Santa Looked a Lot Like Daddy

This one caller was telling me how when he was a little boy waiting for Santa, he’d wait on the stairs for him to come down the chimney and his parents had no idea that he was spying on the living room. He said one night Santa appeared, though he couldn’t recall him coming out of the fireplace, he must have nodded off. Then he woke up in a hell of a hurry when Santa all of a sudden was making these noises, he didn’t know what kind of noises they were though. Then he saw his mom kneeling on the floor in front of him with Santa’s pee pee in her mouth!

He watched in wide eyed amazement as this went on for some time, then his mom laid on the rug in front of the fireplace and Santa and stripped off her clothes and Santa did as well and he got on top of her an started to move back and forth. I was laughing as I heard this bizarre recounting of this childhood memory. He was laughing too, but he had only been a little boy and didn’t yet know the truth about Santa, nor the mechanics of sex, yet it made him feel turned on watching. He apparently started to masturbate soon after this odd Christmastime encounter.

From that point on he said Christmas always got him horny and he couldn’t help but think of his mom getting fucked every time he saw a Santa Claus. Some callers over the years have had Santa Claus themed fantasies, but this was a bit unusual in that it was based on a real life thing he witnessed while waiting for his gifts on Christmas Eve from Santa. He realized a few years later it had been his dad dressed up as Santa in case he woke up and saw him placing gifts under the tree, but dad obviously figured out the coast was clear, so he and mom had some naughty shenanigans under the Christmas tree.

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