man women do you think will be able to comfortably accommodate a penis that is over eight inches? Twelve inches? One caller said he had fantasies of women taking cocks that were sixteen inches. I cannot see how it would even be possible. So a call today says he’s thirteen inches and he knows most women will never be able to take it, so where tiny dick guys like to be humiliated for small penis humiliation, he likes overly large penis humiliation.

Once years ago a man called that claimed to be eleven inches long and he said it was a curse, that only one woman in his life that was over six feet tall and had birthed three children had been able to fully accommodate him. The rest, it simply was not a possibility. Not sure if he just put the tip in or half or what, but I can understand once it’s beyond a certain point, it’s not feasible to get it in.

Average is good enough for most, but of course you do get the ones with three inches, which no woman wants, and once they are over a certain size, that is just as useless as too little. A happy medium is the best answer. Masturbation is pretty much their only option unless they take up fucking large farm animals, which wouldn’t be nice to think about, and I’m sure the animals wouldn’t like it either. So the one today wanted me to tell him how he’s only good for being fucked by men, and sucked and licked by women. Not a very happy problem to have, but the one he’s dealing with.

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