My Cock’s In a Sock

One of my callers likes to masturbate with his cock in a sock. The first thing I thought of when he told me this was the scene in the movie “American Pie”, where the hapless young lad does the same and his parents walk in on him as he’s watching scrambled porn. He said he was given sixteen pairs of socks by his grandmother for Christmas and is christening them all one by one. So that’s thirty two masturbation sessions, and he’s using them a few times before washing them apparently. I asked if he was cutting up the tip of his cock with the crusty, dried semen in the sock tip from the last sessions. OMG.

Now who seriously gives anyone sixteen pairs of socks at one time? I asked if he was going to tell his grandma about his christening of the Christmas socks and he said no. I couldn’t make theses things up if I tried. Talk about truth being stranger than fiction! He said he likes knowing that I know he’s actually masturbating with his cock in his sock . I asked if he’d seen the funny video with Justin Timberlake called “Dick in a Box” from several years ago, and he said yes, so I say it’s his cock in a sock the same way as the video, it’s absurd the stuff I converse on in the average day.

He said he’d love an all female audience when he masturbates to watch him perform, though with a sock concealing the view, it really wouldn’t be the same. I asked if he got dick burn from the wool socks like you would from rug burn. He claims no, but it cannot feel that great, oh well. People sure masturbate in many different ways and with many different objects to help themselves achieve orgasm.

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